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The Lazarus Effect Empty The Lazarus Effect

Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:13 pm
Yep, I write; shocking, ain't it? Anyway, started writing this about a month ago. I wanted to publish it on a website, and finally worked up the courage to do so (after who knows how many rewrites). Afterward, it brought up some feelings of nostalgia for when I wrote before going to college (terrible blow to my writing, and still don't have a degree yet -.-), so I tried looking for another RP again. I guess you could say my writing made me feel homesick, so that's why I sought this place out. So, while I try to figure out my second chapter and the character to make here, I present to you:

I've also posted on FanFic if people prefer that site to the one above.

Hope you enjoy! =)
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