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Yo, Welcome to The Platinum Hearts Scroller. Here you can find an assortment of Site News. Happy Roleplaying! --- Member of the Year: Locke --- Character of the Year: Alastair Eisfluch --- New Characters of the Year: Mizu Morikawa and Igendai Gyakusuma --- Social Thread of the Year: A Letter for Hymn --- Combat Thread of the Year: Raise Your Spirits --- Members of the Season: Locke and Paradigm --- Character of the Season and Application of the Season: Mizu Morikawa --- Fight Thread of the Season: To Drown a Strawberry --- Social Thread of the Season: Wellness Check ---
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Props To Cookies From Going To 0 to 100  [2/28/2019] Left_bar_bleue99999/99999Props To Cookies From Going To 0 to 100  [2/28/2019] Empty_bar_bleue  (99999/99999)

Props To Cookies From Going To 0 to 100  [2/28/2019] Empty Props To Cookies From Going To 0 to 100 [2/28/2019]

Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:21 pm


I'm giving a shotuout to Cookies for coming back from the depths of the abyss and getting active enough on PH to actually be on top posters. This is a massive feat because of the fact that he had zero muse prior to Feb and now he is making engaging RP post and taking part in the month long burst and is being a contributing member of the site. I just wanted to make this post to give him some props since I felt it was overlooked.

Props To Cookies From Going To 0 to 100  [2/28/2019] WVMWLOu
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