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Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:51 pm

Song: Papa's Wish - By: MasakoX - Word Count: N/A

Another step toward calamity.

From atop a roof, gleaming red orbs gazed at Houston, Texas from the shadows as Henrex took a deep breath inward, exhaling as he rose to his feet and brought his hands up, forming the hand sign for Zai. Remaining silent, Henrex waited as several clones appeared from thin air before scattering. Each of them would reach a different part of America, all with the same goal in mind.

So, as he let out another sigh and took a step off of the roof, falling to the ground and landing without a sound, moving along with the various citizens of Houston as he looked around, taking note of the Shadow Fall bases and sending the locations back to the Gotei through a closed communications network -- allowing him to safely send important information such as this without it being intercepted.

So, with that out of the way, Henrex looked around, observing the crowd and his surroundings. The crowd had died down, and he had a good opportunity to get set up for his part. So, turning into an alleyway, concealing himself with the Garb of Tsukuyomi, Henrex clasped his hands together, interlocking his fingers as he quickly changed his appearance. After he had done this, he quickly began leaping from shadow to shadow, traveling across Texas and arriving at a Shadow Fall base.

Stepping out from the shadows, however, revealed a rather interesting sight. The disguise he had chosen? Guardian of the 665th layer of Hell, the First Rakshasa, and the most infamous Rakshasa Demon -- Ravana Vespara. While he had only visibly seen the man once, he was keen to remember his appearance. Thus, as he explored and observed the base, he was able to do so without being detected. As a result, he was able to use this access in order to map out key points and, again, give this information to the Gotei.

With what he came for in hand, he swiftly turned around and began to leave, continuing to observe and take note of everything around him, such as an estimate of members and troops and an average power level of the group. While the exact details were fuzzy and unsure -- as he was unable to bring everything to exact numbers, he was still able to provide something of value to the Gotei. As he exited the base and managed to gain a significant amount of distance away from it, he slipped into the shadows.

After ensuring that he was safe, and out of sight from both organic and mechanical form, Henrex dropped his disguise, opening a Senkaimon, heading back to Soul Society, reporting his mission as complete. However, while the original's mission was complete and returning home, his clones were still very, very busy.

Following the idea, each of them performed Hensojutsu - Seven Ways of Going, in order to change their appearance as various members of Shadow Fall and K-World's armies, allowing them to slip by undetected. With this, one of them would make their way into a base, opening various panels and cutting anything that they could. As a result of this, there would probably be a catastrophic amount of failures in the base's defense system, likely crippling the defenses of this particular base.

Another would make their way through the base and proceeded to use a burst of electricity in order to overload some of the systems within a separate base. This sort of sabotage would be handled in random bases across America, some of them being successful, some not, and some not even causing any destruction. Overall, there would be a great deal of chaos that would rise from the ranks of Shadow Fall over the next few hours and days, as the impersonation of members both high and low ranking would likely cause even further distrust of one another since there was a chance that someone wasn't who they appeared to be.

As these events began to take place, and the various clones across the states retreated and vanished, Henrex simply took in a breath and sighed. Despite his wish against such a thing, he had a job to do -- and now, the only thing that could be done was to wait.

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