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Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:40 pm
I have a few goals for both of my characters in mind that I hope they can be achieved by the people of PH, as there are a lot of decently strong people around the site. I won't go out of my way to praise about how strong everyone is, and how much work people put into their characters. Here is a list of stuff I'd like from both emunio, and Yoko.

Emunio -

Being Socially open: At first glance he seems like a weird, and creepy kid to you. No he actually is, not to mention he has a form that can transform himself into a furry with lightning powers. (Bless carrot). Emunio isn't a socially gifted person, and usually stays to himself. Any motor mouth characters can easily get him out of this no friend zone he's in. Social threads can be a good way to bring him into the light.

Training: Finding someone strong can be easy around these parts. Sparing threads are cool, just don't end up trying to kill my character until I have him in a safe spot where I wouldn't mind killing them off. I would like to put him in a near death experience, give him a good feeling that his wish is to be strong, and frightening as his looks won't cut the cake, unfortunately.

Yoko -

Teacher: I'd like for yoko to have a teacher. For this one I prefer to have a teacher for her that is good in swordsmanship, which shinigamis are practically good at it. So any character with a shinigami is good enough for me. A training thread is a good start, but a social thread that leads to a training thread is more ideal. Gives the teacher a reason to teach, as they don't have too.

Organization: I would like yoko to join an organization. Preferably the Wandenreich. The Quincy's are her people, and she wants to get closer to them. A thread that introduces her to the org leader, and have them test her powers, and what not to see if she is worthy or whatever. Have her be put into trails, and tests. Monitor her growth, and make her a well fledged warrior.

DM me on discord Minx #5581 or pm me on the site, for more plot discussions.

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