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Mon Oct 21, 2019 7:59 pm

Psychic Wanderer

Inverse Ritsuko

Business as usual [Open] JCRrxmK

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Ritsuko awoke with a start. Sweat gleaming from her head as bead after bead cascaded down and onto her soft, silk sheets. Her breathing, initially ragged, grew more controlled as she stared into the open window that sat a few feet away from her revealing a somewhat downcast night sky. As if on cue a large, yet seemingly cute growl reverberated from her stomach, echoing across the four walls of the crappy apartment. Large, trunk like masses, slid across the sheets to reveal slender legs as she turned in place, her feet finding comfortable black slippers to tuck her toes into.

Emerging slowly from the bed in which she lay the soul evo would shuffle lazily towards the fridge, a pair of dark panties the only icon of clothing on her body despite the chilliness of the night air and the added chilliness of the air conditioner in her room. With a yawn she opened the fridge, her blue irises purveying the contents of the metal food preserver; a few chocolate bars, some left over pizza and a couple of sodas lay scattered within alongside what seemed to be an empty bucket of chicken.

Again the soul evo’s stomach would growl unamusedly at the display of eats before her as her blue irises slid out towards the open night sky. There would be few places open at this hour and her stomach. . . .this hunger. . . . there was only one thing that could satiate it at this time.

Heading towards her wardrobe Ritsuko slipped on a loose fitting black shirt, a jacket, and finally her before fishing out a pair of black colored jeans and sneakers. Before walking towards her living room the woman sat down on the couch and magazines and smart phone was there next to the ash tray smoke particles danced in on the inbound breeze, layering her tongue with a woody fragrance, reminding Ritsuko of preserving salmon in fall. It wasn't yet thick enough to see but nonetheless it was there.

Shaking her head from side to side as she began flipping through the channels most of them featuring sports, movies, and worst of all news of uninteresting shit.
”This is what people call news-worthy these days? Tch. She said to herself as she took another inhale of her cigarette.

The news was never "the news." It was population control made easy. Something in every home, carefully designed to be addictive and keep the sheeple in their place. Fear and confusion all presented by pretty people the audience would trust. Masking a look of confidence and sunshine. Regardless she listened to what they had to talk about.

”In local news a man named Travis Cummings has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder along with aggravated assault against women and men. Caucasian male , with a height of 5’6”, average build with brown hair. Police sources say he’s hiding in a hideout in a deadlines part of the town. Suspect is considered armed and extremely dangerous.”

Ritsuko smiled as turned off the television with her remote.She found her game and she wasn’t going to let anyone take it.

Leaving her apartment through the emergency fire escape she would be out in the cold, night air. Jumping onto the roof with great speed, observing her surroundings from above. Karakura wasn't renowned for its night life but that didn't mean it was completely non-existant either. This wouldn't be Ritsuko’s first night hunting either, after all one couldn't really survive this long on inexperience.

A few seconds her head turned hearing the sounds of police sirens heading towards her direction. The blue and red lights are little more than smudgy illuminations in the slanting rain. But beneath their glow is the white bodywork of a police car. It's yellow-white headlights spotlight the dense hedgerow to the side of the lane where the tail-lights sit unusually high off the ground and tipping upwards into the night sky.

Her task was a simple one, kill the guy get the reward and be on her merry way with a step if anyone were to look up it’d seem like she was about to commit suicide. But using her Amina Stone a purple construct similar to a hoverboard would appear on her feet as she followed the police cars towards the location. The night breeze and the rain were music to her ears as she smiled.
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