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Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:46 pm

The Nameless King

Verathius Mischevang
おだ たつや

Sandy Sea's JCRrxmK

Contacted by someone while he was out and about. Verathius had made his point of view very clear on disliking high and might demons. He didn't outright side with the other side either. Or perhaps Verathius didn't, William made his mind very clear. On the subject as he sat on a stone waiting as this was the meeting point. His body felt interesting as he began to relieve certain experiences through his body devouring creatures long ago. It had been a rather strange road to get to this point. Where two divided persona's existed within Verathius. William and Verathius obviously being separate minds of some sort. Programming by his father and that village aside it was strange. Hollows didn't contact one another or involve themselves with others. What was this change of pace for, why did they come to him? That was a question he was rather eager to have answered. One thing was clear combat was possible, neither Verathius nor the Hollow in question had met previously. So the conclusion couldn't be made as of yet. He didn't really have an opinion on the man so to speak.

It was meant as rude, only that he couldn't say something for someone he had not met. Though the reputation was there for his skin is hard, harder than anything Verathius had presently. His eyes glanced down at his hand, he'd certainly lost a rather impressive amount of strength. Due to the incidents with his sister among other things. But what could he do but wait here to see what sort of outcome came of it? His crimson hair trademark of his family and his twin sister. His eyes remained stoic as he looked over the desert feeling nothing. This place was empty as his emotional care for it. He didn't really concern himself with this place. What came of it or happened here was of little matter ot him. The merging had lost him most the power he had previously. Certainly a shell of the previous incarnation of Verathius. Logical thoughts and more than just standing around being a puppet. But something felt empty and perhaps lost to him. Whatever the case this meeting would be interesting to witness.
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