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The Rouge Element Empty The Rouge Element

Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:47 am
Leviathan sported the typical shinigami uniform, his zanpakuto attached to his back as he was too short for it to lay on his hip. Nervousness raked his being as he made sure he remembered the details he was given, the details of his first mission as a Gotei member. Luckily enough it wasn’t battling a supremely powerful demon or a horde of hollows, it was just one. A hollow had appeared and taken residence in a Texas swamp and it was Levi’s job to go take care of it before it had gotten out of hand. “I can do this” Levi chanted trying to give himself some kind of courage. After chanting a few more times he stepped through the Senkaimon and headed to his destination.

When coming through on the other side, a big Wiff of foul smells entered his nostrils making him immediately cover his nose. It smelled worse than anything he ever smelled in his life, it felt like his nose was gonna fall off. Leviathan wasn’t here to criticize the smell of the swamp but to find the monster that decided to hide itself within it. The young shinigami closed his eyes and tried to pin point the Reiatsu of the monster, finding it moments later near what seemed to be the reiatsu of a human towards the west of the swamp. “Shit” Leviathan said as he used his Shunpo to speed in the direction of the hollow and human signatures, he knew if he didn’t it was a possible chance the human would die.

Leviathan managed to spot his target not too long afterwards. As he stood only a food five feet away from it he saw that it took the appearance of a giant alligator. As the young Shinigami stared at his target his heart rate began to rise higher and higher. It was his first time in awhile seeing a hollow face to face, it made him replay the events of his parents death over and over again in his head. Could he actually go through with killing the beast? He knew he had too but it was just so terrifying. While lost in his thoughts Leviathan didn’t seem to notice that the hollow had taken notice of his presence, closing the distance between them and attempting to swipe Levi with its huge tail. The shinigami was lucky to have noticed the attack last minute as he quickly activated his blut like ability to potentially block the hollows attack.

However the attack was much stronger than expected, knocking all the air from his breath and sending him flying several meters skipping on the swamp water like a stone. “It’s stronger than I thought” Levi said as he caught his breath and made his way up from the nasty swamp water, noticing the hollow was only a few meters away from him. The short shinigami took his zanpakuto out of its sheath and prepared for battle as the hollow then lunged at him. What happened next was not what he had hoped and it spelled nothing but dread for himself. Something had caught the hollow as it lunged and ripped its head clean off. “What the?!?” Confusion hit Leviathan like a train as the new Reiatsu he felt was so malicious it made him want to scream and run. It was a demon and it’s sights where now set on Levi, could he actually handle it?
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Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:54 pm

The Rouge Element 7L69wmz

The swamp. Dank. Wet. Smelly. There wasn't much to say about it that was good, save for the relative quiet and privacy. Abigaíl had been tracking a sizeable Hollow for a short time now, and stood on one of the high limbs of a dying tree above the water. Her prey had run and hidden from her, but the soft growling coming from her stomach wouldn't let her just leave it be.

She'd preferred open plains and forests before now, so what nonexistent breadth of experience she had hunting in the swamp wasn't helping. That is, until the prey showed itself with a surge of reiatsu, and her attention turned in the direction of a boyish Shinigami running passed. It was only for the moment between his steps, but from the look and feel of things, she thought she might still have a good chance of getting her meal.

So, with a quiet and subtlety learned only from the stealth force, she gave chase after both the boy and the monster. From a vantage point high above and behind the thick trunk of a tree, things took a very amusing turn. The boy was definitely inexperienced, but he could take a punch well enough.

Her hand fell slowly to the hilt of her blade as the other rose to her face, ready to pounce on the Hollow the moment the boy was no longer a threat, but she stopped. A new presence had shown itself, like a cold shiver up one's spine. She watched as the red demon appeared in a blink of the eye, tearing the head off the Hollow before turning its hateful gaze to the boy.

However, its attention then turned away from him and upward, and she realized her mistake.

"Oh shit!" Her cover blown, Abigaíl vanished from behind the tree with flash step just as the demon lunged. Its fist only barely missed her shoulder, but made quick work of tearing through the trunk of the tree on its way there.

Where the woman reappeared; she stood on another limb, clad in an ensemble of jeans and a thin, green hoodie over a white "tee". No longer concerned about the boy down below, she drew her blade and donned her mask both in one quick movement, and threatened the demon with a low, echoing hiss.

She hadn't had demon in a long time, she thought with a hidden lick of her lips.

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