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Sun Jun 23, 2019 10:29 am

Ilk Cleansing [Adam/Vanyel] [Eden Evolution Mission]  6EdIfMt

Artist: FrostFM - Song: World Revolving Ambient - Word Count: N/A

In an undisclosed location within the depths of Chile, Adam was waiting in the twilight mist of early morning as the plum clouds of the rising sun washed over the grassy forestlands. Sitting upon a cluster of dirt, grass and plant life; The Eden Leader sat atop a mountain which gave view to the vast Greenlands which made his crimson eyes glisten over with a sense of serenity. Something about having a goal, being in nature and finding the root of his humanity brought him comfort he had not felt in some time.

Observing the many villagers in the forest below getting to work constructing underground bases, guiding new life to Eden's Evolution and having a community to call theirs made him smile over with a sense of contentment as he felt like his efforts were once again having a purpose in this life. And when mulling over that sentiment, the body of Adam responded as an aura of honey and gem green energy bled out from his body; filling the lands with a warm atmosphere of love which made the trees brighten, flowers bloom and the air become as sweet as a ripe piece of fruit.

Of course, he wasn't just out here to observe the loving sights of this world. No. Someone had requested his assistance to otherwise develop their inner sense of evolution. And this person was -- rather special. In fact, based on his records, the man had even been allied with Shadow Fall the last he kept tabs on him. So to have someone from that faction defect out here to his lands was certainly amusing and why he gave him the time of day to see what it is he had to address to The Eden Leader.

Thus, all Adam could do was send out the coordinates of where he would be waiting to meet with this man and see what this encounter might bring about. Given that the man was still possessing his humanity, perhaps he could otherwise alter his ways, have him join the tribe and figure out a way to purge the toxins of that demonic ilk from his soul. If nothing else, there was something burning in his chest to otherwise show the humans just how great mankind's wisdom, adaptation, and strength is when they are able to collectively pull themselves together. So maybe this mysterious guest will see the same thing.

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Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:41 pm

ポ ス ト を 開 始

He wasn't one to ask for help, most of the time. He felt confident enough in himself to deal with just about anything that came his way, no matter what happened. He knew that he had enough stubborn will to force himself along. So, asking Adam for some kind of help was definitely pushing him out of his comfort zone -- though, that wouldn't be the only thing that would be pushed on this day.

You see, when you ask someone for help and go to seek them out, usually you try and get a place where they're easily accessible. Well, Adam had done the complete fuckin' opposite, and instead decided to park his waiting ass in the middle of the damned mountains, somewhere in Chile! Ain't that just the perfect spot for a meetin' like this? Apparently, Adam thought so, because, well...that was where he was.

So, as Vanyel reached the base of the mountain that Adam sat atop, only three words came from his mouth:

"God damn it."

With that said, Vanyel sucked it up and cracked his knuckles, securing all of his weapons, clothes and other forms of gear as he leaped up to start a long morning of climbing. A few hours later, Vanyel finally reached the top of the mountain, somewhat surprised to find it flourishing with such lush greenery, but that surprise quickly turned to annoyance as he spotted the tribal-looking figure that he was meant to find.

"So, I ask for some help, whaddya do? You pick the most obscure fuckin' place in South America to sit down at. And people say I'm an asshole."

Rolling his eyes and trudging over next to where Adam was sitting, Vanyel plopped himself down next to the human, resting an arm on his knee as he followed where Adam's gaze had been before: staring at the people down below, working tirelessly on bases and other forms of projects for whatever reason.

"...So, spill it. Why up here? The fuck's the reason for you to drag me all the way up here, just for some help?"


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