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A Whole New World, A...Dazzling? Place?[OPEN] Empty A Whole New World, A...Dazzling? Place?[OPEN]

Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:18 pm
A Whole New World, A...Dazzling? Place?[OPEN] 1216179f63f6897eda47161c2e9d0599

Her head had been in a constant swirling state for days on end. She couldn't wrap her mind around how fast her life had changed, and the entity within her chose not to allow her the chance of having any firm grasp on to this reality. Finally she had been able to sleep with the help of Arianda's care, but that didn't stop her mind from swirling as she slept. Her dreams consistently turned into nightmares as the entity continued to chase and abuse her in own mind. The dreams themselves, seemed like a constant fight to become awakened, however because of the state of her physical body laying limp due to exhaustion, she couldn't wake up to escape her. She had been subjected into multiple worlds and situations. From dreams that had her completely surrounded in flames, and feeling the burning sensations of flames on her flesh, but not able to extinguish the fire. And the few instances that she would be able to, the entity simply laughed at her attempts, grabbing her and squashing Saiya down into the flaming walls that held this room together, until the flames coated her body again. Then it would let her find a new way to extinguish, only to repeat the process again.

She then "awakened" from this nightmare to enter into a room full of snakes, and as she tried to escape them slithering towards her, eventually they backed her into a corner, with each snake leaping upwards and biting into Saiya. As the snakes bit, they injected venom into her, causing her body to feel the sensation of the bites and slowly having her feel the sensation of her own blood as it begin to clot up and clog her body. She felt her body become stiff as she fought to keep them away, hoping to heal the first bite before another one came in, but it was too late. With each snake she knocked off, two more bit down, and she was unable to keep up. Eventually the stiffness of her internal body, expelled outward, causing sections of her skin to harden and turn a muted purple-gray as the blood was draining out of her. The entity laughing again as she held a bucket above Saiya, infinitely pouring more snakes as Saiya's body began to solidify into a stone structure, and the one place she could look up to, was creating snakes to block her vision.

After another cycle of these nightmares, she arrived in a location similar to Arianda's humble home, and she had thought she awakened, but she was farther from awakening than she had thought, as the entity opened the door and walked towards Saiya. The entity was aggressive, chaining her to the bed with a simple snap of her fingers. And as she was chained the entity jumped on top of Saiya, and straddled across her. It then bit down on her neck, drawing blood from her, as the multiple arms of the entity began to eject outwards and tear away her clothing in this world. At the clothing the entity than continued to remove, ripping off hair, skin, muscles, chunk by chunk. It's slightly sadistic bites now turned into ripping chunks out of her neck. And as the entity finished it's feast, it ripped Saiya's head off of her body and held it up over her body. Saiya felt the sensations of her head and body being torn apart, and ending off with the nightmarish vision of seeing her own skeleton and organs moving and being in tact as she was able to move them as if she was still in contact with her body.

At last she woke up, and when she did she held her scream in, but woke up in a heavy cold sweat. As she lifted up from the bed, she threw the covers away looking at her body and checking to see if anything that she had felt in her dream had happened in real time. Surely, it did not, however she woke up exhausted as though all of this did occur. She turned her body to the side, allowing her legs to dangle off the sides of the bed and swing as her feet tried to feel for where her shoes were. After a certain amount of time of feeling, she gave up and simply leaped down and started walking away from the room. She looked to the clock across the room, and saw that time actually went backwards... She remembered it being 10pm when she went to bed... And for some reason it was 1pm now. She looked to the wall and removed the curtains that cloaked Arianda's room in darkness, and looked out to a rather bright day. Unfortunately, there were many gray clouds cloaking the skyline, blocking the sunlight from piercing as much as it may have wanted to. She felt as though the only solution was a change of scenery. She didn't want this, she didn't understand what was going on, but she hoped that maybe seeing a tree or feeling grass against her feet would help her become grounded.

As she tip-toed down the stairs she took a deep breath inwards and began to form a smile, imagining the feeling of sunlight and nature around herself. As she opened the door however, there was a very bleak usage of color. The landscape she opened to was one of concrete and stone. The only hints of color were reds from flags hanging off of buildings, that may have held meaning of some kind but she had felt no interest in understanding them. Her false smile faded, and hoped that she was maybe in another nightmare or an illusion. But as she took her first step on to the stone ground, nothing but cold and lifelessness greeted the soles of her feet.

She continued her steps forward and she didn't feel any sense of joy from the people who walked the streets with her, whenever she smiled, others would look puzzled, as if smiling was a foreign if she was foreign to this world. She waved, people would move the other way, she would smile, people would gaze, she... Began to do the opposite and cry... And that felt even worse. People pointed, people turned away, people spoke *of* her, but not too her. She managed to only walk a few meters away from Arianda's house before finding a stone bench and hanging her head down and allowing her hair dark purple hair to wrap around her face and hide her tearful face.
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