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Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:06 pm
Thread Title:
Thread Date: 12/18/17
Thread Location: Sereitei Stealth Division
Characters Involved: Henrex Astillon, Yoriko Morri
Quick Summary: After becoming a shinigami and paasing shino academy Yoriko set off to pursue her dream of becoming an expert in the art of Ninjutsu and further develop her stealth skills. There she met Henrex Astillon, a pretty cool sensei with a soothing voice, his knowledge of martial arts intrigued the young girl greatly and thus they began to form a small bond of both Master and Student.

Thread Title:
Thread Date: 2/13/17
Thread Location: Karakura Central
Characters Involved: Steiner, Yoriko Morri
Quick Summary:After finishing her traiming with Henrex Yoriko set off into the human world to explore a bit. Of course not being accustomed today's society she stole a basket of delicous cinnamon buns and managed to get away..or so she thought. Instead she met with a tomato-haired individual named Steiner came along.

Thread Title:
Thread Date: 5/29/18
Thread Location: Sereitei
Characters Involved: Ulv, Yoriko Morri
Quick Summary: After her encounter with the red-headed hero known as Steiner in Karakura and training her ninjutsu and shuriken skills with Henrex she wanted to improve her Hakuda. After meeting Ulv in the training center of the Sereitei she agreed to train the young girl and transported the two of them to the Russian mountains to shadow over the young shinobi only to encounter something far more sinister...

Thread Title:
Thread Date: 9/13/18
Thread Location: Unknown
Characters Involved: Stefan, Yoriko Morri
Quick Summary:
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