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Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:59 pm



Yoriko stepped through into a familiar place. With a look around the area she quickly discerned her suspicions. Whatever had attacked her the and that blue haired shinigami the last time she was here, it didn’t appear to be present anymore. Whatever the reason might have been for a Hollow as powerful as it had been to exist in Soul Society, she couldn’t grasp. But if it’d been taken care of then all the better. Whether it was because of her own presence there or not she couldn’t be certain but there was one thing she could be sure of. Training in and around hollow-infested areas was risky. Risky because any number of unwanted people could interfere either for good or for bad reasons. She also didn’t want people interfering out of concern for her safety. This time around safety would need to fall by the wayside. She was here to strengthen herself, not be babied by concerns of others and what they might perceive as self-inflicted mutilation.

After that fight with the hollow and seeing the damaged it caused to not only herself but the other shinigami it would be a good reminder to her of why she was here right now. To strengthen her defensive capabilities so as to prevent herself from being caught off guard like this again. ”This spot won’t do though… I need to move a bit further I think…” Muttering to herself, Yoriko glanced around looking for a path to take. She didn’t want to head closer to the districts, her training might disturb the innocent souls residing there. Instead she would need to head deeper into the woods. Her aim was to find a proper place to train herself, particularly an area with alot of flat terrain and rocky surfaces would prove efficient.

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