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Holy S***, I Have A ... Kid? [SOLO] Empty Holy S***, I Have A ... Kid? [SOLO]

Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:56 pm

Holy S***, I Have A ... Kid? [SOLO] 748b741e22b1c2014827a6e836ebd960

Upon sending off Yoriko in their bout of training with one another, Mitsuyo went to retrieve his things off of the bridge that he remembered he left there for safe keeping. As he retrieved his items, he went to tuck it underneath his arms and began to slowly stroll to his common seating area, a medium sized willow tree off in the distance, to which he would partake in his daily meditation. These meditations were often used as an excuse to be left alone with his zanpakuto spirit, Sumire, though today because he was halted by Yoriko, his usual routine was delayed compared to his usual practices. He drew in a deep breath and continued his slow strides, mentally debating whether or not he would place his hat onto his head to block the sun from gleaming into his face. The hesistation however, was due to the relatively short distance between where he was and where the tree was, and didn't think it was worth the effort to place the hat on, only to take it off upon going underneath the drooping branches of the willow tree. For the moment, he walked with his eyes squinted to a point where it alm,ost looked like his eyes were closed as he was walking, and even with this deep squint, he still placed the free hand that was not holding onto his stuff, over his brow line to act as a makeshift brim to shield his eyes.

Holy S***, I Have A ... Kid? [SOLO] Purple-wisteria-2

He finally arrived to the tree and was relieved from the journey here. Sun is not his forte, and on top of that, ironically, he was often very sensitive to bright lights. When he walked under the tree, it provided ample amounts of shade which caused him to relax pretty significantly. He took his hand from away from his brows, and as he continued this motion this free hand met with the hand that held his additional items and bent down to place his stuff on the ground next to where he was going to sit. He rose back up from placing his stuff down, and gazed out to the lovely garden that he was placed within from their previous training, and took another deep breath inward and out, getting a satisfying smell of the lake water mixing with the smell of the fresh leaves of the tree billowing in the winds. The setting itself was far more peaceful than the setting that Yoriko and he practiced within, with that area already being fairly serene in it of it self. The major difference being in comparison to the other side, there was not a rock garden that circled around, instead it was the rather still lake,whos waters were so clear that if Mitsuyo was not careful, gazing into the lake would reflect the sun he tried so hard to get away from back into his eyes, and deal even more damage to his already sensitive vision. He took another large breath inward, and while he did so he began to settle himself into a seated position on one of the roots of the tree that stuck up from when it was being grown. He crossed his legs over one another into a a lotus pose, and as he exhaled he began to slowly shut his eyes. With his eyes closed he felt around for his sword, and upon grabbing it he rested it in the middle of his lap, and continued to breath slowly, yet confidently as he began to focus himself into his inner world.


Upon entry into the world, to us from the outside looking in, it would look similar to a galaxy or a very clear night sky. Mitsuyo awakened in this world suspended and in a floating position, as though he was an astronaut traversing through space. Within this night sky, multiple orbs of light littered across the dark black of this realm, all of varying colors and hues, but there were predominantly shades of red, purples, blues and very rarely one would see a hint of green in the distance. Despite the realm being littered with these vibrant colors, the world itself has nothing else to it, further providing reason to call for Sumire, since without her, this place would be nothing but a dark room.

"Suzy! I'm home!" he called out into the darkness of the world in an almost melodic manner, as if this was a sitcom in the 1940's where he was a husband from work, and Sumire was his beloved wife.

Like clockwork, upon the name being called in the distance one of the deepest and brightest violet orbs began to blink softly, upon being called. The orb then began to visibly become larger, but upon closer look, the orb was actually just moving closer to him. The speed in which it did so was exceptionally fast, but despite this speed, it still took quite sometime for the orb to arrive on scene. The orb of light began to wiz through the world, creating a light blue streak behind it as if it were a shooting star hurling itself towards Mitsuyo's direction. After a few seconds passed, the orb itself arrived to Mitsuyo, stopping about 10 feet away from where he currently was floating.

When the orb stopped its travel it slowly bobbed up and down as it tried to stablize itself, the orb softly spoke in a female's voice, the voice seemingly very proper and almost royal in it's dialect.

"Welcome home, Mittens~"
It giggled in a mature woman's tonality as the orb began to slowly fade downward and transform into a platform for the spirit to stand upon. Sumire herself emerged from this orb of light, as a projection from the disk itself. It started from he pale bare feet, so pale, it could be confused that her skin was purple due to the light shining so brightly through her skin. As she materialized herself, her feet were covered in a black sheer cloth, followed by a black and reflective silk that would soon turn itself into the bell of a long black dress. As she continued to materalize herself, the dress' style looked similar to that of a wedding dress, strapless but very large in the bell and train area of the dress itself. The top of the dress revealed the cleavage of her body, being fully figured, and even seeing a portion of the sides of her breast pour out from the sides as she almost looked liked she was trying her hardest to fit herself into this dress for whatever reason unbenounced to Mitsuyo. Finally, her face revealed itself through the gleam of the violet. Her smile alone was radiant enough to cause the lights around them to seem dimmed in comparison. To add to it all, her beauty was elegant and they way she put herself together for Mitsuyo today was special, in that her hair was tied up into a bun of some type, and on the top of her head was a long black veil that extended pass the train of her dress. Another quick flash over her forearms occurred, revealing long black gloves that extended up to being just below her shoulders. Her hand came up to her face, to cover her supple lips as she tried to retain her composure from calling him 'Mittens'

Holy S***, I Have A ... Kid? [SOLO] __miyaura_sanshio_original_drawn_by_beifeng_han__sample-ef2a0473ce39435811d1566fba675773

Mitsuyo hung over, stunned by how much she had dressed herself up, and was utterly speechless for a few seconds before he pulled himself together. He reached outward to the side and instanteously a green orb pf light floated its way to his hand. He then closed his fist over top of it, causing it to shatter, falling underneath of him to form another disk like platform similar to what Sumire was standing on.

"Wow... what's with the wedding get-up? You seeing another shinigami on the side or something?" he spoke as he cleared his throat and looked away from her, trying to hide his face from blushing. She couldn't contain her giggles again, and removed her hand from her face as she laughed, then wrapped her arms around Mitsuyo's arm as he stood next to her.

"Believe me, I would do no such thing. I believe you are the best candidate capable of wielding me." She rested her head on his shoulder as she spoke, slightly blushing as well as she was happy to have a shinigami that is finally able to enjoy her as well as be of a viable strength to wield her properly. "Which is why, I would like to grant you a more abundant access to whom I am as your spirit, Mitsuyo."

Mitsuyo perked up instantly from his shyness, and turned swiftly to Sumire. Forgetting she was on his shoulder, both of them butt heads against one another causing him to hold his jaw in a reaction, and for her to hold the top of her head. She also straightened her veil, as well as checked to see if her bun was knocked loose from him.

"Heh.. ooops. But wait, are you for real?! Like... I get shikai right now?!" Mitsuyo spoke as he ignored his temporary injury to help Sumire fix her veil, but then rested his arms on her shoulders, holding her tightly as a smile that never seemed to fade washed across his face.

"Yes. I will grant you this power today, but you must promise me that you will train hard with this first. In actuality, I do not want you to get into any altercations easily for the next few months... there is a lot that comes with whom I am. And I want you to become familiar with everything about my being, Mitsuyo." She looked suprised when she was grabbed, but upon explaining herself, her face softened into a light hearted smile, as her irises began to glow a soft, yet vibrant violet towards Mitsuyo's excitement. She took Mitsuyo's hands off of her shoulders, and then interlocked her fingers with his. She then faced forward staring into the vast nothingness of their world. "Come. Let us take a walk, Mittens."

As she spoke those words, she took one step forward, and the world seemed to ripple itself into a tunnel around the both of them. The "tunnel" effect was created by the fact that they were no longer moving at a normal pace, but truly at the speed of light. She felt she no longer needed to suppress whom she was with him and allowed him to travel along side her rather than disappearing. The effect was then further enhanced by having the previous orbs of light fly past both of them in an instantaneous manner. They now were moving so fast, that as they were passing the same light, it looked as if they slowed down, and even went backwards, similar to the effect of seeing a car's tires spin up as they reach top speeds. In awe with the effects he was seeing, Mitsuyo stayed completely silent, but with his mouth wide open, amazed by how beautiful this world became as they sped up.

Holy S***, I Have A ... Kid? [SOLO] Northern-lights

Excite by how amazed Mitsuyo was, Sumire began to lecture Mitsuyo about whom she was. She felt it was time to reveal everything about her, both her victories and her flaws. She began her story as they wiz through this world.

"Mitsuyo, I feel you have grown to a point of maturity and intellect in which I may tell you more of who I am an what I am capable of doing. Prior to you Mitsuyo, I was the spirit of a well known zanpakuto that was simply known by "Nōtonraito no fujin", or Lady of the Northern Lights. This zanpakuto was a sword that was passed down for generations and only one person within the family could wield it at a time. It was given not only to the smartest, or the most powerful, but the one who also true cared for the blade, and myself within it. They had to wield me, not as a way to prove themselves nor as way to demand power, but admire the art of battle more than the participation within it. Within three generations of watching this family, there were only two that I deemed worthy of wielding myself as well as the blade that came with my being..."
She spoke of her story, as they transitioned into a seated position on their light platform.

"Unfortunately, decades had gone by and eventually a whole century went by, where no one was able to wield me. And... to my own fault, the future's of the next generation, as well as the the family that preceded them, were slaughtered by another clan that were more equipped then they were. If one of them, were able to wield me confidently, they would have been able to fend off the attackers with relative ease.. but no one was able..."

A tear rolled slowly down her face as she remembered the two that were able to wield her, but were all too old to be involved in a battle with the ones that were slaughtering the family. She then also held remorse in the tone of her voice as she knew she was the reason that she was put in this situation...her own emotions, her own selfishness caused their slaughter. But then she remembered the reasoning, for finding Mitsuyo, to rebuild the family and restore the name of her former glory. Mitsuyo seemed like a fitting candidate, but there was a bit of pride that she was not ready to swallow. She did not want to tell him the reason why she chose him, and it wasn't not for him, but for his family ties. She took in a gulp of air, ignoring that part of her equation, as she explained more of what she could do to him.

"The power that I will be granting you, is that of lights. As you now see that is my specialty..." She spoke as she raised her arm up to the tunnel of light that surrounded them. As her hand reached up, her hand scooped up some of the light particles and projected them into the air above them. She then pushed him backwards so that he was laying on the disk of light, later following suit and laying beside him as projection occurred. "...Outside of here, many, if not all of humanity only see fraction of what I am able to control. Humanity calls it "visible light", from which many of the common colors are known; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet."

As she said the colors, the tunnel smoothly transitioned between all of the colors as a vibrant rainbow effect around the both of them. She then moved her hand in a wave effect in the air as she continued to explain, "For now... this is the spectrum I will allow you to control. However, the opportunity to expand the spectrum is available upon training and utilizing this spectrum the proper way. The wave effect above, is the full spectrum of electromagnetic waves that you will soon be able to control, the full spectrum; from the largest being Radio Waves and the smallest being Gamma---"

"--Is it my turn to speak to Missyo?"
a small voice echoed within the tunnel of light. The voice sounded like that of a small child, a small girl. She sounded no more than 5-years -old, but there was a lot of reverberation into her voice that made her sound as though she was possessed or demonic in some way. The tunnel of light slowly shifted from the vibrant rainbow effect, to a deep crimson being the only color seen in the spectrum of light.

"Who... Who was that...?"
Mitsuyo asked, as he slowly snapped out of his daze from enjoying the beauty of Sumire's light show as he saw the spot he was gazing at turn a dark red.

"Is me Missyo~! I know you remember me, daddy!"
the voice spoke again, as the platform they were on began to slow down as it then began to drift backwards before hurling out of the tunnel, into an area that looked like a nebula of red stars and orbs around the both of them.

"Sumire, what the hell is going on?!"
Mitsuyo asked, not knowing he would need to use his sword within his own world. He stood up instantly from hearing the voice again and turned to look at the nebula they were careening into.

As the nebula came closer, there was a red orb of light that floated to Mitsuyo, similar to the style that Sumire arrived in. The orb was red along the edges, but a deep solid blood red in the center, and on top of that the orb was dripping red as if it couldn't hold it's form. Despite it's deformation, the orb itself was a lot smaller than Sumire's only begin about 3 feet in diameter. Also unlike Sumire, the spirit within it was not as elegant as it left out of its orb.

When it left, the orb flickered rapidly and then faded completely. When the orb faded, it housed a small child, again no more than 5-years old in appearance. Similar to Sumire, she was very pale, in fact paler than Sumire, paper white being the best way to describe her skin coloration. She also wore a dress, although not as elegant as Sumire's, it was a small, flowy white dress that could have very-well been mistaken for a oversized white t-shirt in design. The dress was short sleeved and covered her whole shoulder, but cut off at the beginning of the bicep. She wore large mittens that were all white as well, and for her accents to break up all of the white, she had black bands that clamped around the wrist of each mitten. Around her neck, as similarly fashioned black band acted as a collar for her, though it was large and covered her mouth completely. The only thing seen on her face was her petite nose and her piercing crimson red irises that glowed as bright as Sumire's violet irises. In addition to her eyes, she also had white hair that was cut in a medium length bob cut. All in all this child was the anti-thesis of Sumire's color pallette but extremely similar to her as far as her clothing and her appearance.

The child stopped hovering from the light orb being suspended and fell straight down onto their hard light platform, with a loud thumping noise following suit after it.

"...I jus wan someone to play wifh... Su-Su Is a meanie! She made this for me! She said she would come back! And play with me! And And And... She never did!" She started to cry as she responded to the fall, but at the same time excited to meet her wielder. As her first experience meeting Mitsuyo face to face, she wanted to be on her best behaviour and it embarrassed her that she fell in front of him and bumped herself.

Holy S***, I Have A ... Kid? [SOLO] WzZ17tp

Mitsuyo kept himself silent and then only looked to Sumire with the expression of "Explain." and without hesistation, she started to elaborate.

"After the slaughter of the family that were sworn to wield and protect me, I had to figure a way to survive to allow the family name to thrives for more generations to come. As a way of survival... I had to fight hollows and consume their energy. Upon finding you, I no longer needed to utilize this energy and thus the collected energy attached on to my consciousness as the child you see before you. Mitsuyo, meet Akane. Akane, sweetheart, this is Mits--"

Akane spoke happily, as it was followed with a huge sniffle as she tried to collect her emotions before hugging him tightly. "Missyo~!! Hi~!! Can we play some time?! Is boring here alone!"

"I...Aww... how can I saw no to this face... Sure, Akane"
Mitsuyo said shook, but due to his past life, he always had a soft spot for his daughter, and the way she was acting towards him sprung back memories of his life in the, Land of the Living.

"Wait...You... Enjoy Akane?"
Sumire was shook and almost felt jealous and angry, this was a reveal for her and the hollow that she actively ignored into making as minuscule as possible and hopefully making sure it never existed, stole the show from her.

"Well yeah? I mean, she's in here too, so obviously she's a spirit of mine right? Why would I not enjoy her?" he asked as he picked up Akane and cradled her, kissing the top of her forehead, remembering that she bumped her head upon her summon.

Sumire balled up her fist in anger, but did not show her disappointment immediately to him. "I... I think it's time for you to go Mitsuyo. There's ummm... Someone wants to hear you play your flute." She spoke as she out stretched her arms as a signal to give her Akane. And without allowing Mitsuyo the consent, he went to grab her out of his arms.

"But I..."
his arms still in a cradling pose as he was forced out of their inner world.


"...I have a daughter again..."
he spoke softly to himself as he opened his eyes. A tear rolled down his cheek as he smiled softly with the corner of his mouth.

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