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Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:19 am



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Song: Through Hell & Beyond - Word Count: N/A

There wasn't much time to overthink things. All that the agents of Shadow Fall knew was that they needed to act and they needed to act fast. Therefore, a vortex of crimson energy opened in the space above Africa where orbit was located. Out of it came representatives of Shadow Fall which were a part of the Queen's royal guard of soliders. These were Knightslave's that were otherwise clocked at 1-1 tier and there were a squad of four of them. When they discerned the The Vastimian Alert and Defense System's satellite's, they went to work with their plan to dismantle them.

Moving at mach speeds, these Knightslaves made use of their demon magic since they had touched the mass space station. Then, after making contact, the Knightslaves used their collective power to focus and otherwise create a wormhole. This wormhole patched itself toward the sun and was intended to hurl this object straight into the surface of the sun to burn away and toss it into the burning red giant. However, in order to do so, they summoned up a high amount of demon energy due to the mass of these satelites and they then had to physically move them with a burst of demonic energy which acted as a telekinetic force to toss them into the wormhole.

(The moon mentioned below comes from this event: )

All the while, there was a crimson barrier which radiated around the vicinity. This was portions of the Demi-network extended into space since there had not been much activity above earth for the time being. Therefore, Shadow Fall was able to secure spacial operations since they had previously established spacial dominance of earth years prior during an event where Mana had summon numerous moons across the earth, soul society and other realms. So one can assume that Shadow Fall hid these resources, unveiled them when the time was right and revealed the sight of a burning red moon above the Vastime skies that meant to otherwise shut out their influence without serious firepower being needed to disturb their operation.

As it is in this moment that perhaps their alert and grid systems would be done after throwing the satellites out of orbit. This was the beginning of Shadow Fall beginning to make their move as far as they were concerned. These were orders from the Queen to otherwise start hitting them where it hurt as there wasn't much room for error here. All Shadow Fall operatives that were in space were to be on high guard as a crimson aura started to devour the globe across the nations that Shadow Fall controlled and other enemy nations from Europe and Africa as the shine of their red moon started to surge in the earth sky and a sense of maddening influence started to spread throughout the world.

Then, proceeding this entry of their moon, chunks of it then started to fall down upon the continent of Africa in most of the Vastime nations. Their captial had even been targetted as these chunks of the moon would hold enough destructive power from their mass, speed and amplified strength from the demonic energy engulfing them to otherwise destroy entire cities or huge chunks of the countries they come into contact with. This will then put strain on the Vastime Empire to counteract it as there appears to have been something else occuring on the ground.....

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Shadowfall's attack was unexpected to say the least, but it wasn't met entirely without response from the unified vastimian forces of space. Due to the distance they teleported away, and the time they took traveling and charging their attack- the Vastimian Space Station was able to launch a counter attack. Having a set of Rishi Accelerator Cannons mounted on the station they had themselves began to charge their super cannons.

In the process of doing so they would lose a quarter of their satellites, before the cannons fired obliterating the operatives. But with their heightened defenses another attack would be met with failure. However, due to the temporary loss of satellites Vastime defenses on the coast have faltered! The war has come to africa!

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