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Wed Nov 21, 2018 2:52 pm
It was a beautiful day somewhere along the mid ranges of greece was not able to enjoy it however. She was starving to death seeing she had constantly been on the run from her fellow Hollow and was desperate. It seemed that there was a lake as well as a village conveniently near its location. She smelled the reiatsu and the tempting souls she could devour, but yet she had to resist this feeling in her soul. She couldn't as devouring was like second nature but yet she had made a vow to never eat a human being. It was almost an impossible venture as if Miia didn't eat something soon, she would go mad.

Miia was a hollow from snake origin, and she found herself feeling so empty that she was going to die. Her eyes dilated and became more similar to a wild snake's than the human ones she had before. She was hungry and her moral barriers were crumbling to the ground. Slithering overhead this village, she could see all of the snacks down there for her to devour. In a struggle to maintain humanity, her eyes flickered back and forth but...she ultimately lost against the enemy of hunger. Now was not the time for moralities as those were just luxuries. Now was the time to follow instinct and survive.

[Too lazy so skipping this part]

After that plentiful meal of humans she did regret it but hey everything has to sedate their hunger every now and again. She spotted a large abandoned collosum covered with aging algae and moss, seemed like mother nature was declaring this her new domain for animals she would find some leaves near the steps providing the shade necessary for her to rest and so she did. Slithering up the walls and stone steps she coiled her body and rested allowing her skin to match the foliage around her.
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