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Fri May 31, 2019 10:35 pm

Shino Academy Resident

Takehiko Kuchiki

Firstly sneaking out of home wasn't exactly a brilliant move on his part. But he was motivated by the words of Ulv. He needed to see this world as he got a sense at night that it was the only way. He left a letter telling his uncle he wished to explore. To see what he could do to cleanse the dishonor he brought to the Kuchiki house. To Takehiko his father's relation to Tsubasa was a blight on the honorable family. Some family members had indicated as such and he was impressionable. Ulv's push was all he truly needed to begin a journey across the land. This would permit him a long way to begin his journey. He wanted to see how a territory within the confines of Shadow Fall's empire held up. Las Vegas wasn't run by them perchance but was a fitting location. He'd heard stories about the city within this world. Takehiko lacked real-world experience and swinging a weapon wasn't his option at the moment. He arrived here looking so confused and out of place. The human world this was his first visit traversing this place.

As a student within the Shino Academy's halls and a member of the prodigious Kuchiki house. Outside travel wasn't easy and he was sure his uncle knew what he was doing. Takehiko could only admire the structures and watch people. They were polite enough not to bump into him. Brushing his black hair aside his tradition yukata and clothing covered him well. Two hundred years old and yet this world seemed so new and vibrant. It was time for him to go and see the world with shining and shimmering splendor. But one little issue sort of bugged him in the situation. What was he supposed to do now that he was here? Couldn't wack dummies anymore with his sword. He glanced down at his zanpakuto grimacing at the weapon. Every time he touched it he got a feeling of danger from it. It was a sensation of the weapon is more dangerous. Something beneath the surface that escaped him at the moment. He was far from a high caliber vizard as well. So many better-educated figures existed in this world.

He didn't know about his mask or what it came from. Merely that it existed in some form or another. Takehiko's saving grace was a realization that he couldn't rely too heavily on either aspect of his powers. That relying too heavily on his hollow or zanpakuto could be trouble. He didn't have anything concrete to go on but a sensation he got. When he reached down inside himself he felt something there. That would harm him and cause him pain among other things. That was the feeling he got as he found a bench to sit and marvel at this place.
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Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:56 am


Obviously, Ulv wasn't just going to send Takehito into the world without watching over him. It was a dangerous world, and a Kuchiki could get a lot of enemies just by existing. Still, at the same time there was nothing to this if he knew Ulv was watching over him. So she just made sure to be silent and sneaky until such a time as was required to reveal her presence. If he just got drunk and married a hooker, that was one thing, but the world could be most untowards the poor younglings of the world, so she was going to ensure that it was not.


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