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Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:55 pm

"Aye! Barkeep! Fill us up, will ya? The night is young!"

Hardy laughter filled and bounced off the wooden walls of the small Tavern; a young group of men drinking away their aches and pains after a strenuous work day. Though, it's obvious their rowdiness is bothering the other patrons within the small run down room as lone drunkards groan and poor gents protest. Though, that's just how these type of places are; especially in this part of the Rukongai: the working class district. People usually stop by to forget about their hard days or situation with a many of different beverages that numb the mind, but that also comes with its quirks. A person may have had a particular bad day and drinking only causes them to lose themselves a bit and try to show out; much like one particular individual rising to give the rowdy table a peace of his mind. He is, however, quickly stopped by an approaching figure stepping in his way; dark red hair fluttering at the sudden quick movements into the man's path. That is the end of that situation as the man returns solemnly to his seat at the bar and the figure returns to resting against the wall of the Tavern.

That's another situation dealt with before anything could get started. 'These men are just brimming with unkempt testosterone.' The thoughts of the redhead leaning against the wall near the doors begin to roam much like her onyx eyes. Elyss Kishimoto: the “bodyguard” of this small tavern is at attention. A woman of only 5'5” but with a lot of Even with her mind on other things, with the boldness within, it is difficult to not notice anything going on out of the ordinary. Though, as she waits for anything that needs her attention to occur again, her mind starts wandering to earlier days; the time before she ended up within this Tavern.
~A week ago~

'What the hell? Ah! My head is killing me.' Eyes, black as the night, open looking up at the bright sun overhead. That blazing sphere lights up the sky much to the downed female's annoyance forcing her to shield her eyes. For some strange reason, the light is just too much for her eyes to take as of now. It's as if they've been shut for a long time and have to readjust. Well, actually, everything feels weird; the strain of moving annoying her to no end. 'Ugh. What happened? Why am I...' There's a pause in her thoughts. Even when thinking about her situation, nothing comes to her mind to fill in the blanks of why. How troublesome.

Finally, sitting up from her laid down position, she notices herself within a meadow full of long grass and pretty flowers, and moving her gaze more upward, she notices run down buildings before her. Her dark eyes seemed to darken further as she takes in the shabby area that is bustling with even shabbier civilians. 'Not a pretty place.' Her mind notes. Though, this is where she's ended up even if she has no idea how. For now, it'd be best to learn a bit more of her surroundings. It seems the only logical option considering her situation.

After a few hours of walking around after rising herself out from that meadow, Elyss had learned that she now resides in someplace called the Rukongai. With more prodding, she learned that she is in the poor districts of what is assumed a very large society consisting of many different areas; the outskirts being for the poor while the more she travels inwards, things are sure to become rather lavish. She couldn't shake the feeling of remembrance about such living standards. Her stay in the poor area of Rukongai was short; only about a day, but during that same day of information collecting, she, of course, found herself in quite a peculiar situation.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed some commotion between two buildings in an alley. With a turn of her head, she takes heed to two men surrounding another man pressuring him into the side of the building. They both seemed to be sizing up the frightened guy, and Elyss felt something stir within her; a strange drive to intervene. It felt like some external force was pushing her back forward towards the alley, and some internal force was already tightening up her body as if preparing for a brawl. “Hey!” She spoke, but it sounded like it came from a different individual. Though, if you were to ask her what happened next, she'd simply shrug it off and leave out most of the details, for she, herself, couldn't believe what occurred even as the events went through her mind over and over. All anyone would learn is that, somehow, two men ended up beaten on the ground seemingly barely alive; Elyss leaving the scene with her bare knuckles bloodied and her face bruised.

She didn't quite understand it herself really. She didn't expect herself to become so violent like that, nor did she realize her fighting skills were so refined. She took a good beating, but she felt as if she was in control the whole time during that bloody exchange. The worst about all that though: she enjoyed it. She enjoyed feeling her fights collide against those men faces and even enjoyed getting punched herself. That victory had her brimming with energy, and her chest swelled with pride. Even though she was happy, that happiness caused her to feel fear. She doesn't know why she's like this. She can't remember anything before waking up in that meadow, but she can't help but feel that maybe not having her memories is for the best.

She spent a while simply traveling getting weird looks for her bruised complexion and messy hands. Though, she didn't seem to mind the looks keeping to herself. None came to confront her about it, so it didn't seem like something she should concern herself with. Besides, she felt proud of her scars. Soon, she found herself leaving the poor districts of the Rukongai which was easy to tell as the buildings looked more put together, though, some still weren't what one would call lavish. There was also more people out and about, stalls here and there selling whatever, and shops all around. In her mind, this is the working district; the middle class of the Rukongai. And, this is also where she ran into a new problem as her stomach began growling. She's hungry.

Skip a few moments of wondering around wondering how she would feed herself, Elyss finds herself helping an old merchant carry his heavy baskets of various food items through the market soon reaching his stall. It was a simple task, but it was a task that ended with her gaining a sandwich. This process repeats itself with Elyss continuing her wandering, but with knowledge that by using her body to help the merchants and business owners around, she can secure a meal or something else valuable to help her survive. Though, this isn't really a reliable solution for many of times, she found herself unable to find anyone who needed her assistance.

It was one particular day that she found herself hungry that ended up having her spend the evening inside a Tavern. Of course, she did not have the means to get anything to eat or drink, so she had made herself comfortable at one of the tables in the corner of the Tavern resting. She's irritated by her hunger and when one of the patrons in the establishment began causing an issue for the owner of the place; somehow causing others to get rowdy as well, she didn't waste anytime letting her anger with her situation get the best of her. It's been a while from the last time she had fought her first day in Rukongai, and she didn't have any plans on engaging with any others in such violent ways, but she felt it right to settle down the crowd that were deciding to pick on the Tavern's owner, and the only way to settle down drunken men is to make an example of them.
“Elyss, dear. Come here please.”

Her eyes open ending her reminiscing thoughts looking towards the man who had given her a job as the Tavern's overseer making sure none cause any issues. After settling that issue in the past, she had been offered a job after telling her story of waking up with no memory before and how she wondered around trying to feed herself. Besides, it was a mutual trade; her brute strength for food and shelter. How could she refuse? Though, she still wished to learn more about her situation at some point and travel the Rukongai more. However, for now.

“Oh my way.” She pushes herself from the wall making her way with ease to the bar counter as the patrons made room for her to slip by. Her current position isn't so bad.
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