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Creepy Crawlies In The Night [Calypso/SOLO] Empty Creepy Crawlies In The Night [Calypso/SOLO]

Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:18 pm

Calypso Asthavon

Shuffle shuffle, groan...

Calypso wanted to whine til the sun rose. She had returned to the forest only to see that it was coated with cold, white powder; snow. She had read about snow, seen it in stories, snow was used for many romantic centerpieces... She didn't long to enter it, but the terrain did interest her. Actually being in it killed it though, the girl shivering her ass off. Having clothes made of your own mass didn't exactly... Help with insulation. Well! If she wanted to do this, she just had to work through the pain...

"..Why couldn't it have just been nice and chilly like last time..?" She mumbled, looking at the night sky, her breath snaking out in the air in a cold mist cloud. Then again, that woman's heat could probably melt the whole damn forest...
Though she was shaking like the dying autumn leaves, she pressed on, bag held, into the darkness, in search of a hollow.

She told herself half a million times as she walked; If things went bad, she had to kill it. She had to, or she would be in trouble. It was unlikely anyone would come this time; war was on the horizon. Besides, if she cried for help every single time, she'd never learn. Her hand tightened on the strap, her footsteps sloshing through the snow, leaving defining imprints in her wake. She felt like keeling over from the cold, but conviction made her feet keep stepping. Nothing stirred in the night, it was just her breathing and the ambiance of the snowy forest. She looked up at the clear starry sky, a host of voices stirring in her flesh, but...

She felt alone.

Calypso tended to have these moments, a bit of introspection, but in truth, she felt alone here. She wasn't sure why, she wasn't sure what she thirsted for, but in moments of silence, she was forced to feel it. Was it simply the lack of beings around her? Or being used to sensing others...

It was a weird thought, to be capable of seeing everything, but not being able to handle everything, but when there was nothing, it was a noticeable, melancholic feeling. There was really a balance to be met with everything, isn't there?

She searched the forest for quite a while, til she was lying down against a tree. Cold was pretty... Cold. It was a new feeling... But she was sleepy. Her head was lied against the tree, as she let the cool embrace of the unconscious take her mind...

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