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Fri May 17, 2019 11:14 am
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Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: ~~~

What an interesting event to occur, normally she'd avoid such bold moves as this was quite the troublesome business. She was a Yuudeshi venturing into K-World territory though but given that Valentine had vanished towards the situation she could only follow along with mild curiousity at what he planned to do. She hadn't got to see the full extent of his fighting capacities. She definitely wanted to see more after she analysed his fight with Inami Asthavon a while ago.

So here she was in Asia, dangerous spot to be in but luckily she knew a K-World Princess and was doing her a favour in a sense so she should be able to get away with being here. This big black box was incredibly impressive though, a marvel that she expected to be around the tier of her uncle Zin. Well in scale, she felt its composition and form could be better and was a bit sloppy but when you attempted something so vast it was bound to happen.

Being unable to analyse the situation as to what was going on she only knew for sure that the barrier was the work of the issue, so therefore it only made sense to tamper with it and that's where her soul evolution came in. Like a virus she injected her energy into the bonds of the structure, not something easily able to be dealt with as it worked to assimilate and match the energy signature of the man inside before functioning as resistors. If it was pictured as a circuit then Chifuyu was only adding resistance and forcing the adversary to use more energy to possess the same goal.

Pushing for him to have to expend around a quarter more of the total cost of this giant barrier to keep it operational which with Valentine in there she wondered if her assistance was even needed.

"That should do."

Generating crystals and connecting to a network of metals in the ground she created a web underneath the black coffin and created crystal extensions to hover ever so slightly away from the energy and do as she had just done. Overall the cost wouldn't be any greater but with the many hands it accelerated the process to stablise the boundary and effect she was having.

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Mon May 20, 2019 4:29 pm

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Artist: Undertale OST - Song: Your Best Friend - Word Count: 914
Very few things mattered to Inami Asthavon, one of the overlords of the demon world. Her kingdom was one, her honor was another, her friends was yet one more thing, and her family was the last thing. When she felt the power of one of those precious friends calling out to her, the sensation washed over her chest. Those who could call upon her unconditionally were few, but the one who had summoned her undoubtedly had the qualifications to do so.

Her amethyst eyes would gleam in a darkness all-encompassing, known better as the gap between worlds. She would heed her friends call, nothing would impede her of doing so, and so inami would tap the comm on her ear, shifting it to an old comms line between k-world and shadow fall, one kept open for peace talks.

"This is Inami Asthavon, Queen of Chaya Nation. I am entering your soil with the intent to aid in the repulsion of foreign hostiles as K-world has not entered the war."

With that out of the way, the air would split in two, next to chifuyu a door of pitch black darkness would form, the very rules of the world surrounding it beginning to distort in chaos and disorder. From that door, a very familiar voice would echo.

" Well well, there's a familiar face. " Dry sarcasm echoed as the pale form of inami walked out of the inky darkness; Inamis amethyst eyes studied the large Kurohitsugi that dominated her vision. Walking past Chifuyu Yuudeshi, her hand would press against the exterior of the barrier, faint ripples forming in its surface from the contact with her palm.

"Chifuyu, why are you here?" The Yuudeshi would get to see something unusual, to say the least; Inami's expression had no shred of instability or chaos. Instead, a weary seriousness glimmered in her gaze, a forcible aura radiated outward from her. No longer was it a chaotic mess of emotion; In its place, the oppressive aura of a ruler could be felt. It was a stifling pressure that bore down on the area and radiated for many miles around her as if here mere presence was enough to demand obedience. The Inami she was facing was a far different beast than the whimsical one that typically showed its face in the world.

" Sousuke Aizen. So it's you that forces one of my friends to call upon me." The words were so soft that Chifuyu might not even hear them. She'd only be able to feel the otherworldly power that would radiate from the realm around them, an ethereal blue beginning to seep from the barrier itself, marred by midnight black. Using her absolutely monstrous environmental influence, Inami caused the energy needed to maintain the barrier to at least double, if not triple. She enacted environmental drain upon the barrier, ripping energy from it at breakneck speeds.

Inami had heard of Sousuke Aizen, one of the great traitors of the soul society, and had seen pictures of him. However, why he'd been released from hell was something she did not know. For now, she was just worried about her friend. After all, that was the entire reason she had come here.

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