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Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:30 pm


Almost immediately upon giving voice to the words that expressed its gratitude to the man, Adamant experienced a rush of dizziness; darkness threatened it from the edges of its vision, while strength seemed to suddenly disappear from its body. For a brief moment, its orientation warped and had Adamant veering to the side as though falling over, but it managed to catch itself with a hand to its forehead. It was a... very human thing to do. This darkness, this exhaustion. It affected Adamant, reminding it that this hour was not the best for it stay active. It was better off in a bed, recuperating until the light came out again. The light was important, what gave it life and energy... and a proper day-and-night cycle just like humans.

It would do well to remember that, but rest was going to have to continue waiting for now. Adamant felt in debt to the man before it, who did not abandon this puzzle of theirs. With a noticeable expenditure of energy, Adamant rose slowly to its feet. The sounds of rock grinding and cracking was audible in such deliberate movements, to show how shaky a form was being kept together. Pale dust fell off of it like skin peeling, disappearing into the air due to how fine it was. Still, Adamant managed to come eye to eye with the human—glistening ruby eye to eye. Even in the moonlight, Adamant shone beautifully, reflecting subtle red wisps onto the sand around it with its uncoated mass of hair.

Immediately evident, was that Adamant lacked clothing. It wouldn't be as odd if it wasn't for the surprisingly human appearance it was shaped in. One could see how the skin-colored powder was used to cover it exactly where one would expect human skin to be present. Something so lifeless as gemstone was shaped into fluid geometry such as hair and flesh. Yet one glance from top to bottom of its body showed no gender-defining features upon its sculptured body. There were no breasts, nor genitalia, and the lean figure did not favor masculine or feminine. It was flat and smooth, yet rigid. Truly, if one wanted to assign a gender to Adamant, it was completely in the eye of the beholder. It could be argued as either or, depending entirely on how one wanted to see it.

The human's dialogue was surprisingly calm and natural for someone who was probably witnessing something so alien for the first time in his life, so Adamant understood as much. His cool head prevailed over the shock and unfamiliarity of the situation. Even that, it was grateful for. But in truth, it wished that the burden had not been on the table in the first place. With concern in mind, Adamant reached out to place a hand on the top of the man's head. Gently, its fingers threaded through the mat of hair, starting from the uppermost point and working down the side of his head behind the ear. Still cold, still solid, but mollifying.

"It's near dawn and you're still awake. I can't express enough how glad I was to have your help, but it must have costed you... Are you going to be able to get enough sleep?" Adamant, not thinking its actions strange, cradled the human's cheek in its palm for just a moment before allowing its hand to fall back down to the side. All of a sudden, the gaze it was giving him was that of an elder, looking out for a poor soul. "I wonder if something wasn't keeping you up, now."

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Sat Apr 06, 2019 12:51 am

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Most people probably would have been a little uncomfortable with such a cold hand making an otherwise intimate gesture, but much like the rest of this evening, Alex took it in stride. He kinda liked it, to be honest. He'd always been more of a cold pillow guy anyway, and it wasn't exactly chilly out here. The statue had pretty eyes, too. That was nice.

"Ah, don't worry about that. Ya boy can go at least three days on no sleep, probably even longer if I really try."

There was something very strange about the way the statue was looking at him. Suddenly it seemed like it was more of a concerned parent than the statue he'd been helping out. Now it felt like his older sister looking at him, which he hadn't really felt in a good ol' while. Not since he'd last seen her, so at least like, 15 years? Damn. Been a while. Oh, God, was he just reminiscing here? Fucking gross.

"Keeping me up? Nah, not really. Nothing in particular. I kinda just go where I wanna, when I wanna. Wander around, do what I think might be a little fun. Gets old now and then but hey, sometimes you find something nice. Like this."

He smiled a little more at that, obviously meaning that last bit very genuinely. He liked this statue, she was sweet. Returning the gesture that red rock man-lady thing had given him, Alex put a hand on its head and gave a pat. He was rather lucky that he was exceptionally durable, else he probably would have been cut by the hair. Not the brightest, ol' Alex.

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