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Wed May 29, 2019 10:07 am

Colin Washi

"Aw, c'mon... you can figure this out. Waaaah. Ter." The shirtless man explained, holding up a canteen, and then pointing at the oasis in front of them. The sweltering sun reflected in his orange glasses, masking his eyes. "Water. Waaaaah. Ter." Colin explained, holding the canteen back up, pointing out at his mouth.

"Drink. Dray-ink. Draaaayink. Drink. Water." He explained, finally downing a big mouthful of it, a decent amount dripping down his chin. It's so hot. Finally, he handed his canteen off to the one he was 'camping' out here with.

There were two buildings near this Oasis; the first was a small, quaint house, which had several broken and scattered bits on the once pristine patio. The other building was much, much larger; stretching out several hundred feet. But only its foundation was finished. If one were to observe closely, they would find the lack of ruined buildings in this part of the Wasteland odd.

Colin's stomach growled in protest. Yeah, I know.. just water ain't enough to live on. And I don't have much on my bones to begin with. The tall man barely weighed a hundred pounds; but he was still pretty stalwart. After all, if he left his charge alone... who knows what might come after her? I'll deal with it tomorrow morning... I'll need to go hunting. Uggggh.

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