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Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:09 pm

A Costume Party for the Ages [Open] GDQCzUl

All Hallows Eve. All Saints Day. Halloween.

There were so many different names for the single holiday, but only one way to truly celebrate it. No, it wasn't by worship or the spread of anarchy. The time-honored tradition of begging one's neighbors for candy was a fun one, but that wasn't it, either. No, the only way to truly celebrate this night was summed up in a single word...


Every where one looked, there were adults dressed in costume; some creative, and others ironic. A few here and there were quite conservative, but the very nature of the event had inspired most to be more bold and daring than they'd have otherwise imagined. Beyond the crowds, the open air event had seen the streets of the city decorated to the nines, with witches and pumpkins and fake cobwebs. And, the food! When one could find their way away from the dancing and the occasional drunken brawl, the food was to die for; seasonal and timeless, as it always was.

The Quincy, Sylvia Brauer, took part in the festivities, as well. Bereft of duty and work for one night, she had traveled to the Americas specifically for this. Her blonde hair lay hidden underneath a wide-brimmed, black-and-almost-purple hat, except for her ponytail, and in place of her usual white coat, she had come garbed in an exotic black dress that was split up the side just enough to show off her legs and thigh when she walked. Her skin had been dyed just the right shade of green, and her nose made to appear larger, for the explicit reason of the perfect witch's appearance.

She'd even been practicing her cackle for a few days. She could hardly be heard over the blaring music sometimes, but she just couldn't half-ass something so important.

She enjoyed herself. She ate. She drank. Now, she was dancing a little, and enjoying a bottle of a local brew that had been flavored appropriately for the season: pumpkin, of course. It was good to let loose and not be so damn serious now and again.

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Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:43 pm

The Wandering Genin

Yoriko Morri

A Costume Party for the Ages [Open] JCRrxmK

Song: Beautiful Chinese Music - Bamboo Flute | Artist: NA | Word Count: N/A

Halloween brings out any neighborhood freaks in all the best ways. Lawns become graveyards, corpses dangle from trees and cobwebs span every doorway to candy should one dare enter.

Yoriko smiled she completely understood the child’s reaction to all the creatures and ghouls walking around throughout the night looking for candy though many of them were probably teenagers or adults. Regardless the festival had everything a girl could ask for bobbed apples, candy corn, children playing pranks on one another it was a dream come true!

Her costume was pretty basic for the most part though many would be confused and ask whether or not she missed a certain convention for folks like herself. The costume featured a furry bodysuit that looks like a gray raccoon. To complete the adorably cute forest look, it came with an attached raccoon tail and a hood with a raccoon face.

As she was walking she noticed Yoriko saw a boy who couldn’t be less then 7 or 8 staring at the faces around him. They were grotesque, disfigured and unsmiling. Some were plastic and the people were carrying bloody knives and moaning. He turned and buried his head into is mother's knees. When she pulled him away and bent down to see his face he was pale and shaking. "Are you cold little pumpkin?" she asked. Then the tears flowed. All he could get out was "m-m-monsters." Then he buried his head again. As he did so a passing ghoul rattled some chains in his direction and cackled. He clung tighter. His mother scooped him up and carried him home, face hidden.

She could completely understand the boys fear after all seeing a fictional killer walking around the streets is pretty jaw dropping, regardless she was eager in search for candy.
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