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Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:52 am

"Sassy, cat! Get back here! Just let it go!" Through the outskirts of Karakura, a single blonde haired man ran. He was wearing street clothes, a punk band t-shirt and jeans, though if one looked closely, they would notice they were rather dirty, as if he had been rolling around outside.

Through the forest he ran, chasing after the figure that dashed effortlessly into the trees. Aw, whatever... she'll get bored eventually. He lifted up a hand, waving it at the air. He didn't know what had got the eye of his scantily clad companion, but she was off in pursuit of... something.

In the meantime, Len was left... with his hand having just knocked onto some man's head. "Ah! S-sorry about that." He stammered, bowing his head to the man laying on the bench. He had not seen him at all; he was much too preoccupied at the time. "Are you alright?" Len Washi was not certain how hard his hand impacted, but considering he had just come here from training... it could not have been very pleasant.

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