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Sun Sep 02, 2018 5:06 pm

Izanami no Kami

Now was a time better than any. Ever since Demon Incursion, many people took it upon themselves to personally watch over the events relevant to Shadow Fall, and finally, for the first time since their inception, they were cracking. There were a plethora of factors influencing these changes, but all of them were inconsequential. The only thing that mattered to Micah was that it was happening, and with the help of the newly established Grid System in tandem with Captain Kyoraku and Captain Astillon's information, the signal was finally given. Members of the Stealth Force and Onmitsukido--under Micah's command--were sent to fan the flames of rebellion with deceit and terror.

Already armed with his Golden Idol hakuda technique, not even the slightest bit of energy escaped Micah's body. There was no way to recognise his presence outside of the conventional senses. Through their own personal techniques, the ten other shinigami with him were also implementing similar techniques.

The target was Paris. The demon overtake didn't change the fact that Paris was the densest city in the country, one of the densest in the continent. What did change was the demographics--some humans, invariably more demons and hollowkin. Due to the latter-most populous, the city wasn't foreign to the Hollow Uprising that was sweeping the lands by Nagato's influence, and in this modern world word travels quick. Quick enough that even the events of Romania occupying Queen Mana's attention reached the ears of the Stealth Force and peoples of Paris. Tension was high, fear was rampant, and only a small spark was necessary to swing the balance of Shadow Fall off its scale. That was Micah's responsibility.

"Izanami in position."

Sending word to his subordinates, Micah held a device from the Research Division in his hands whilst underneath the city--specifically the Paris Catacombs. The other ten members were all sprawled out in different corners of the city with similar devices. Evidence of Hollow and Arrancar activity in the halls of the catacombs were literally everywhere. For all intents and purposes, the only things available that could reasonably point towards the culprit of this terrorist act was the arrancar and hollow evidence, so for all intents and purposes the only proper assumption to be made was that this attack was done by Nagato supporters and hollow-kin sympathisers. And, in all fairness, there already had been aggressive protests--considering the nature of hollows, very aggressive protests, this action was only the newest sort of escalation.

"Ready your Senkaimon."

Micah's usual apathetic eyes gazed at the device, some sense of wariness and fatigue forming bags underneath them. This mission was definitely the least pleasurable one could undertake. Innocent lives won't be spared with this action, but more of them are at risk with the continued existence of Shadow Fall. Ever since that excursion in Hueco Mundo, the 3rd seat sealed his fate, a special spot in hell reserved for him. Thus, the shinigami cast away his hesitation and activated the device, promptly entering his Senkaimon.

"Execute and retreat. I'll report to Captain Okami. Afterwards, I'd advise everyone to take a short leave. This is only the beginning. If you're not too bothered after this, feel free to meet me at the bar and I'll buy you all some drinks."

"We look forward to the free drinks."

Micah left the city with an amused smile on his face.

Meanwhile, in the ten locations under Paris, massive explosions rung through the air tearing away at the heart of the city. The ground beneath toppled over, ten depressions forming, swallowing the metropolis and devouring hundreds of thousands of lives with the capital left in a state of absolute chaos.


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Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:20 am

Fanning the Flames [Prelude Event - Stealth Force Sabotage] 6EdIfMt

- Song: Behind The Mask is Matryoshka's Dancer - Word Count: n/a

An act of war wasn't something which was unexpected to those who were in the higher-ups of Shadow Fall. Why else would they spend the time to invest in the security of maintaining their borders with the resources they've amassed as one of the most powerful factions in the known world? So, while Inzami operated under the cover of the abyss, The Demi Network observed the incidents which took place as a piece of recorded memory to otherwise keep the facts to the confused public who were all screaming, crying and furious that Arrancars and Hollow's would otherwise demonstrate such an attack on the city.

But -- this wasn't the truth, now was it?

No. It couldn't be. While it was true that there was heightened tension among hollow purist, they weren't the type to otherwise cower in the shadows and commit acts of terrorism without properly announcing themselves. Given the outbound nature of Nagato, it was hard to swallow that he wouldn't outright bring forth a direct type of invasion and combat because of his aggressive nature.

Therefore, Shadow Fall summoned one of the shells of The Demon Princess to otherwise access the recorded data from this city. Being that The Demi Network infected most locations that Shadow Fall possessed in their territory, this machinery utilized the energized particles tethered to Neoveta Shell's existence, they are synchronized with the environment to the point where they can act as a watchdog of the nations under the control of Shadow Fall and rewind the type of history to see the truth behind this assault.

Thus, through the power of The Demi Network's observation protocols, The Neoveta Shell could see that no hollows or arrancars had commenced this assault. Rather, they appeared more human-like in nature from the footage that she was able to observe. It would prove more useful to her to discern who precisely it is, but the network was unable to get a read on the energy for one reason or another. However, since conventional senses still were able to be detected among these individuals, audio was able to be traced in the positions they held. And when this audio was retrieved, the likes of The Demon Princess had been called to observe this information.

Coming forth from England, Algos had relished in the sights of chaos, destruction, and uncertainty that this attack unhinged on Shadow Fall. Oh yes, many Shadow Fall operatives were slain, but as were many innocents as most Shadow Fall operatives were not instructed to roam the city streets. So this attack harmed many of the inhabitants which had nothing to do with any sort of conflict with some of the potential enemies of Shadow Fall. Thus, that is where The Princess of Demon World found great delight in that suffering being induced on the world -- and how it could be played in her favor later.

For now, she had arrived in a bunker below the city with her R3 Replica at her side and other Shadow Fall operatives presenting her all the evidence they needed to move forward with their next means of attack.

The results? They weren't able to come back with who they were in any registry or database. They were the stealth force, after all. Most of their members lived lives of secrecy and most were considered to not even exist in any public archive. However, with the information they held in their hand, it could be discerned that the attackers were of shinigami or human nature. Furthermore, with the previously mentioned audio, invesgitors and the R3 Neoveta Shell determined that this is potentially an attack by the Gotei and not the Arrancar/Hollow race.

How could Shadow Fall know this? Well, there was one fatal mistake Izami made: he spoke aloud. Had the male kept his mouth shut, Shadow Fall could have had its assumptions in what shinigami or human could have attacked him. However, the audio records from Neoveta's observation through the Demi Network had discerned a few things. One of the first is that the attacker who began this assault was Izanami. However, in spite of that, they hadn't much information to go from as this person did not come up in their databases or history books. So, instead, they were focused on the last two bits of audio.

In these last bits of audio that the Demi Network observed, the male stated that he wanted those in the assault to ready their Senkaimon; something which mostly Gotei shinigami utilize to the knowledge that Shadow Fall has. Secondly, he told them to report back to Captain Okami. That single phrase damned him because Captain Okami IS a known figure in the world being that he is one of the faces of the Gotei. Kuro Ookami was the Captain of the Stealth Force and it could be amused that these were his men coming to commit an act of war against Shadow Fall.

Which is why when these pieces were put together, Algos could only laugh in great delight at the marvelous gift she was given because of this slip-up. There were so many things she could do to extract more pain in the world, but for now she knew she needed to make a statement to the world. So, with this evidence in hand, The Princess of Demon World quickly broadcasted a message to the globe to otherwise reflect the horrors of the acts of savagery committed today.

"September 2nd, 2418. This marks the day of death in Paris. It's apparent there was an attack aimed at Shadow Fall operatives carried out on this day. Unfortunately, it seems mostly civilians were caught in the crossfire. A great deal of suffering has been born in the world, but you might be asking yourself: who is to blame for this? Well, we have an idea of that."

There was a pause and then Algos gave out a small sigh before having audio of IZANAMI calling for his men to get into position before readying the Senkaimon and calling to retreat to Captain Okami.

"Congratulations, unknown assailant. You've alluded our grasp as I haven't an iota of a clue of whom you are, but you've exposed The Gotei for what it is: an incompetent relic of the past hungry to reclaim it's power on this world and will do anything to attain relevance again at the cost of taking as many innocent lives as possible. If you were so hungry for war, you could have at least taken the time to pinpoint where our bases of operations were and target Shadow Fall operatives directly."

Now, at this point, footage of Shadow Fall's forensic team had shown them going through the wreckage, they were already working on putting the different pieces of this puzzle together to figure out what there next plan of actions should be.

"Really, you'd like to think of yourself as something better than us, but we all know at the hand of the day you are no different. I'd like the world to reflect on this action and consider why it is that The Kokuryuteshi Empire detests the Gotei so deeply. If we were so awful to the people who inhabit our countries, surely those lawful folks would have seen to our destruction instead of focusing their attention squarely on your lot."

And with that, The Princess Of Neoveta felt her time was coming to a close. So she'd leave the world with but a final message:

"Pick your battles more wisely next time, Gotei. You might live to regret it and create a war which will doom us all."

The transmission was then cut and what plans Shadow Fall had been a mystery at this point. All that occurred following this broadcast was the fact that all Shadow Fall controlled locations were now placed on heightened alert and to be ready for war at any given moments.

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