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Mon Sep 16, 2019 5:29 pm

The Silent Kuchiki

Takehiko Kuchiki

Strangely enough, this began with a visit from Jezebel. Informing him of a lead within Alaska. Takehiko had been sent there to meet an informant who would guide him and Abi later to the boss. But first, they had to detour into the Alaska wilderness. They had to go here and find something. Something she never told Takehiko about. No information was given about it or even remotely shown to him. He was lead on this path unexpecting, trusting her. Because Jezebel had believed in her. As they went along he'd fallen prey to an Ambush. The guide had stabbed him in the spine when they were good and far. Hundreds of miles away from any people.

Takehiko's journey here and what began as a simple assignment. Had become something more dangerous. He'd come here to find something out about the next phase. But he'd not expected an ambush to catch him here. Oh, it wasn't just a trap the entire thing had been. His journey had been a simple one seeking leads and following the trail. Breadcrumbs upon breadcrumbs were the best term for it all. He'd been hiking in the woods with his nerves fried from everything. Beatings from his original teacher at the academy. Training for nothing it felt like at all gaining his zanpakuto. An emotion often kept hidden in the young Vizard began to bubble. Veins trembling along his skin and forehead now. It was anger raw anger as remained silent. Bloodlust began to fill this forest section he was in. Takehiko had been stabbed in the back by his so-called guide. "I AM SO GOD DAMNED SICK OF IT!!" His jaw tightened and clenched as anger began flowing out. Takehiko wasn't just a child on a small rampage he was about to do something reckless. No rather he didn't have a choice in the matter.

His eyes rolled back as his mask formed around his face and his skin began to change tints. Growling like noises almost like an animal began coming from the body. As red and black reiatsu began emerging as small pulsations began. His trembled once, shook another time. Before finally, it happened trees were blasted backward. As the hands of Takehiko hung low in front of him. Glowing red eyes glimmered from within the mask. Takehiko's hollow Akuma had come outdrawn by the Kuchiki's rage. Inside of him, Ruin was standing ready she decided to let him have it. That Takehiko needed to learn just how dangerous Akuma was. How important this creature inside of him could be. Bubbling with a seething bloodlust and anger. None would be leaving here as one turned to leave. Bumping into the bent over Hollowfied-Youngster. Bringing his arm back his fist shot forward exploding the man's head.

No words as they began pleading for their lives slowly. Screams and such were shot at Takehiko. But this anger didn't care about the pain inflicted on him only the destruction around. Gripping tightly on the jaw of one of the people screaming, his digits clenched. Pulling beginning to yank before ripping the person in half. Tossing the body across the floor before moving on to its next victim. Bullets that could harm a soul shot towards the red-skinned body. Takehiko had long since passed the point of talk or coming into this. Slamming his knee into the gut of one of them. Slowly he pushed his fist down the throat of that person who shot them. Inch by inch getting his arm to the elbow through sheer force. Before finally releasing a cero in the human's stomach. Imploding them into pieces and gore around him. Grabbing the spinal cord piece left he jumped forward gauging an eye out now. Releasing a rabid roar that sent spiritual pressure flying every direction. Letting its arms hang as blood dripped down the body it was using.

Slowly it walked forward as the guide who'd betrayed him stood shooting him. Throwing objects as the Hollow simply did not care. Smacking them away left and right. Before sending a punch into the woman's stomach. His fist cracking ribs and breaking bones. But that wasn't enough to satisfy this bloodlust. She'd stabbed him in the back and betrayed him. Slowly putting a foot on her back he gripped one of her legs. Beginning to pull back with his arm while pushing down with his foot. Slowly the tissue began to rip and screams escape her lips. Oh, what lovely sound of pain and agony. Suffering was a fuel of itself and brought him a silent joy at his artwork. With a loud noise of liquid popping coming from the removal of one leg. Her screams of agony fueled him as he did the same to the next leg. His digits gripped her arms now not letting her die. No, not yet without his enjoyment. Ripping her arms off until she was but a torso. The hollow growled before raising its hand upwards.

Crimson colors formed around the palm as it shot a cero into the torso. But not one it kept firing ceroes off into the body without quit. Slowly creating a hole in the ground where she'd been. Growling and releasing an animalistic noise as it slammed hands on the chest. Punching the ground in ravenous fury beating the area into the pulp. Nothing was going to satisfy the pure rage that is displayed like a wild animal. But it had targets in mind, the brat couldn't get the job done. So he did it and satisfied himself completely. Slowly the skin and mask began to crack leaving a blood-stained Kuchiki. Slowly falling to the ground laying there in a deep sleep. His chest rising and falling as the surrounding area looked like a warzone. The Kuchiki had lost control for once of that emotion. Becoming a rabid dog in that short amount of time. Just rage building up and being unleashed all at once like a shaken-up soda. The cork had finally popped leaving nothing but bodies and blood.

This gruesome orgy of corpses and death had been wrought by the darker side. This evil exists inside Takehiko he wanted to do it. But he oftentimes would prevent himself. Akuma didn't have that filter, oh no he embraced that carnage. Accepted it and was molded by the very idea of it. The elation of ripping apart these people enjoying the slow screams. Their musical chords being played out on his soul. Such a wonderful feeling it was. To get lost in pure...wrath.
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