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Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:30 am

Quiet Evolution [Adam/Jenny] [Eden Of Evolution Mission]  6EdIfMt

Artist: NOIR - Song: Endorpin - Word Count: N/A

(Image is what Adam is wearing)

The rain was the natural way of purging the toxins of the world from one's spirit. Letting the downpour of the planets tears wash away all that seeks to dirty the body, fill the mind with confusion and corrupt the soul was vital toward seeking inner peace in the mind of Adam. It is why he was seen sitting down on the wet desert grounds of the Chile mountains as the storms echoed monsterous roars of thunder and lightning in the distance. While sitting in the lotus style, the male merely held his eyes closed and let these cold waves of natures touch relax him.

There were many thoughts that were rushing through his head as visions of the future played within his mind. It made his heart beat with anticipation as he felt his plans becoming materialized into existence with each and every step that he took in this world that was consumed with hellish warfare. As, despite the fact that the earth was in such a grim state, it is in the utmost state of despair that one can thrive and find treasure if they learn to make the most out of a bad circumstance. And that is precisely what the ever-ambitious spirit of Adam's body was intended to do.

Thus, it is why he remained here in the outlands because he wanted to pass down this knowledge of progressive evolution down to his offspring: Jenny. The child who held his DNA could undoubtedly find the location of her father without much issue. Instead, he was more concerned with getting her away from people, noise and toxic energy because he wanted to have a quiet place in nature to otherwise bring out the most of her potential and to see where the wavelength of her soul was so that he could attune it to his new goals and attitude toward life.

Ergo, he exhaled another cold air of breath from his lips and waited to see what his loving daughter would bring with him. Would it be a bundle of despair? A burst of confusion? Or an explosion of happiness? You'd learn the most about a person when they are alone and out of the influence of others or destructive atmosphere. And Adam was keen on seeing just who that person Jenny was turning into while in these ever so peaceful outlands of Chile.

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