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In the interest of cooperation [Yoko Kumori] Empty In the interest of cooperation [Yoko Kumori]

Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:11 pm
Reyla sat in the branches of a large tree as she looked out over the city she could just make out in the distance as she contemplated what she was to do today. She'd been sent out to patrol some of the less populated areas of Central America, and more importantly she was to do so with a partner. A Quincy partner.

It wasn't long ago, at least not when looked at from the prospective life span of a spiritual being, that such an assignment wouldn't have even been conceivable, and anyone to suggest it might have even found themselves facing charges of treason. Times change however, and now the once bitter enemies that were the Quincy and the Soul Society found themselves working together as allies.

There were some that would say such a thing should have been inevitable, and that the conflict between the two was pointless when they both more or less had the same enemies outside of each other. Reyla didn't particularly care one way or the other though, she hadn't been around long enough as a Shinigami to develop much prejudice. Especially since for the longest time she focused entirely on research into the advancement of Kido. Truth be told, this was going to be her first close interaction with an Quincy period. Still though, the thought of completely annihilating a soul, removing them entirely from the cycle of left a bad taste in Reyla's mouth, but she also supposed that if there were no other option.

Reyla shook her head, it didn't matter, her mission was more important, and she could see her soon to be partner closing in now.
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