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Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:44 pm

The Madman of the Outlands

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

It was hard to get a moment's peace anymore. He wished he could just be left alone and turn back time. He wondered often how much was real and fake. He just wished he could take it back. But people saw him as the Butcher of Missouri. The man who destroyed lives and a city. But it didn't matter that his hollow had taken over him. Nobody cared about that factor. No, when it came down to it Tatsuya failed as a person. His arms weren't in their sleeves folded over his chest. Keeping them within his clothing as he let those sleeves hang. Tatsuya's eyes watching the waves crash slowly. The screams remained in his ears as he closed his eyes. The only escape was fighting strong enemies. That was the only way for him to go forward. To find that brink of death and silence. That was what he felt at the moment. Nobody existed yet that carried a torch. Tatsuya the scar ridden man stood upon the vacant sands. A war criminal who didn't know what else to do. You couldn't undo the crimes of the past.

So much for that though in thralls of conflict. That was where he could forget and enjoy himself. Let the elation of a beating come for him in the end. It brought him a certain joy when people wounded him. That was what he took the most enjoyment from in a fight. A worthy challenger was something he sought in the end. Combat and fighting were about taking as much as he could from it. This warp in his personality came from his time in prison. He fought against other inmates within that place. Never killing them because he wanted another fight. He exhaled a breath now. Calypso wouldn't approve of this person he'd become. But he couldn't just live with the pain. He needed something to forget it and alcohol didn't work on him. Due to the power of his zanpakuto, his body boiled it before anything happened. His internal temperature was so warm within himself. Bygone dreams of making a new country of peace. Forgotten ideas and beliefs left behind in ashes. This was the reality of this world and his weakness upon it.

That was what Tatsuya Oda would face from now on. He would strive to become a different person. He would find solace in battles where he could forget those moments. Perhaps he would seek to join the Kenpachi foundation. To gain the title of Kenpachi to just escape it further. Tatsuya hated thinking and sitting here in the silence. It all felt like an endless pain in the end. So the only real quiet for his mind thus far. That was within the thralls of battle or between the sheets. Of women who desired to sleep with a murderer of millions.
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