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Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:57 am

Oh how Daisuke loved the summer festival. Wine, women, good food, and a general positive up-beat vibe oozed from the Rukongai district in copious amounts. The moment the copper haired Captain heard that today was the start of the district-wide party, there was no way in hell he was going to miss it! All it took was some convincing acting, a cough here, a sniffle there, and just like that Daisuke weaseled his way out of tedious amounts of paperwork, leaving it was his subordinates. It wouldn't be wise if he were to be caught playing hooky by someone from his own squad and so, the devious young (looking) man donned a traditional men's kimono, the rather expensive emerald green fabric shining nicely in the sun's rays.

Where oh where to begin?!

There was so much to do and so little time to do it! Daisuke couldn't afford to be so optimistic as to assume he could get away from the office and stay away. No no, members of his squad were always great at hide and seek, something that made Daisuke proud...and a little bit irritated at the moment. No use dwelling on what COULD happen right? With a big beaming smile, Daisuke immediately went towards the nearest food kiosk and bought his weight in fine everything on a stick. Kids were laughing, Adults and elderly were chatting, eating, dancing, and in general, acting as though this were the best day of their lives, Daisuke really couldn't blame them either, this summer was looking to be a great one after all.

It seemed like only seconds after he finished his food, flicking the bare wooden sticks into the nearest trash bin when he heard a tune that struck his fancy. With the same wide toothy grin, Daisuke searched quickly for the nearest female, setting his sights on a short, slim brunette girl who blushed at started giggling to her friend when she met his eyes. With a well practiced wink, the hedonistic captain sauntered over to the girl, a mischievous smirk now forming, a hint of deliciously dangerous intrigue present in the green of his eyes.

"Do me the honor of a dance, miss?"

His words slid off his tongue like water down a stream, his lightly calloused hand reaching for hers and grasping it gently before raising slowly up to his lips, kissing it swiftly.

"Uh..s-sure!" The girl had went deep red, a large flustered smile on her face as Daisuke quickly pulled her close and began dancing along with several other couples, the band playing cheerfully. When the song was done, Daisuke kissed the younger woman on the cheek, thanking her for the wonderful dance. With another wink and a wave, Daisuke started heading down the street, keeping an eye out for an abundant source of sake.

"Saaaakeee...where aaaaarrreeee youuuuuu?" Daisuke chuckled to himself as he whispered to himself. After a half hour of wandering through the busy streets, The handsome man finally found a small stand selling various types of alcohol. "Sake time..." He thought gleefully as he started towards the stand, hand in pocket ready to pull out however much money the man required.

The transaction went smoothly as Daisuke used his silver tongue to get a small discount from the kiosk owner. With a content sigh, Daisuke took a long satisfying drink from his bottle of honey wine. Out of the corner of his eye he could see white, lots of white. With a turn of his head, Daisuke laid eyes on a very attractive young woman, her kimono was pure white with small bits of black, something that didn't bother the young captain at all because it only accentuated her floss white hair. With a small, subtly impressed whistle, Daisuke made it a priority to follow her, the objective obviously being to talk to her. Daisuke decided to keep his distance for now however, good timing too, it seemed as though he was not alone in admiring the girl's beauty, but unlike him, the group of thuggish men seemed to have other things in mind.

This intrigued Daisuke and so with but a thought, the young man concealed his reitsu as much as possible. Daisuke trailed behind the band of miscreants, raising an eyebrow and wrinkling his nose slightly, it was almost as if he could smell what they were thinking, a very unappealing thought indeed. It was only a few minutes of walking before the woman and the group of men turned off down a quiet alley. Daisuke adjusted his kimono slightly, rolling back his sleeves as he took a step towards them, ready to defend the young woman but before he could take a second step, the white haired beauty had already dispatched the lot of them.

Daisuke couldn't help but drop his jaw, his eyes wide in shock, did that really just happen?! The captain's shocked expression quickly turned into his usual smirk as he walked silently closer, catching what the girl whispered just barely. 4th squad eh? This puzzled Daisuke slightly, usually members of the 4th division didn't seem like they could kick this much ass but here one was.

"-sigh- You squad 11 folk reeeeaaaally need to find a different hobby to entertain yourselves with on your off hours..." Daisuke whispered to the least beat up man. With subtle hop, the handsome lad flash stepped, appearing to the right of Neviah "That was really impressive my dear." A friendly smile formed on his face as he kept pace with her "And here I thought I was going to step in and save you." Daisuke chuckled, the thought of his potential damsel in distress melting into a ramboesque tough girl tickled him pink. "I'm impressed to see squad 4 isn't taking crap from anyone else anymore." Compliments, keep them coming and soon enough she'd give him her name.

"The name's Daisuke by the way, a pleasure."

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