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Tue Jun 25, 2019 11:42 pm
Ase found himself standing in the middle of a dense temperate forest, filled with many maple and oak trees. The sun was high, and cool breeze passed through his short black hair. "Must be summer." He looked through the few openings in the trees above, and had to cover his dark red eyes as the sun overhead shined very bright.

He was wearing a black jacket, unzipped, along with black shorts. His hollow mask sat on his right shoulder, cracked in half, with the lower half missing, and appearing to be smashed, though somehow still intact. He took his gaze from the sun, and started walking, searching for the abandoned cabin he heard was supposedly around here. "Well, the atmosphere here feels refreshing, maybe this one will do."

Ase continued walking until he reached a clearing from the trees. The opening showed a huge cliff that overlooked a large portion of the forest, expanding for miles. As he scanned the forest, he noticed an opening and what appeared to be a building about a mile Northeast from his position. "Ah, here we are.." The cliff was quite high, and there was a lower portion of the cliff towards his destination, to the East, so he continued his walk downwards.
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