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Disavowing A Beast: K-World's Broken Ties To Shadow Fall [Main Storyline Mini-Event/Kin] Empty Disavowing A Beast: K-World's Broken Ties To Shadow Fall [Main Storyline Mini-Event/Kin]

Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:23 pm

Disavowing A Beast: K-World's Broken Ties To Shadow Fall [Main Storyline Mini-Event/Kin] 6EdIfMt

Artist: FrostFM - Song: New Enemy - Word Count: N/A

The powerful glow of the setting sun drenched it's golden rays down upon a crowd which amassed in the tens of thousands in the streets of Beijing, China. All had been adorned in their best dresses, suits, and armor alike for civilians, nobility and military alike. While at the same time, in the midst of this royalty, the raw grit of a fierce empire's defense force could be felt. A translucent barrier had consumed the depths of this capital city; one which could shield itself against many a nuclear attack ten times over. No one was getting in or out of this city without extensive background checks and security overwatch.

So as rows of military aircraft stormed the skies, and boots pounded to pavement in the streets; one had to wonder: why the need for all of these defensive measures? And it was simple: The Kokuryuteshi had planned an announcement to the world that they were breaking their alliances with Shadow Fall. Ergo, with this knowledge, one would be a fool not to have the trigger on the gun and ready to shoot with how unpredictable this loathsome lot had become over the years.

Indeed, with all eyes set on the tallest skyscraper in the city, thousands of holographic images of The Kokuryuteshi Empire's founder had consumed the city. As on this balcony which overviewed the illustrious glow of this futuristic city, the royal family stood as it's overseers ready to guide their people yet again through a difficult period of change. The impact of this call to the world was so immense that Kin Iramasha himself felt the need to come from the shadows, step forth into the light and let his aura of revolution be felt throughout the world as hundreds of thousands of people throughout the city chanted for him.

Thus, alone he stood toward the edge of this building. His unmoving eyes of gold observed the immense sights before they eventually closed. With a mere raise of his hand, silence began to overcome the streets before he let his intentions be known:

"You've not heard or seen my face for quite some time. However, I can assure you this disturbance in your daily routine calls for the utmost of attention."

Stern, stiff and rigid; the voice of Kin's deepened words could strike and kill in this moment. The amount of tension which lay in his actions could crush many in his position. As, based on his will, the flames of conflict could go in any direction. So, he chose his composure and wording carefully as he continued with his speech.

"It is no secret that Shadow Fall is a kingdom built on savagery, violence and on the road to instability. And, in recent years, this brutality has only gotten worse under their current rule. It has reached a point to where I feel we can no longer ignore it and must dissolve our ties with them."

There was a pause so that both he and the others in the crowd, nay, across the world could soak in this message. As while he was making this grand announcement, it was being broadcasted across most of the planet for those who desired to hear this grand conference. So there was no question that all the major factions in this world and the next were aware of where things were going in the mind of Kin. Yet, he still pressed forward as he knew it was his duty to protect his people from being connected with such barbians.

"As of this time, they are not our enemy, but we will hesitate to use every resource at our disposal to defend ourselves against such atrocious beast. While we wish to revolutionize the world with our order, we have no desire of doing so without proper reason and purpose. And, among Shadow Fall's command, there seems to be no lawful reasons or higher meaning behind their destruction, and thus, we cannot condone it any longer.

If you wish to make us an enemy, so be it, but understand you are fighting a losing battle at this point and don't stand a chance against what is to come, Shadow Fall."

And with that, Kin concluded his speech as he moved his right hand in the air to cease the broadcast. Upon doing so, he let his followers disperse amongst themselves to make of it what they will. For there were many now in the crowd beginning to show faces of confusion, doubt, excitement, and applause. As now the future was consumed in uncertainty, but they had faith in their kingdom and leadership that they could weather the storm against such savagery that they faced.

Disavowing A Beast: K-World's Broken Ties To Shadow Fall [Main Storyline Mini-Event/Kin] WVMWLOu
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