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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Angeni Nascha, The Spirit Walker [WIP] Empty Angeni Nascha, The Spirit Walker [WIP]

Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:16 pm



I. Basic Information

» Name: Angeni Nascha
» Titles: Spirit Walker
» Age: 27
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Unaffiliated/Unranked
» Physical Appearance Description: Angeni has never particularly put much emphasis on physical appearance, though from an outside perspective she would be considered quite attractive. Being a born and raised native of the American Southwest, Angeni has a bronzed and defined skin tone. A healthy and controlled diet has kept her skin blemish-free and supple. A cascading river of alabaster locks traverse the length of her body, ending just past her waist.

Her eyes are wide and full of prophetic wisdom yet also convey a sense of wonder and adventurism. Shimmering jade with flecks of gold beneath thick ivory lashes center themselves between a rounded forehead and what could be considered a “cute button nose.” A watchful gaze, coupled with a kind and endearing softness can usually be seen present in her expression and tends to be the “default”. Her facial structure bears soft and delicate features, dimpled cheeks tapering along a feminine jawline and ending in a softly pointed chin. Full lips bearing a natural soft ruby hue complete a beautiful visage that portrays her “exotic” lineage.

Coupled with her closely upheld healthy diet and a daily regimen of exercising, Angeni boasts a lithe and athletic build. Toned muscle compose the graceful curves of her body, culminating in a physique often desired by many. Rather than bearing an overly buxom bust and wide hips, they are instead suitably sized and fit her anatomic structure perfectly. She is neither excessively tall nor short, but rather she stands at what could be considered average height for women her age. Neither does she bear excessive body fat, rather it is completely proportionate to the muscles that line her body.

Her movements are graceful and fluid in their execution, seemingly blending together without pause or fail. Occasionally she tends to adopt a partially bouncy step to her movements when she is in high spirits, which tends to be quite often. An aroma of lavender lingers upon her skin, due in part to the brand of body wash that she uses. An underlying scent of herbal incense mingles with the lavender, a subtle blend that is pleasing to the senses.

Angeni is, for lack of a better term, an incredibly outspoken yet patient young woman. It's not often that she raises her voice or becomes angry with others, instead exercising a zen-like patience with everyone she encounters. So when it does happen, chances are that someone or something has worn her monumental patience to its limit. Generally, she addresses everyone with respect and is apparently very trusting of anyone she meets, giving them the benefit of the doubt and even forgiving transgressions against herself and allies. Others have described her voice as being melodic in tone and soothing to those who hear it, carrying a maternal warmth and comforting that is capable of instilling serenity while also bolstering resolve.

Angeni’s sense of style can be seen as both traditional, paying homage to her tribal heritage, and also modern, blending modern style with Native American influence. On special occasions, however, she tends to wear the traditional mystic’s “uniform” of her lineage. Atop her head sits a feathered headdress, the plumage being ivory and scarlet in color. An ornamental clay mask acts as the linchpin for the headdress, accented by an adornment of polished metal that rests upon her forehead. Similar feather and clay adornments cover her right shoulder and forearm, though the forearm cover appears reminiscent of a clawed beast’s hand. Both aforementioned adornments, however, bear softly glowing glyphs that seem to correspond with Angeni’s spiritual power. A free-flowing halter top of beige cloth and a matching sari complete the outfit, complimented by the furred boots and wristband on her left wrist.

» Physical Appearance Image:

Angeni Nascha, The Spirit Walker [WIP] VwmoOZL

I. Personality Traits

» Personality: Even at a young age, Angeni has always had a kind heart for others and sympathetic towards their plight. Whenever it is possible for her to do so, Angeni is quick to offer words of comfort and her assistance to those who are suffering around her. She does her best to ease the worries and pain of others, in turn leading her to have a great deal of allies.

Angeni is, as experienced by others, an incredibly giving person. She has no issue with doing whatever is in her capabilities to help someone less fortunate than herself. Even if they aren’t less fortunate than her, she is still willing to help them wholeheartedly to ensure that they have a pleasant experience in whatever they are doing. If she is able to do even the smallest thing for a person, she sees it as a great accomplishment.

Angeni has the astounding ability to see the good in any situation or person, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. She remains the beacon of hope for those around her, speaking inspiring words and bolstering resolve through kind actions towards them. She strives to be the one who keeps her allies uplifted and in good spirits and this definitely is the case more often than not. Her optimism has a habit of affecting the people around her and changing their outlook on situations as well.

From a young age, between being trained to hunt and receiving training in mysticism, Angeni has always been attentive to the people and environment around her. The subtle nuances of nature, facial expressions, even the whispers of spirits attempting to commune with the living; Additionally, thanks to a constant want for more knowledge and experiences, she is always looking for the next opportunity to experience something new or learn what was previously unknown.

Due in part to her own beliefs and also to her upbringing, Angeni treats everyone she encounters with the utmost respect. Even if she has become closely acquainted with them, she has a habit of still addressing them in a semi-formal manner. She firmly believes that respecting others shows good bearing on a person’s ancestors and family, thus she makes certain to always present herself in a respectable manner.

Among her family and friends and even apparent to those she has only just recently met, Angeni is known for being an incredibly patient young woman. Rarely, if ever, will she become angered or upset with others. She takes pride in seeing things through to the end, regardless of how long it may take. Though of course, because she constantly moves about and has an appetite for acquiring knowledge, her endeavors usually take a longer period of time than normal. Even still, she willingly proceeds forward when dealing with situations and people, offering an ever-present shoulder of support, as it were.

A constant quest for knowledge and understanding has resulted in Angeni developing a wisdom that others have stated transcends her age. Clever and quick-witted, prophetic and wise; all of these have been used to describe Angeni. She is more than willing to share any knowledge that she has with any who are willing to learn as much as she is, often acting as a teacher of sorts to those around her. “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” - Angeni tends to follow this quote rather closely, and it frequently shows in her actions.

Although usually an incredibly calm individual, Angeni is capable of holding a grudge for an indefinite amount of time. It generally takes quite a bit to actually get her annoyed or angry enough to actually dislike someone, but when it happens it becomes blatantly obvious in her interactions with that person. In most cases it will manifest in disregard for their presence or snide remarks. However in the off chance that she really begins to despise someone that has slighted her she will have no issue with plotting bodily harm against them and even less with actually carrying it out.

To be dominant is the assertion of control and/or establishing a sense of leadership when the situation calls for it. This is one of Angeni's most definitive aspects of her personality. When in combat or even during her day to day life, Angeni makes it a point to assert herself and plays herself in a position to lead others. It is exceedingly more prevalent with her personal relationships. In a romantic sense, she tends to enjoy being the one in control of the relationship, often being the initiator in every aspect and in generally every case refusing to relent said control.

» Likes:
  • Her Friends
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Gelatin, especially Lime
  • Seeking Knowledge
  • Being Helpful
  • Her Family
  • Caring for Others

» Dislikes:
  • Unnecessary Conflict
  • Overly Boisterous Individuals
  • Overly Spicy Foods
  • Overzealous People
  • Horror Movies

I. Character History

» History

On a pleasant winter evening beneath a clear and starry sky, Angeni was born from the union of Cheveyo and Luyu Nascha. Already gifted with a capable hunter and warrior in the form of their eldest son Chayton, the proud parents were ecstatic when they were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Their settlement was alive with chatter over the girl’s birth. Whispers of good fortune and a prosperous future were foretold for the child, it wasn’t often that a child was born with such a pleasant smile upon their face.

It was fairly common for neighbors to be present at the births of new children, and Angeni’s birth was no exception. It seemed even the spirits had been in favor of Angeni’s birth, as several of the elders of their settlement claimed to have felt a certain divinity and mysticism about the child. With this knowledge in mind, the new parents were approached with the suggestion that when the child came of age, she was trained to become a mystic herself. There was some apprehension, as expected, but the parents ultimately agreed to the elders’ request.

Angeni’s infancy and childhood were a pleasant one. Although she was quite often doted upon by her parents, they made sure not to allow her to become too dependent on such things. Instead, they found a proper balance that allowed her to know that not everything would be given to her without suitable hard work. She was an incredibly sweet and playful little girl, becoming well-liked by both the other children as well as the adults.

Because of her caring nature and childish naivety, her elder brother did what most any older brother would do and kept a protective watch over Angeni. Initially she was oblivious as to the reasoning behind Chayton’s protectiveness over her, though eventually her father explained it to her and she happily accepted her brother’s concern over her. During her elementary school years, it became apparent that Angeni was not only a well-liked child, but also incredibly bright. By the end of her 8th grade year, she had also began to show a knack for herbology and medicinal remedies.

As time continued to pass, Angeni began to blossom into a beautiful young woman. On the day of her sixteenth birthday, Angeni had began her training to become a medicine woman. There was some speculation about how she would be able to balance said training and high school, but Angeni quickly quelled those concerns through her actions. Not only did she still manage to properly train as a medicine woman, but she also excelled in her studies, maintaining her position on the honor roll consistently throughout her high school career. Within two years time, Angeni had established herself among the more skilled herbology and medicinal remedy practitioners in the settlement.

It was no surprise that she had also become quite a popular young woman among the younger males of her peer group, much to Chayton’s chagrin. Because of this, Chayton had began to teach Angeni how to properly defend herself. She was grateful for the time they spent together and even more appreciative of the lessons she received….even if she secretly had no intention of using the knowledge she was receiving. Even still, she managed to keep a good balance of schooling, training, and a social life.

Upon the conclusion of her senior year in high school, Angeni began to exhibit signs of being spiritually aware. On many occasions either her parents or Chayton would witness her communing with unseen conversation partners or chanting meditatively. It wasn’t until one of the elders witnessed this for himself, however, that it was suggested that Angeni compound her medicine woman training by training to become a mystic as well. Always willing to learn more, Angeni immediately agreed.

As Angeni began her mystic’s training, it seemed that her brother Chayton had chosen a much different path. There was no question that he remained kind and loyal to his people, but Angeni began to notice a certain hostility towards those he considered foreigners. Whereas Angeni was more likely to use kindness and words to solve situations, Chayton leaned more towards violence. Naturally, this extreme divergence between their ideals caused friction in the sibling’s relationship. Regardless of how zealous Chayton was in his actions, however, Angeni remained hopeful that he would change and still loved her elder brother dearly.

Just one year had passed since Angeni began her mysticism training, and already she had shown signs of advancing rapidly. It was also around this time that her brother had left the reservation on what he had simply called “personal business.” It seemed that only Angeni worried for her brother’s safety, as their parents hadn’t even bothered to bid him farewell. She did not allow herself to be distracted from her training, instead focusing even more on succeeding so that she would be able to aid her brother.

Unfortunately, that day would never least while Chayton was among the living. During one of her now commonplace moments of meditation, she was visited by the spirit of her brother. Naively believing that she was awake and he had returned, She reached out to hug him, only to find that not only could she not actually move, but that he had not returned in the capacity that she had hoped.

Listening on in dismay, Angeni learned that Chayton had met his end during his trip at the hands of someone he had wronged over the years. A deserving victim of revenge, as he put it. The news of his death devastated Angeni. He apologized for leaving her and promised that he would continue to watch over her as best as he could, but she knew that it would be unlikely in his current state. Distraught and unsure of what she could do, she consulted the reservation elders. The elders were adamant in telling Angeni that nothing could be done for Chayton, but she continued to insist that they try.

When no solution was reached, Angeni was once more consumed by depression. It was during this time that she was visited by a mysterious spirit. Identifying themselves only as a soul that "transcended the bounds of time and understanding", the spirit informed her that reuniting with her brother would be possible if she awakened the even greater power that lay untapped within her.

Eager to be reunited with her brother, she questioned how she could access this power. The spirit cryptically told her to walk the path chosen for her by destiny, vanishing immediately after and leaving the bewildered young woman with more questions than answers. With no other recourse, Angeni chose to devote her efforts towards strengthening her spiritual abilities and seeking out the mysterious figure to receive the answers she sought.
I. Equipment

» Equipment:
-Glaive of the Earthmother

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:
  • Expert Herbologist- From adolescence until recent years, Angeni has been extensively trained in the practice of herbology. Groomed to become an accomplished medicine woman, Angeni is versed in a multitude of plant life and their usage in medicinal healing. To a more harmful degree, she is also versed in how to use certain plants to produce harmful effects. From a simple glance, Angeni is able to determine the properties and name of a type of flora as well as its natural habitat.

    By understanding these various aspects of the plantlife she utilizes, she can determine how best to enhance the desired property of an individual plant. For example, if a plant has a property that makes it useful in soothing a skin irritation yet another has a property that would exacerbate it, Angeni is able mix the two in a way that the medicinal property will be the dominant trait. Adversely, she is also able to do the same in a way that the irritant will be dominant instead. Even from the most mundane and common of flora, Angeni is able to find some kind of property that can be utilized for her needs.

    Much like how she is versed in medical uses of plant life, Angeni can also utilize them to lethal and debilitative effect. By identifying and isolating the desired properties of harmful plants, she can produce poisons with varying effects depending on the situation they are suited for. Whether medicinal or harmful, Angeni’s knowledge in this subject is so comprehensive that she is able to grow certain plants outside of their natural environment, a feat that is not easily accomplished.

  • Expert Hunter/Tracker- A more or less common practice, Angeni is quite the capable hunter and tracker in her own right. She is versed enough to be able to track a target with relative ease. This ability has come in handy on many occasions, though she tends to only do it now out of habit and to keep her skills sharp in the chance that she may need them.Regardless of how far the target has traveled, Angeni is capable of identifying details about their path. An example of this would be identifying a target’s gait from the frequency and depth of the footprint and therefore determining how quickly they are moving. Even if the trail has seemingly “gone cold”, Angeni is able to pick up on small details and changes to the area that allows her to resume pursuit of the target(s). Her tracking abilities are so honed that she can even recreate the events that have transpired at a location mentally to better identify the target(s) she is tracking. Coupled with an indomitable will and endurance, it is more than possible for her to track a single target or multiple targets for extended periods of time.

  • Expert Mystic- Mysticism comes in a variety of practices and methods. In Angeni’s case, she is versed in the practices of Native American mysticism; the belief that the living world and the spirit world exist as layers of each other that are accessed through varying degrees of reality perception. As it stands, this practice is what has allowed Angeni to be able to interact with the spiritual world that is home to the likes of beings such as the Shinigami and their mortal enemies the Hollow. Additionally, it seems that the bestial spirits of her ancestors and the guardians thereof also exist within this world, thus resulting in Angeni wanting a deeper understanding of this world and any others that may exist with and alongside it.

  • Multilingual- Aside from learning English and the tribal dialects of her people from birth, Angeni has further expanded her linguistic abilities to encompass more languages that she encounters during her travels. Currently, she is adequately capable of speaking Spanish, Japanese, and German. By no means is she done, however, as she hopes to reach fluency not only in the languages she already speaks, but those that she has yet to begin learning.

  • Adept Combatant (CQC/Armed)- Although she takes measures not to have to utilize it, Angeni is trained in the close quarters combat tactics used by the members of her tribe. Learned under the mentorship of her elder brother Chayton, she has a passable proficiency to be able to protect herself if necessary. Upon venturing out on her own, she further expanded her abilities with hand-to-hand combat and began to train in the martial arts and weapon practices native to the regions she traveled through on her quest for knowledge.

  • Advanced Medical Training- Alongside her training in herbology, Angeni has also received medical training from varying sources. While certainly not as skilled as someone who had devoted more significant time to education in that specific field, she is more than capable of treating injuries and performing surgeries of varying severity.

  • Enhanced Condition- To put it simply, Angeni is capable of physical and mental feats well above what would be possible for most humans.

    ~Heightened Spiritual Senses- Due in equal parts to her spiritual abilities and her training as a mystic, Angeni has an incredibly acute sense of the spiritual world around her. Whether it be sensing the presence of a spirit nearby or seeing through their "glamour haze" to glimpse their true nature, Angeni boasts remarkable sensory capabilities. Her spiritual sensory is so acute that she is able to easily pinpoint changes in a person’s spiritual energy.

    Furthermore, simply by reading a person’s spiritual energy, she can detect fluctuations in their emotions even if they are actively hiding said emotions. In most cases, only those with a significant amount of spiritual power can elude her sensory, but even then it would not be done without difficulty on their end. One of the most unique abilities that she has developed through her sensory is the ability to peer into the past memories of a soul, even being able to act as a medium to allow the memories to be viewed or transferred between others.

    ~Heightened Immune System- Entirely a result of her nature as a spiritually gifted mortal, Angeni has what could be considered a "supercharged" immune system. Because of this, it is extremely difficult for her to contract ailments and diseases that would usually afflict humans. From something as benign as a common cold to succumbing to the effects of inebriation, she considers herself lucky to have such a gift.

    ~Heightened Physical Prowess- To put it simply, Angeni is capable of physical feats well above what would be possible for most humans.
    ~Strength- While not reaching into the realm of being supernatural, it can easily be considered superhuman in nature. With only a partial exertion of force, she is capable of breaking stone/concrete, bending metal, and even lifting up to two hundred pounds with a single hand. If she exerts her full strength, with enough effort it's possible for her to punch through a steel door or objects of similar density.
    ~Speed- As with her strength, Angeni's natural speed borders on the supernatural. By comparison, Angeni is able to cover the distance from one end of a city block to the next, in a half sprint, in just a matter of seconds. At full speed, she can quite easily cover twice that distance. Her agility is just as impressive. She is capable of acrobatic feats and movements with a dancer's grace, maneuvering around the battlefield much quicker than what should be possible for humans.
    ~Endurance- Honed by years of physical training and bolstered by her spiritual capabilities, Angeni can operate at "peak" performance levels well past the limits of average humans and even those who have specifically trained to perform at such levels in a professional capacity. This also allows her to withstand environmental locations that would otherwise be strenuous for normal humans.

    ~Heightened Mental Prowess- A constant thirst for knowledge has its perks. Even since her younger years, Angeni has always exhibited impressive mental acuity. Able to grasp complex teachings much sooner than those her own age and even some older than her, she was often the one others turned to for assistance. Angeni is capable of retaining information to an incredible degree, effortlessly remembering things she has learned as far back as early adolescence. Over the years her mental prowess only continued to increase. She has, on several occasions, shown the ability to identify, process, and resolve problems near instantaneously. This is not limited to a single instance at a time, as Angeni is capable of analyzing multiple complexities at the same time, even delegating which are most important in the midst of said analyzation and adapting for any sudden changes mere moments after they have occurred.

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Angeni Nascha, The Spirit Walker [WIP] Empty Re: Angeni Nascha, The Spirit Walker [WIP]

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I. Other Supernatural Abilities

» Powers:

Soul Dominion

Influenced by her background in mysticism, Angeni's spiritual power manifests itself in the ability to wield latent energies to varying degrees. She has shown the ability to not only conjure it within herself, but also to draw it from her surroundings in order to suit her needs. By manipulating it in both subtle and complex ways, she can achieve applications ranging from offensive attacks to defensive and supportive means. Additionally, through intensive training, she has become able to shift the energy's composition that she conjures in order to affect not only the environment, but also the people and denizens within it.

» Pure Abilities:

  • Manipulation- By shifting the composition of her own spiritual energy to match that of the type she wishes to influence, Angeni is capable of bringing the opposing energy under her control and manipulating it to suit her own purpose. To that effect, it is entirely possible for her to turn an opponent's own energies against them if given enough preparation time and the opportunity to do so. This is only possible with energies she has had an extensive encounter with. Presently, this only extends to Reishi, Reiryoku, and to a lesser degree Hollow energy. She is also only capable of manipulating one energy type at any given time presently. Depending on her level of control, Manipulation can last between 2 to 4 posts.
    »Manipulation: Burst- Angeni uses the energy she has gained control of to form an offensive attack of her own. The type of offensive attack can be influenced by that of the type from which she draws the energy used. By default, however, the Burst attack will generally be long-ranged in nature. For spherical projectiles, the size of the Burst will reflect the amount of energy Manipulated. At base area, it can be the size of a baseball, while at maximum it can reach a size of up to 15m in diameter. When burst is used as a steady stream or wave, the size is nearly identical as for spherical projectiles, only being 10m at maximum as opposed to 15. In either case, Burst projectiles travel at speeds ranging from 15m/s at minimum to up to 30m/s at max, depending on Angeni's control level. It is possible for Angeni to lead or trail a target with Burst, in both cases Burst retains its speed. Burst can reach a maximum distance of 1km. Spheres will explode upon reaching max range or colliding with an object, while streams/waves will gradually dissipate within one post unless sustained or interrupted.

    In terms of damage capacity, Burst will always inflict burns on the area of the body it strikes. A glancing hit will generally leave first degree burns. At maximum, if it is a direct attack, Burst is capable of inflicting up to fourth degree burns. In the case that the Burst attack is a stream or wave, the initial hit will either be first or second degree (based on the amount of energy used) and gradually gain severity with persistent exposure to the stream. With a spherical Burst attacks, the explosion blast radius and detonation power are dependent on the energy put into them. At minimum the explosion’s size and damage can equate to a large firework. At maximum it can rival the size and destructive force of a smaller fission bomb.
    »Manipulation: Shield- Angeni focuses the energy she has Manipulated and utilizes it for defensive purposes. By default, the energy is formed into a “second skin” over her, capable of withstanding damage of Adept and lower without much difficulty. In order to increase the defense’s durability, she must add further energy to it. As Angeni’s base power grows, the amount of damage the shield can withstand also increases. Shield can withstand up to two attacks of equal power and one attack a single level higher before it is broken. Shield is not restricted to only guarding herself, however. Should Angeni feel the need to, she can reconfigure Shield to guard more than one person. As a “skin”, the durability is split among all affected targets, up to a maximum of four additional people presently. If she wishes to shield an area instead, she can create barriers, domes, or even cubes around the area. As an area of effect, Shield can cover up to 30 meters in all directions from the designated location. Unlike the “skin” variation, the AoE Shield retains its complete maximum durability. Regardless of its form, Shield persists for 4 posts and can be repaired (if it still has enough durability remaining) once per post for a single attack’s worth of damage Adept or lower.
    »Manipulation: Reverb- Rather than turn it into an attack of her own or a defensive use, Angeni instead reverses the flow of the energy she has manipulated and sends it back at its originator. As such, Reverb can only be used in response to an attack directed at her or another nearby location. It does not, however, return the attack at full strength if the attacker has a higher spiritual power than Angeni, instead scaling down to match the maximum power level of Angeni. Additionally, if there is too large of a power level gap between Angeni and the attacker, it is not possible for Angeni to use Reverb to reflect the attack. At most, Angeni can only use Reverb on an attack one level higher than herself. Anything equal to her power or below, on the other hand, can be returned at full strength back to the attacker. Angeni can only reflect the attack of one target per post and can only use Reverb once every two posts. If she does not wish to return it to the attacker, though, she can instead redirect it towards another suitable target.

  • Siphon- Much like Manipulation, once Angeni has matched the energy type she wishes to influence, she is capable of drawing it out of a source in order to bolster her own power. In the case of utilizing Siphon on her environment, it is not necessary for her to willingly match the energy she wants to Siphon; upon drawing it into herself, her energy automatically shifts to that of the energy she has gathered. What she does with the Siphoned energy afterwards is dependent on necessity. If she so wishes, she can integrate it into her own base energy to increase its potency, harmlessly expel it from her body to destroy it, return it to its source, or even transfer it to a different source.

    There is no limit to how long she can Siphon from the same target, but there is a limit to the amount of energy she can store, however. She can choose when she actually wants to store the energy she is Siphoning, storing half a portion of energy per post until four full portions are stored. She can retain the Siphoned energy for up to 2 posts before she must perform an action with it. Siphoning from an opponent inflicts internal damage reminiscent of radiation poisoning for each post that she remains attached to the target. The target cannot have a larger base energy reserve than her. Attempting to Siphon from such a target would actually cause her to sustain injury relative to the amount she has Siphoned.
    »Siphon: Integrate- Using the energy she has drawn from a source with Siphon, she can add it to an attack of her own in order to increase its potency. The closer in strength that the energy source is to Angeni’s own, the more beneficial the increase from Integrate is. By default, such as if she uses Siphon on someone of a smaller base energy than herself, the increase will have very little effect, treating it as practically the same as her own attack. Adversely, drawing from her environment or a source of identical or slightly higher base power treats the attack that has had Integrate used on it will have its potency doubled. Integrate can only affect attacks of the same energy type. Attempting to use Siphon: Integrate on an attack of a different energy type will result in her attack being nullified.
    »Siphon: Expulsion- Simply put, Angeni will disperse any energy she has gathered via Siphon, rendering it unusable. Energy that has been Expelled is destroyed within the same post that Expulsion is used. Because of the nature of Expulsion, it cannot be used as frequently as other aspects of her powers, usable only once every three posts. Additionally, she can only use Expulsion if she has already stored energy with Siphon.
    »Siphon: Return- Rather than Expel or Integrate energy she has gathered with Siphon, Angeni instead returns it to the source it was originally drawn from. If the target is her environment or of a smaller base energy than Angeni, the full amount is returned. In the case of it being taken from an opponent equal to or higher than Angeni’s base power, the returned energy does not exceed fifty percent of its original value, the other half having deteriorated during the Return process. Return can only affect a single target at a time and operates under the same cooldown constraint as base Siphon, usable every two posts.
    »Siphon: Transference- The flip side of Integrate, Angeni will instead donate the energy she has gathered with Siphon to an ally. The rules of Integrate similarly apply to Transference, however she can choose to split the donated energy between multiple targets. In the instance that she chooses to do this, the total energy will be evenly split between the targets. As a group effect, Transference can effect up to five people for every usage of Transference. Transference cannot be performed in rapid succession, instead requiring a two post cooldown between each application.

  • Awaken- Awaken is the first of two abilities that are strictly supplementary/supportive in nature. By focusing on the spiritual energy possessed by another being, she is capable of enhancing their combat abilities exponentially. This can be used either on herself or others. If used on an individual whose spiritual abilities have not yet developed, Awaken will instead supercharge said abilities and accelerate their development. The amount of the increase is dependent on the inherent prowess of the target(s) and the difference in energy level between Angeni and the intended target(s).
    »Awaken: Boost- As stated, Angeni will hone in on the spiritual energy possessed by her target(s) and overcharge it momentarily, drastically increasing both their physical and spiritual power. While a target is under the effect of Boost, their attacks and abilities are treated as up to two levels higher depending on the difference between Angeni and her target(s). If used on herself, she receives the full level increase. If Boost is used on a target with a lower base power than Angeni, their attacks will be treated as if they were at the same level as Angeni. When used on a target of similar power level, their power is doubled much like if Angeni had used it upon herself. Boost cannot affect targets that have a higher base power level than Angeni. Additionally, as with Siphon and Manipulation, it can only affect a single energy type per target. She is capable of affecting up to 4 additional targets with Boost at present. Boost lasts for 3 posts and can, however, be removed by a strong enough negation or debilitation effect.
    »Awaken: Evolve (RP and Character Development Only)- Upon sensing the dormant spark of spiritual power within an individual that has not yet realized their abilities, Angeni will focus her influence on that bit of latent spiritual energy. She will draw the excess energy from her surroundings and gradually add it to the slumbering power within the target(s). With each passing moment (determined by the target at their discretion), the dormant spark will grow in strength until it reaches maturation. At this point, the target will reach a point where their spiritual power will activate, thereby allowing them to discover their power (the type of which is, like the time frame for the process, at the target's discretion).

  • Primal Shift- An ability that is strictly unique to Angeni, this power was largely influenced by her Native American heritage. Conjuring her spiritual energy and empowering herself, Angeni uses the gathered energy to shift her form into a myriad of spirit animals. At present, she can only shift into animals that are native to Earth. Additionally, while Shifted, she cannot utilize other aspects of her power. In exchange, she gains strength and battle prowess indicative to the animal she has Shifted into. The Shifted animals can be no larger than they would be naturally. The exception to this, however, is animals that are naturally small in size, such as rodents or insects. In this case, they will instead be no smaller than a young kitten. The Shift can last for up to 3 posts and she can swap between animals of the same biome at any time to reset the post counter for that type, but she cannot act within the same post that the Shift has occurred. Shifting into an animal of a different biome, however, causes the post counter to carry over.
    »Primal Shift: Land- As the name suggests, Primal Shift: Land allows Angeni to assume the form of any land-dwelling animal that currently exists or has existed since Angeni's birth. As such, Angeni cannot assume the form of animals that have gone extinct or fictional animals.
    »Primal Shift: Avian- Like with Primal Shift: Land, Primal Shift: Avian lets Angeni change into any sky-dwelling or flight capable animal. As stated above, she cannot Shift into an animal that has not existed within the years since her birth or that has long since been extinct, nor can she assume the form of fictional animals.
    »Primal Shift: Aquatic- Primal Shift: Aquatic, as expected, allows Angeni to assume the form of any animal that is exclusive to an underwater or largely aquatic biome. Like the other aspects of Primal Shift, fictional animals and extinct animals are outside of her capability.

  • Rejuvenation- The second ability that is strictly supplementary/supportive, Angeni is capable of shifting the composition of the energy she is wielding in order to heal the injuries of herself or those around her. While she is capable of using this ability to heal nearly any injury, the more severe the injury is requires a larger amount of energy and time to heal. It is also possible to purge toxins and foreign maladies from the target(s) through the use of this ability. Much like with the healing aspect of Rejuvenation, the severity of the infection determines the amount of energy necessary to cleanse it. The heal can occur instantly or require up to 3 posts based on the severity.

  • Severance- Entirely detrimental in nature, this ability focuses on a more intricate usage of her power. By altering her energy and imbuing herself with it, Angeni's attacks become capable of branding her target(s). Further interaction with these spiritual brands allows Angeni to potentially sever the connections of spiritual energy that flow throughout her target. This, in turn, prevents the target from utilizing powers or abilities that are spiritual in nature. The disconnect can last up to 3 posts. The target's level of spiritual power can positively or negatively influence the length of time for the Sever. The more brands that are applied, the easier it is for Angeni to sever the connections. The brands are not indefinite, however, and are capable of being removed by the target(s) if there is a large enough gap between Angeni's spiritual power and their own.

    I. Sacred Release

    Angeni Nascha, The Spirit Walker [WIP] Angeni10

    » Sacred Release Appearance:
    At first glance, it would appear that no change occurs when Angeni invokes this power. On closer inspection, however, the change becomes quite apparent. Whereas before when her power was being utilized a silver glow would illuminate her eyes, now the color of her eyes changes completely, with the glow acting as an overlay to the perfected ivory beneath. Centered on her entire torso, a spectral seal close brightly with spiritual energy, a clear indication that her Sacred Release is active.

    A silver mist enshrouds her, creating a slight distortion for those that look at her, much like that created by a heat shimmer. The mist itself is composed of the same energies she is capable of wielding, yet it is inherently harmless until she chooses imbue it with additional effects. Intermittently, wisps of the silvery mist trail from her body. When she moves, the trails become more prevalent, creating a blurring effect with each movement. The final change is not one that is aesthetic, but rather auditory. The voice that was once full of warmth and joviality takes on monotone, yet ghostly echo.

    » Sacred Release Abilities:

  • Planar Shift- Focusing entirely on the connections between spiritual energies that flow throughout the world, Angeni is able to conjure pathways between locations. As with any aspect of her power, the distance that is traversable depends on the amount of energy put towards establishing the pathway. In order to create a pathway, Angeni has to have visited the destination at least once before. Understandably, traveling between locations on Earth takes very little energy for her to accomplish. She is capable of creating pathways around Earth rather frequently, up to several times a day. Traveling between Earth and locations within the spirit world or beyond, however, is an exhausting endeavor. Presently, she is only capable of establishing a pathway to the spirit world or outside of Earth once a day.

    Planar Shift is not solely relegated to traversal, however. Angeni can use the portals to displace attacks as well. The stability of the portal will rapidly deteriorate after using one to intercept an attack, thereby rendering it inert and unusable; the portal will also fade directly after displacing an attack. In order to intercept an attack, said attack cannot exceed a maximum power level equal to Angeni's. As stated, each portal can intercept one attack each, but there is no limit to the number of portals she can create for this purpose. There is, however, a delay between uses when used this way, requiring two posts between each interception use.

  • Spirit Armaments- Drawing inspiration from the Quincy ability to create weapons from concentrated Reishi, Angeni has instead focused on creating close quarters weapons from spirit energy. The variety of weaponry that can be produced runs the gambit and is fueled by Angeni's imagination; if she can think of it, she can create it. The weapons are not indestructible, their durability is based on the amount of energy that Angeni utilizes to create them. The weapons can last up to 3 posts, but will gradually deteriorate following their creation. Depending on the type, Angeni can wield up to two weapons at a time. It is possible for others to wield the spirit weapons that she creates, but they are still tied to Angeni's abilities.

    I. Ascended Sacred State

    Angeni Nascha, The Spirit Walker [WIP] Angeni12

    » Ascended Sacred State Appearance:
    Whereas the changes in her Sacred Release are mainly superficial, the changes that Angeni undergoes for her Ascended Sacred State are much different. Her body radiates with a constant flow of spiritual energy, to the point where her body takes on a ghostly composition. It is as if she has become seemingly completely composed of the energies she is capable of wielding.

    Unlike in her Sacred Release, there is no discernible separation between her eyes and the glow of invocation that signals her utilization of spirit energy. Instead, it appears that her eyes emit the energy themselves rather than from an external source. The mist that surrounds her body in Sacred Release is still present, but has become much more focused. When she is in motion, her form becomes heavily distorted, each movement appearing as a trail of spectral mist. While in motion, she appears as a ghostly blur.

    The seal that becomes present in her Sacred Release also undergoes a similar evolution. The upper portion of the seal rises to situate itself upon Angeni's face, while the central portion remains centered on her torso. The lower "wings" of the seal branch off, each one covering one of Angeni's arms from shoulder to dorsum. Additionally, while the glow of energy still persists, it now shifts in color based on the type of energy that Angeni is currently utilizing.

    » Ascended Sacred State Powers:
    Angeni is capable of freely using any of the abilities she has gained from previous incarnations of her power. In addition, she gains access to the following abilities and an additional power.

  • Ancestral Ground (Event Only)- Angeni exerts her influence over the energy within a select area with her own location at the center. She purifies the designated area and repels any form of negativity from it, whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional. As long as the sanctified ground remains, negativity is prevented from entering the location. This works by constantly converting negativity into blessed energy and adding it as fuel to the affected area. Attempting to set foot on the ground despite this will result in the energy having an obliterating effect on the offending party. Exactly how quickly the source of negativity is affected is wholly determined by the amount of focus that Angeni turns towards it. So, for example, if there is a single target and Angeni is fully focused on it, the damage happens rather quickly. To that effect, this allows ANgeni to prioritize targets based on their perceived threat level. Additionally, those of pure intent that set foot in the sanctified ground will be subjected to a gradual revitalization effect for as long as they remain in the area. The size of the area is determined by Angeni's base energy capacity. By default, it can be as large as a small neighborhood. At its pinnacle, she is capable of purifying up to 3km.

  • Reincarnation (RP and Event Only)- As the name suggests, this ability involves Angeni utilizing spiritual energy to return life to those that have fallen. While there is already a significant energy drain in order to perform a resurrection, further energy is required based on the length of time that has passed since the target's death. She may only revive one target at a time, and the same target cannot be resurrected multiple times by Angeni. For those who are material in nature (meaning their body has physical substance), there must also be at least an adequately sized physical and spiritual remnant of the target in order for her to revive them. For spiritual beings, enough of their soul must remain and there must have at least one remaining connection to another physical or spiritual being in order to be brought back.

  • Infinite Demise (Event Only)- Angeni calls upon her dominion over both soul energy and the elemental forces of the world around her, in living creatures and her surroundings. Bringing all of the aforementioned energies within 10km under her control, she will snap her fingers. Living creatures within the affected area will have their soul energy broken down and their bodies deconstructed at an atomic level before those, too, are destroyed. The channeling phase takes three posts to complete and once it has begun, it can only be interrupted by either completely incapacitating Angeni or by killing her. When the snap is performed, the following erasure is unavoidable. From a statistical standpoint, the difference in skill level and spiritual power between Angeni and her targets determines how quickly after the snap they are erased/killed. Targets of Untrained to Beginner level are affected instantly. Targets of Adept to Advanced take up to 2 posts to be fully affected. Targets of Expert and Above can possibly not be affected if their spiritual energy is high enough and there is a large enough gap between their power and Angeni's.

    Will of the Elements
    Angeni turns her ability to wield energies towards bending her environment to suit her needs. By shifting her energy composition into one of four types, Angeni can produce varying effects attuned to a specific elemental archetype. The four archetypes, Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind, have similar basal functions as her Soul Dominion power, however they offer a wider range of possibility given that they allow her to bring forth the wrath of nature itself against her foes. Additionally, each archetype possesses an “Aura”, which grants her access to a unique and powerful attack, even being able to merge the effects of two or more “Auras” to create new elemental uses for offense, defense, and utility/support.
  • Conflagration Aura- As the name suggests, utilizing this aura allows Angeni the ability to use Solarum.
    Solarum- Angeni gathers her spiritual energies into a single piercing attack. The gathered energy continues to increase in temperature until it rivals the intensity of a supernova. The actual appearance of Solarum can vary depending on Angeni’s preference. In its idle and charging phase, it looks as if Angeni is creating a miniature Sun in the palm of her hand. The maximum size that Solarum reaches is no larger than a softball. Despite its unassumingly diminutive aesthetic, Solarum is capable of incredible destructive force. It will reach its full power after a two post charging period. Upon reaching its full strength, it can either be launched as a spherical attack or a prolonged beam. When launched, a pulse of superheated air explodes out from Angeni’s location in a fifteen meter diameter, easily able to inflict fourth degree burns to living beings struck (excluding Angeni herself) and begin to melt steel. That, however, is merely the initiation of the attack. The attack itself is far deadlier.

    Due to the amount of sheer power condensed within the “sun”, it is capable of traveling an incredible distance at equally incredible speeds. It quickly accelerates to a speed of fifty meters per second and can travel up to one kilometer in distance. As it travels, it creates a rush of superheated air similar to that of the pulse during its initial launch. Those within three meters or the direct path of Solarum can easily be pierced through if not outright incinerated instantly if not suitably protected. Upon reaching its maximum distance, Solarum will strike, shrinking down to the size of a three centimeter diameter bead before quickly expanding into a revolving cyclone of solar flames. The cyclone reaches a diameter of thirty meters and a height of fifty meters. The interior of the cyclone is effectively a deathtrap, capable of reducing anything caught within to ash in mere moments. The cyclone persists for two posts before dissipating. During that time, it is possible for Angeni to use the generated flames for other purposes at their basal strength. Because of how powerful of an attack Solarum is, Angeni can only use it twice per thread with a ten post cooldown between each use.

  • Earthfall Aura- As the name suggests, utilizing this aura allows Angeni the ability to use Cataclysm.
    Cataclysm- Calling on her empowered control over earth, Angeni will bring the elemental energy of the environment within a two hundred diameter of her current location under her influence. At the same moment, the affected area will begin to shift and crumble, not unlike the effects exhibited by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. As more time passes during the charging phase, the magnitude will gradually increase until it reaches a 9.5 major class earthquake. The shifting caused by the earthquake is capable of weakening defenses within the affected area if they are touching a surface, as well as disrupt movement effects of opponents as long as they are within the affected area. After its full two post charging period, Angeni can release a final pulse through the coverage area. The pulse is strong enough to completely shatter defenses that are of a lower level than Angeni’s current base power while severely damaging those of equal or one level higher. Regardless of if the last pulse is performed, if at least one full post of charging is completed, the second and equally as devastating portion of Cataclysm takes place.

    Angeni will channel the destructive force of Cataclysm’s initial area of effect straight down, causing the two hundred meter diameter to crater violently around her. The crater reaches a depth equal to its diameter, all the while retaining the full magnitude present in the beginning phase of Cataclysm. The interior surfaces of the crater are composed of a churning wall of jagged stalagmites, revolving in alternating directions and seemingly random patterns along the wall. The stalagmites move at a speed of forty meters per second, effectively turning the aforementioned surfaces into a blender. On the floor of the crater, a mire of earthen sludge prevents movement effects of an equal or lower rank than Angeni for opponents as long as they remain within the affected area. Defenses are similarly disrupted while within the affected area. While the effects created by Cataclysm only last for three posts, the crater itself can remain for as long as Angeni sees fit.

  • Torrential Aura- As the name suggests, utilizing this aura allows Angeni the ability to use Riptide.
    Riptide- Angeni focuses her manipulation of spiritual energies towards the moisture of her surroundings within two hundred meters of her current location. The amount of water will begin to increase and become visible, starting out as a revolving ring no higher than a meter from the ground. After a single post, the water will suddenly flood the affected area while rising up and forming into a perfect sphere. The sphere fills the entire two hundred meter area and once fully formed, those inside are trapped within unless they possess a strong enough offensive or movement ability to free themselves. Even if the target(s) manage to free themselves from Riptide, the sphere will persist for the full duration. Should the target(s) not avoid being trapped, they will be at the mercy of the effects within the sphere.

    The waters within the sphere move in constantly shifting currents, flinging any opponents caught inside throughout the sphere at a speed of fifty meters per second. Although targets are moved at fifty meters per second, microcurrents within each major current move at much faster speeds, to the point where these microcurrents are able to inflict severe lacerations when hit directly and a shredding effect when targets cross from one major current to another; the shredding effect is strong enough to strip away skin and even layers of flesh the longer they remain within Riptide. Upon reaching its three post duration, Riptide will burst open and rush forward in a two hundred meter high and two hundred meter wide tidal wave. The wave travels at thirty meters per second up to a distance of two hundred meters, carrying anyone caught in it back the full distance and coating the affected area in water that Angeni can utilize for other purposes.

  • Windstorm Aura- As the name suggests, utilizing this aura allows Angeni the ability to use Typhoon.
    Typhoon- Unlike the attacks of its counterpart archetypes, Typhoon is entirely a supplementary ability. Angeni will turn her influence over spiritual energies towards the wind flowing throughout a three hundred meter area. Within the same post as Typhoon’s initial activation, Angeni will cause a quick gust of wind to rush throughout the area. Both opponents and allies---including Angeni herself---will be marked and surrounded by wisps of gentle wind. One the next post after Typhoon is activated, a three hundred meter wide and three hundred meter high funnel of wind will form within the affected area. The wind forming the outer wall of the funnel is capable of intercepting and redirecting normal projectiles and ranged abilities up to one rank lower than Angeni’s current base power away from the funnel. Within the funnel, targets are affected either beneficial or detrimental based on how they were marked prior to the funnel’s formation.

    Those perceived as allies within the funnel will have their speed tripled, the boost stacking with any speed enhancements that they cast on themselves but not with those provided by other aspects of Angeni’s power. Additionally, the enchantment allows them to move freely throughout the funnel’s coverage area, including along the funnel’s interior walls as if they were solid surfaces and through the air. Those perceived as enemies instead have their speed halved while also halving the effectivenerss of any speed enhancements they cast on themselves for as long as they remain within Typhoon’s funnel. Opposing projectiles are also affected, having their trajectory and speed inhibited and thereby making it more difficult for ranged attacks to hit their intended target. Typhoon lasts for three posts and, upon reaching its full duration, will dissipate, a reduced speed boost/reduction lingering on affected targets for a single post afterwards.

    Combination Auras
  • Fulmination Aura- By combining the capabilities of Windstorm and Conflagration, Angeni gains a more precise variant of both, enabling her to use Thunderstrike.
    Thunderstrike- Angeni exudes her influence out over a three hundred meter diameter from either her current location or a specific point within the aforementioned distance of her current location. Regardless of which focal point she chooses, the target point will set the overall affected area. By causing her spiritual energy to affect the natural magnetic polarity of her surroundings, she will cause the strike zone to gradually become electrified. Initially the electrification will be mild static charge, however by the end of the first post after Thunderstrike’s activation, the voltage will reach levels equal to the discharge of a Tesla coil. Opponents that are inside the affected area or within ten meters of the affected area will become marked and thereby electrically charged for as long as they remain within range, receiving an additional charge for every post they remain within the area. Additionally, opponents who are inside this electric zone will be grounded, prohibited from activating vertical movement abilities. Opposing speed enhancements accelerate the charge stacking, increasing an opponent’s gained stacks to the max number of five.

    Gathered charges serve to draw any electric-based attacks towards their target; the more charges that a target has, the more likely it is for them to be struck by said electrical attacks. At the highest most point of Thunderstrike’s strike zone, a net of volatile lightning will form to close off the top of the area. Alongside any electrical attacks performed by allies, the net will periodically discharge bolts of lightning down upon the zone beneath, prioritizing targets with the highest number of charges. These bolts of lightning are capable of inflicting burns ranging from first degree to fourth degree based on the number of zone charges. The zone will persist for four posts and at its full duration, the net above will release a final plasmic discharge that fills the entire affected area, capable of outright vaporizing anything that is not suitably protected. After this final discharge, the location where Thunderstrike was created will remain electrified for an additional two posts, allowing Angeni to utilize the generated electricity for other electrical-based abilities.

  • Glacial Aura- By combining Torrential and Windstorm, Angeni becomes able to use Absolute Zero.
    Absolute Zero- Angeni will cup her hands together horizontally in front of her and begin drawing spiritual energy towards the point between her hands. As the small bead of spiritual energy gathers more power, it will begin to drain the heat from the area around her in a two hundred meter. Initially the chill will be akin to that given off by a winter breeze. By the time the bead has grown to the size of a softball, it will give off sub-zero gusts of wind capable of inducing hypothermia for anyone within three meters of it. By the end of the first post after its activation, the temperature given off by the orb will drop even further and cause the affected to crystallize beneath a thick layer of ice. Opponents and opposing defenses will become embrittled, reducing defenses and movement speed for each stack of they gain, maxing out at five stacks.

    After the second post, Angeni will crush the orb, sending out pulsing waves of freezing wind and permafrost throughout the initial two hundred meter diameter and extending out an additional one hundred meters. Targets struck by the wind or permafrost will suffer from second degree frostbite and gradually increase to fourth degree the more they remain within the affected area. As more ice accumulates within Absolute Zero’s frost zone, it will form jagged barbs that cause deep lacerations from glancing hits and can easily pierce through unprotected opponents. The closer the ice gets towards the top of the frost zone, the colder the interior gets, creating a frigid area that by the end of the second post will halt movement for opponents within unless they are adequately protected beforehand. Additionally, opposing projectiles will also be halted and rendered inert. When the ice reaches the top, it will rain down large icicles that shatter on impact with any surface they collide with, sending shards of ice spraying outward. Absolute Zero persists for four posts and the ice will linger for further use by Angeni afterwards.

  • Obsidian Aura- By combining Conflagration and Earthfall, Angeni gains the ability to use Caldera.
    Caldera- Angeni will begin drawing thermal energy from her surroundings in a three hundred meter diameter into her body. At the same time, she will begin emitting pulses of spiritual energy into the ground beneath her to disrupt the tectonic stability of the affected area. Angeni herself will be unharmed by the increasing thermal energy being drawn into her, however opponents that attempt to make contact with her without proper defenses risk suffering second degree burns within one meter of her and fourth degree burns if they make direct contact. The shaking ground beneath her is capable of distorting the effects of movement abilities by a slight amount, though not enough to completely inhibit an opponent’s movement. After a single post of preparation, Angeni will give off heat equal to that produced by the magma chamber of a volcano and the tremors will be capable of further weakening movement abilities of opponents within the affected area. Additionally, a spiderweb of molten fissures upon the affected area will signal the incoming secondary portion of Caldera’s activation.

    Angeni will force the thermal energy she has gathered down into the ground beneath her while splitting apart the tectonic plate in Caldera’s eruption zone. When this happens, a cavern will form beneath the fissured surface and fill with magma in the same moment. Angeni will command the magma to burst forth in violent eruption. Opponents that are caught within the eruption zone without proper protection or high enough resistance can be obliterated by the sheer force of the eruption. The lava created can melt through unprotected flesh and bone with relative ease and will gradually flow out from the mouth of the Caldera, covering an additional twenty-five meters before coming to rest. The lava bombs that periodically shoot from the Caldera will land in random places within the affected area, exploding on contact with a blast force equal to a stick of dynamite. The eruption will last for three posts and upon reaching its climax, will quickly solidify and leave behind obsidian for Angeni to utilize for other abilities.

  • Abyssal Aura- By combining any two auras that are diametrically opposed, Angeni gains this aura that allows her to use Blackout.
    Blackout- Angeni exudes her influence over spiritual energy into the light particles within a three hundred diameter location with herself at the center. As she brings said particles under her will, she will begin extinguishing all forms of illumination in the affected area. The affected area forms a cylinder that reaches two hundred meters high. It takes the cylinder two posts to fully form, during which time opponents have the chance to move from the affected area if they are quick enough. Within the cylinder, a supernatural darkness will fall, negating any forms of illumination within. The spectral darkness does not affect just light, however, it also disrupts spiritual senses below a certain threshold (lower than Angeni’s base sensory) as well as physical forms of sensory (auditory, olfactory, touch---for anything further than one meter---, and gustatory) for any perceived opponents while they are within the dark area. Angeni and her allies will still retain full functionality of their sensory, in fact even receiving a buffer to their natural physical senses of sight and hearing, akin to that possessed by nocturnal species. Alongside this opening effect, there is a secondary effect that begins once Blackout has fully formed.

    The darkness within Blackout will periodically solidify in sporadic locations of the affected area and lash out at opponents, moving at a speed of thirty meters per second. These solidifications will take the form of either whip-like appendages or spiked barbs. The appendages are capable of cutting down to the bone with a glancing swipe or even full severance if the target is not suitably guarded. The barbs are of similar strength, easily capable of penetration or even full piercing through a target that is not appropriately guarded. Those outside of Blackout’s cylinder, ally and enemy alike, will be prohibited from entering the affected area once it has fully formed, however Angeni is able to freely move in and out of Blackout as she needs to. Blackout lasts for three posts and, upon reaching its full duration, allies will be ejected from Blackout’s cylinder then it will generate more piercing barbs along all of its surfaces and attempt to close in on opponents that are still within, effectively becoming an iron maiden. Opponents have a chance to break the cylinder with a strong enough attack before it closes. Regardless of if Blackout catches opponents or not, it will leave a zone of “desecrated” darkness upon the ground that lingers for a single post afterwards, to be used by Angeni for other puposes.

  • Divinity Aura- Arguably the most powerful aura possible with Will of the Elements, Angeni can achieve this aura only by combining all four base auras. In addition, she becomes able to use Seraphim.


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I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)
6-Tier: Allowed all beginners.
5-Tier: Allowed all beginners.
4-Tier: Allowed 1 Adept, 3 Beginner
3-Tier: Allowed 3 Adept, 1 Beginner
2-Tier: Allowed 2 Advanced, 2 Adept
1-Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 2 Advanced, 1 Adept
0-5 Tier: Allowed 1 Elite, 3 Advanced
NOTE: There can be exceptions you can discuss with staff if the character's themes and masteries etc, are better suited to a different configuration. Let us know when after we approve your character if something along those lines is something you want for your character. e.g If your character isn't particularly quick but the force in their strikes are massive, so you could take a hit to their speed and drop it a level in exchange for raising your strength
General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Physical Augmentation: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:
In hindsight, it could be theorized that she shouldn't have lashed out at Freyleif the way she did; she shouldn't have even brought her to this place to begin with. But the circumstances for Freyleif's presence on this battlefield were in the past and therefore legitimately irrelevant to what was happening in this current place. Regardless, Angeni's annoyance with Freyleif remained justified in her eyes. Keeping her in that suppression conclave had been for her own safety. If only she hadn't left it, none of what had happened to her would have occurred. But yet again, Freyleif chose to act against the better judgment of the older woman, the one who had always been there to mend her injuries and offer her a shoulder to cry on; the only other person that truly loved Freyleif. In fact, seeing how the girl cringed beneath the verbal lashing that she received brought a momentary pang of guilt to the Native mystic's heart. But that guilt was succinctly dismissed and replaced by mild surprise when she sensed the shift of Freyleif's reiatsu, actually felt it tearing apart the girl's body from the inside out. Jaw clenched again, solemnity frozen in her expression, Angeni peered at the girl across from her.

Fists curled into tight lumps, knuckles whitened from the strain being pressed against the skin. Rivulets of crimson trailed along her clenched fingers; the mild pain of her nails digging into her palms was a negligible pittance. Angeni's eyes narrowed, a burrowing glare delving into the depths of Freyleif's soul. Even if her mouth wouldn't relay what had transpired to bring Freyleif to this state, her soul would. An omniscient glint shimmered in those rings of emerald, peering over the tapestry of Freyleif's soul memories as they presented themselves within Angeni's own mind, as if the memories had always been there. Well before Freyleif responded to Angeni's hostility with her own, Angeni saw the events of Freyleif's past transpiring in a glossy overlay visible only to her. The entire encounter with the Hollow, whom she had now learned was named Iko, was lain bare before her mind's eye. A measured inhale, and immediately after a long exhale through flared nostrils. Had she always been this selfish? Forfeiting the life of someone else for her own?

"You're right, you're not a're worse." An unnaturally cold tone for someone such as Angeni, her stony glare still fixated on the young girl throwing a tantrum in front of her. The scowl she had presented Freyleif with previously was renewed upon the girl actually brandishing a weapon against her. After everything Angeni had done for Freyleif, after the kindness and love she had shown her, this was how it was repaid?

"You're a coward. And even're not only uncooperative, but you're ungrateful, too. I see..." It was clear that Freyleif's level of control was nowhere near adequate; it was barely even functional. She may have possessed slightly more raw power than Angeni, a development that was mildly intriguing to her, but she lacked any sort of finesse to properly wield it. Angeni watched with patient fury as the girl's spiritual energy warped and twisted, decaying into a blighted abomination of its former self. Were it not for the transpiration that was taking place now, Angeni might have even found the chanting performed by the Nordic teen entrancing. But as it stood, it only served to further drive her point home; Freyleif needed to be put in her place, she had been a belligerent child for far too long. It was time for her to grow up and mature. Unfortunately for her, it seemed the only way that would happen was by force.

"You'll make me? No, there's no need for that. Since you seem to yearn for my attention so badly..." For the first time in a while, Angeni's spiritual energy flowed free. An orchid haze washing across the triage that would soon become a battleground. Portals tore open beneath the clusters of healing bubbles, slowly drawing them down into their depths to be transported elsewhere. Her sensory scoured the nearby area, searching for another place to transport the triage until after she had dealt with this situation. She could still feel the scattered presences of her allies throughout the area; some where closer than others, but all of them were easily discernible. Jian had unleashed his power to perform...what? More precise focus gave her the answer; he was projecting shields across the battlefield to those who might need them.

They wouldn't be needed here.

An ethereal projection of herself, composed entirely of her spiritual presence, stepped away from Angeni. Once it had separated, it immediately shot off towards the direction she could still sense Jian. Its purpose was simple; it would carry the message that none of his protection would be needed where she was until otherwise stated. This was a lesson long overdue for Freyleif, and Angeni didn't want anyone interfering with it. Within moments, the lot was completely clear, only the two of them remaining behind. No compassion remained in the rolling fog that was Angeni's spiritual aura, only the determined aggression soon to be directed at Freyleif.

"So here it is, Freyleif. You wanted my attention? You've got it, undivided and unfiltered. I've always given you the benefit of the doubt, always coddled you and thought maybe, just maybe, you would learn lessons on your own. I thought that you would grow up and mature after everything that has happened, but I see now that you won't...not unless someone forces you to." A single step forward was taken, the dull impact of her footfall generating a spreading zephyr that extinguished the lilac fog of spiritual energy she had emitted. What remained around her was an intimate flare of reiatsu that lingered only around her, sparse wisps of it lashing out seemingly at random. Eyes that were usually a gentle green full of maternal warmth had become blotted out by an achromatic glow. The ground beneath her rumbled with anticipation, the winds bellowed ominously, even the very moisture in the air grew thick and stifling; the elements around her represented a direct mirror of her aggravation with the petulant child before her.

"I'm done giving you chances to change, Freyleif. The moment you chose to raise a weapon against me was the last straw..." Her foot rose then slammed to the ground with a calamitous boom, a torrential upheaval of stone rending the ground asunder on its path towards the young Quincy. A circular flourish of her arms conjured a roaring cyclone in the stone's wake. But her opening salvo was not yet complete. The very composition of this place bled reishi, so many sources from which she could draw reiryoku. The glow in her eyes brightened as she exerted her will, dominating the spiritual particles around them and bending it to her whims. A single hand was raised towards Freyleif, palm flat and pointed directly at her. Spectral energy swarmed to her hand, gathering in a silvery sphere of volatility. Sparks of the conjured essence arced from her straightened arm, from the sphere itself.

"You think you have control? I'll show you what control is. And when I'm done, that power that you've abused, that you dared to turn against me...I'll take it, and until you actually deserve it, until you've matured enough for it, you'll never wield it." There was a frigid reverberation to her voice as she spoke, words that should be spoken to an enemy rather than a loved one, mingled forlornly with the cacophonous noise that her elemental attacks were emanating. Her fingers gave a splaying jerk, the phantasmal energy she had gathered unleashed in a searing beam aimed straight for Freyleif. If her words hadn't conveyed it enough, then her actions now would; Angeni was done with Freyleif's shit.

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