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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:33 pm

Unpressured App Below


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A


» Name: Ninsun Asthavon
» Titles: Legacy Of Kings, The Golden Princess ,
» Age: 14-15[Appearance] [0 years old: actual age]
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: (What Group are they apart of or are they rouge?)

» Shifter Appearance Written: (Simply write down hat your demon looks like while not in it's true form. Copy this again if they have more then one, or omit this if they do not have one. And please spoiler or re-size your picture if it stretches the page.)

» Shifter Appearance Picture: (If you have an image, feel free to post it here. If not, remove this)

» True Appearance Written: (What is the true appearance of your demon? Write it down here and make sure it is long enough.)

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» Personality:

Selective Knowledge: Ninsun seems to behave in a way that shows she does retain extensive knowledge in some fields, and none at all in other field due to the fact that she doesn't have the experience or knowledge of the outside world that other people ultimately do. Essentially this shows in how she behaves, as sometimes even though she doesn't want to generally admit it? She has a kind of embarrassed or frustrated feeling due to the fact of not knowing, as she doesn't know much more beyond the knowledge she already has been presented in the short time she's been around. This translates to she is knowledgable in what she needs to function, but she may not know simple thinks like slang terminology, stuff about important people of present era's or even certain kinds of food. So because of that, generally speaking you can gather that ninsun herself has a store of selective knowledge which has its deficiencys and its good parts about it. Although this .. "Knowledge" does exclude things like sexual reproduction, or processes which are considered to be " too adult" Virtually meaning that while she knows some things, she also doesn't know many things that are considered "common knowledge". Such as what it means to want to kill someone or things like that. Nor does she know what it means to show "adult love" to another.

Primarily speaking this also means while she knows its bad to hurt others, she also doesn't herself as an individual know what it means to feel pain or be hurt. many emotions are.. virgin, fresh for her given the fact again she hasn't experienced them yet. Which is primarily why again she displays a very selective understanding of things, almost like what you would see if an individual had been sheltered from one thing in particular so that they didn't know that particular part of life existed until they actually spent a good amount of time in the outside world. Hence in this way it means that she naturally in her personality shows she has a quick comprehension process.. but also shows that maturity versus her knowledge, is severly lopsided to the point it could be considered pretty much comical.

Superiority of Royals: Ninsun does have a kind of "sense of superiority" like her father has. Although due to her not being around long enough to develope a serious case of "Arrogance" she doesn't have it quite as bad as her father. Hence why when she's disliking an individual she can get an arrogance or im superior to you so shut up, kind of vibe to her tone, actions or mannerisms. This isn't generally because she feels shes superior to any one person, instead its more like its just in her genetics in term of chemical imbalances in the brain and what not. So when she gets flustered, or slightly irritated this "quirk" in her personality presents itself naturally. Not on purpose unless she genuinely views a person as someone who is that far beneath her, which mostly only would happen if someone did something that lowered them in her eyes or in the amount of respect she thinks that the particular person in question actually deserves. Hence why she does have this "superiority" vibe about her at times, but its not quite as overwhelming as it could be.

Shy Nature/Tsundere Misconception: Ninsun is actually quite shy, due to the fact she's unused to many things and because of this she is weary or hesitant in new surroundings, or generally speaking when meeting new individuals. Since she isn't generally just "used" to them, so she doesn't know how to particularly behave around those new people, since generally speaking she's kind of like a hesitant puppy thats bought from a puppy mill. She doesn't just warm up to a person right away like others might, nor does she instantly walk up and talk to people normally speaking. She is more the reserved quiet individual which likes to not make a scene because of the fact she just more often then not feels genuine Uncomfortability in outside conflict, strife or even meetings. Making her seem to just not "talk" in general, or when she does for it to be breif, quiet and normally to the point because she wants to say as little as she possibly can to avoid making things any more uncomfortable in her opinion then normally they already are. That being said, this generally doesn't come off that way due to the fact that she doesn't know how to accurately express what she's feeling a good majority of the time. Things she says or that she does in response to someones actions, may come off as cold, and distance and violent much like a tsundere because of this.

However, if one spends the time to break behind her "shy/fake tsundere" persona, they would most certainly find that she doesn't do these things because she wants to be difficult or because she dislikes this, or doesnt want to be near that. It's because she genuinely isn't used to things like most people are, and while she may know in theory or concept how to interact, a majority of things are still mostly "new" for her, so she doesn't have the normal sense of "smugness" or confidence that allows individuals to normally go to places and step outside their confort zone and into a new zone of comfort. Meaning that her "shy/tsundere" mannerism does have varying severitys based on either places that she's comfortable with, people she's comfortable with, people she doesn't know, or even places she doesn't know. And then her shy-ness fluxuates with the atmosphere around her, such as.. just personality wise, if she was in a very up-key tensioned and agressive atmosphere, she would probably become more withdrawn, and be more likely to retaliate using some kind of force in response to someone's actions. Because she is very much attuned to the atmosphere and way others are behaving around her, and because of that? She is also very much affected by stressful situations if she's not used to whats going on.

Passive Intimidation: Ninsun isn't the one.. who is naturally drawing attention to herself, just because she isn't an outward.. talkative.. and noticable kind of girl in the first place because she's fairly mello.. low-key and easily over-looked despite her outward appearance. She doesn't like to talk overly unless she feels that there is a situation which requires her to both speak and to advocate and bring attention to herself. She's not the kind of person who will stand up and advocate.. or try to lead something unless the gravity of the situation is nothing short of life or death of more then a thousand lives. Since frankly, again she just isn't cut from that kind of cloth, she doesn't feel the need to outwardly assault.. or use language, or do things that would bring attention to her if it was soley based on something as subjective as "Shock-Value". Since she herself as a individual lacks really the real sense of urgency in terms of doing things that would make others notice her more often in general.

However, at times individuals who do know her, or are interacting with her on a regular basis? These individuals might get a glimpse of that "contained" intimidation that can make even feral beasts or seasoned battle hardened veterans take a step back and sweat. As she doesn't display agressiveness outwardly nor does she show her discontent. Instead if she is aggrivated in the individual or feels that the situation has gone to far? She doesn't make a big deal about it, which is the thing, she speakes and conveys this soft opinion of hers with a very unnerving and kind of unsettling serenity, with a touch of either dissapproval or some kind of under-lying malice which is that much more intense because of the fact she isn't a person who easily shows feelings of displeasure, anger, and rarely feels the need to display her own self contained authority on a situation.

Pandora's Disposition: Ninsun rarely due to her mild nature displays any real emotion, nor does she generally have a real blood-lust. However despite her mello, mild and kind but firm nature? She has a dark and deadly side as well, and if one was to actually see this side of her it is fesibly comparable to the inside of the mythical pandora's box. Screwed up, unhinged, and nightmarish don't come close to accurately describing the degree to which her blood lust and dark nature manifests itself, after all she is a demon. Which is why if somehow one was to trip this and cause her to go into this.. rare.. and never actually seen state of mind before? They would experience, something that is hard to explain.. as she's not blood thirsty?.. Shes not outwardly agressive either, in fact she doesn't act too much different from how she normally acts atleast if you go by outward behavior. However her actions carry something demented, unsound and vastly unknown within their boundries. Like the sense of dread one feels when they are in solitary confinement for months on end.. or if they where in a room full of murderers.. and suddenly the lights flickered off. Or that feeling of dread when you feel.. something.. is there, something sinister and foul is there.. you know its there.. but you can't see it, you can't give a shape to that.. dread.. silent aprehension and fear.

This is how her mannerisms seem, its not a mere dismal gloom, or bloody thirsty rage which causes her to go on a hell-bent path of destruction and carnage. Its not yelling, shouting and berating or physically damaging others. It's this honest sense of the unknown, the sense that something.. sinister, something dark, something unknown is there.. and that even though you can't identify it, something very.. very.. wrong is occuring, something dangerous is afoot.. its like when your in a house thats been abandoned for ages.. and you find that bloodied pentagram in the stone basement filled with spider webs.. and old eerie junk. And then as you try to go out? You feel like something is there something is watching you, something.. wants to not hurt you.. but bring you into an abyss that you will never.. ever.. return too. That feeling summarizes the aura she gives off.. and how it affects others.. when ever someone somehow.. manages to wake up this side of her.

» Likes: (This is self explanatory. What does your character like?)

» Dislikes: (This is self explanatory. What does your character dislike?)

» History Three paragraph minimum of your characters history; also include how they became a demon via birth or they were changed to one though a deal est.

N a t u r a l A b i l i t i e s:

Potential Power: Being sired from the body of a 0-3, and being made from half of the energy of the golden king, and nearly the entirety of the energy of the chaya nation queen, Ninsun has unimaginable reserves of energy in terms of mass, quantity and energy. It was even stated per- her conception after inami was done, that the energy potential of Ninsun had even exceeded that of Inami herself, as ninsun is the combination of three powerful beings spiritual energy, not to mention having asthavon blood, courtesy of her mother inami, and having the blood and energy of the golden king, courtesy of her father gilgamesh. However her power works in "Potential" or the ability to be there, and pressure is the key. The more she actually feels pressured? The more of this energy will leak out and manifest itself quite blatantly in the would around her, literally being able to for example, to condense her energy down to the density needed to lift up the rock which cannot be lifted known as "Middas Rock" and this would be one example of the Potential power that the likes of Ninsun actually does possess.

Normally speaking where does the power which is greater then the queen of chaya nation, contains the entirety of a 0-3 [demonica nightfangs] and the building blocks of the golden king hide? Its relatively simple this energy is both similar to the way that the golden king translates power among his weapons in his weaponry. Until she is pressured it is dispersed within a similar "Pocket Dimension" the vast majority of it inaccesable unusuable, and un-obtainable by her own self unless she is in a state of great anger, or great stress. When these emotions, or deep psychological shifts occur in the psyche of Ninsun, or she's in a state of iron clad resolve, the biproduct is seen as a metaphysical or "Planar shifting" of that energy from the pocket dimension into the physical realm, which is tangibly felt because of the magnificent sense of weight or pressure which at such a time would bear down at first irregularly and then once she has been in a constant state of stress [meaning a few posts] then her accurately describable as "demi-godlike" level of reishi would manifest in a similar way that Gilgamesh would behave in burst state, not ever present due to A. the sheer mass of it all, and B. the fact that her energy in its potency and behaviorisms, is 50% similar to that of the golden kings, behavior-wise. However unlike the golden king, its not willingly called upon, its brought out through states of stress, and strong emotions, or intense moments of resolve or need to do something.

Of course this means that, between her non pressured state, and pressured state there is a pretty significant energy difference. This of course being because again the key to unlocking the depths that truly "Explain" the sheer magnitude of the legacy of kings, is not something that most could circumvent, comprehend or even understand to begin with. Such levels of energy are considered dangerous, and in her pressured state if it gets out of control it is able to be on the plane in terms of severity that it can and could be responsible for destroying large distances of land which would be on the upwards scale of miles. Due to this reason precisely, the so called unpressured state will have a energy range which would be comparable in just energy wise to something roughly a whole tier drop below, ergo, if she was with the energy level of a 0-2 she would have in her unpressured state the energy level of someone who was anywhere from 1-2 to 3-3 depending on her energy output. However the point is that in her "Unpressured state" she is with very little energy, not having even enough to conjure a normal cero-oscuras due to the fact that all that enery again is being stored else-where due to how her "energy levels" actually work in the first place.

Unpressured Mode: [This is the general overveiw] This is the "Non pressured mode, which is known merely as ninsun's regular state of mind. It occurs in normal situations which is shown as the attacks she uses are simple, and at the same time the energy she's using is "Borrowed" from the pocket dimension in which it exists in until times of great stress and need, which is why in this state, her "Ability" of defense reflects her true tier, as that aspect is inherited from gilgamesh, but any other skills? They would be potentially reflective of her tier, as such if in this mode, her "Skills" where reflective of a 2-3 tier? all skills besides her zao-ka and her durability would be reflective of that tier, however the "max skill" I.E if a 2 tiers allowed 1 advanced and 2 adepts and 1 beginner in each? Then it would be 2 beginners and 1 adept, because her durability is reflective of her "Pressured" Apps tier, rather than the tier she is at in her "Unpressured mode"

Pressured Mode: [This is the general overveiw] In pressured mode, ninsun's second half which is known as Black legacy takes over, as black legacy and ninsun are opposites of another, demonica and gilgameshs's energy and satan soul/Demonica's energy seperated in the comforming process, generating split persona's with split energy bases, given That Ninsun shares the restrictions of being unable to manifest energy that gilgamesh has. However "Pressured" Mode, is reflective on the destructive brute strength and ungodly energy which was present in both demonica and in Satan soul which resides inside Inami, as such the energy in pressured mode is oceanic in proportions, and is governed by an entirely "Different" State of mind.

Mastery Of Divine Weapon Manipulation: The same divinity gilgamesh is known to use, is something that was hereditary for Ninsun, it allows her manipulate and expulse her energy into the confines of a weapon or sword for a given amount of time which allows her to use, and intertwine the affects of her power in the bare bones essense of the weapon or armor at hand. Because ninsun's energy reserves are widely inaccessable to HER directly a majority of the time. As such its logical that the sub function of the unreachable, and out of sight reserves is simple. It is funnaled into a blade or weapon and used to rapidly increase the durability, or the power that was already present by allowing her energy she has no actual, access to in the form of molding, shaping, creating. When pressured it would show itself , but when unpressured, in fact the energy expansion and quantity that fills that "pockets" bounds, is used to harden her skin into armor, to turn her fingers into sharpened fangs which can be used to fight indirectly. Used to block, to defend, but also crush and apprehend. This is why it is more then manipulation of weapons which are of the nature of divinity, as her father does. Instead she is the weapon.

Her body is considered to be in the category of the body of an olympian. As such due to her heritage, her power manifested inverted to gilgamesh's own. Instead of the manipulation of objects thrust from a given space, like the babylon gate, her manipulate puts her own body into the concept of divinity. Giving her extreme power, and strength. Skin like a nemian lions, strength like atlas, She is a blade forged by immense powers, and built off a base which was fit for a king. These "Variables" accumulate in this "power". By treating her own body as a weapon of the divine , she is able to fortify it, and turn it into many things. The "Strength" and the power of which are both intense, massive and immense, however much like the babylonian gate has many different weapons, she has many different "Criteria" or different ways that she applies this energy to her body. Because of this fact, she is able to use what she calls "The Golden Principles" powers given to her, to mold her body into nothing short of the plane of legends.. as while every weapon of legend belongs in the arsenal of the golden king , known as gilgamesh, the age of legends..Their legacy's are hers to ammass and control, which is why her skill or weapon manipulation, is the inverse of gilgameshs's main power as it works on the body rather then ammassing wordly possessions. Below will go into more depth.

The Golden Principles: The principles of the golden princess, ninsun are the principles of legends, what made them great, the names of weapons they weilded which where of legend itself. Unlike her "father" or her mother" she isn't able to ammass weapons, of the literal kind. However she ammasses the power, the skill, what made them dangerous their "Principles" are what she ammasses. Legends like Hercules, Achilles , even norse legends, norse gods, deity's and demons. The finest of hero's the finest of legends make it into her knowledge base much like gilgamesh just "Ammasses" wealth by walking, talking and breathing. Legends are made when people have passed down their greatness for millenia, once legends are born from beyond the grave, they ultimately will make their way into the "Golden Principles" which if all the worldly possessions belong to her father, the legacy's of kings and hero's there myths.. there truths, those belong to Ninsun. As is known in her "Golden" Principles. Although it behaves similar to Babylonian gate.. minus the infinite conjuration of weapons. She can invoke a single principle at a time, given principles require her massive energy to flow into her body and then be used to shape her body before it then slides back into the pocket dimension that contains all that energy in the first place.

As such her energy in her unpressured state is low, partially because of what she has inherited from the golden king, but also partially because its not needed, not neccisary. It's being used for other "more important" purposes such as in the case of her Golden Principles. The legacy's of hero's manifested through physical flesh, and bone, bound and conjured by elusive energy which dissipates once the conjuring is complete. This is her Weapon manipulation in its "Barest" form, and this is what the concept of the "Golden Principle " actually means when it is brought to light.

Covenant of Hercules: The legacy of hercules, son of jupiter. Who underwent the 12 trials, the slaying of the nemian lion. Known for his great strength, which was of godly origins. This is the first Golden Principle, known as the "Covenant of Hercules". Activating it causes no physical changes in terms of how she looks. Because there isn't any "Physical" bulking up of muscle, or any deliberate rise in energy which could be traced or tracked. However, the covenant of hercules as long as it is active causes Ninsun to have great strength and tough skin. She becomes the legacy or "Embodied shadow" of hercules. Manifesting his great strength, which means while in the "Covenant" of hercules ninsun would be able to punch with the force equivalent to the legends of hercules great godly strength. Being able to crack the earth, and create great earth-bound tremors. Break chunks of mountains, strength which would be on par with the modern "Conception" of what would befit the greek hero. Because of this, Ninsun cannot change from the Covenant of hercules for 4turns after activating it, and if she was to "Switch" she wouldn't be able to use the covenant of hercules again for the rest of the thread. given the fact that unlike weapons, her "Legacy manifestations" are not things which can be conjured up, called forth and then swung around like one would with a sword or sheild. Invoking the legacy of hercules for example, means for the invoking period which can last an entire thread if she doesn't change out of it, she will be treated as the modern day "Legacy or living legend" of hercules.

Huntress of Atalanta: Atalanta was a famous huntress from greek mythology, who was the only female in the argonauts on the quest to aquire the golden fleece. The wild maiden fleeting and quick footed, the maiden who first drew blood in the Calydonian boar hunt. The legacy of this "Maiden" is manifested in fleeting speed and ferocious skill with weapons. She gains the nimble agility the speed and the grace of Atalanta, meaning Ninsun if she invoked the "Huntress of Atalanta". would become insanely fast, being able to vanish or appear, to move nimbly like the wind, and to wield a weapon with divine proficiency. This is the "Gift" or the embodied essence of Atalanta which is confined to and brought out if ninsun was to invoke this particular "Golden Principle" which is why she is able to do feats such as travel vast and large area's of land in very short time. This is also special because this "Principle" is of one of the only greek woman to be recognised in legend and lore as a legitimate hero. So as such Ninsun gains another one-off trait, which is she becomes an expert huntress, the literal embodyment of Atalanta. However she cannot "Exit" this priniciple for several posts because of the uniqueness of it. Meaning once chosen if in battle at least, ninsun will most likely be stuck in the "Huntress" of atlanta mode for the rest of the fight.

Hound of Ulster: The irish figure of legend, Cu Chulainn. Who was known for his feats of legend and savegry with a sword. A mythilogical figure who in his era was able to single-handedly hold off armies. Ninsun after invoking the golden principle "Hound of Ulster" will gain a supernatural demi-god like proficiency with a sword. Weapons, of any kind will become tools of uncomprehendable destruction when they are grapsed in her skinny feminine hands. The downside is, given great weapon skill and known for his savagery in battle, the hound of ulster is a wild-card which causes her to go into intense dizzying heights of blood-lust and sadistical tendancies. Literally when used, the hound of ulster is unique because it is one of "The Golden Legacies" which are special principles which can only be invoked once a thread for a limited amount of turns, because these special legendary figures are volatile strong, and able to level armies in essense when looked at from the legends in which they have come from for their deeds of valor or supernatural capabilities. The hound of ulcer or Cu Chulainn grants amazing control over a sword, giving her complete mastery over the weapon for a maximum time period of 10 turns before the hound of ulcer would go dormant and she'd be unable to use it again for the remainder of the thread.

Presence of Ole: Ole or ale the strong, a fairly unknown king who won several great wars. An individual who was noted for his scary gaze, only being slain after individuals had covered up those accursed eyes of his. Ninsun doesn't gain anything physically agumentive from the Presence of Ole, instead she gains something much different, known as "presence" making those subjected to her gaze feel great weight, great stress. In essense the overwhelming gaze of legend that Ole possessed is personified through her bodily posture, aura, and nature in general. In this way it becomes a testament to the late king, as her gaze is strong enough to stop even the greatest of nightmares, in example, this gaze could stop an army in its tracks due to the innate, tangible presence that the Legacy of Kings /Legends would possess due to the affects of "Presence of Ole". However this also means she wouldn't get any physical augmentations or be able to use any more of the "Golden Principles" until such a time passed that she would be able to dispell the prescence of ole. which would take roughly 4 turns before she could do such. Because of the fact she "Wears" these manifestations as a garb, essentially meaning their effectivity is based on both composure and prominence.

The Golden Library: Hero's legends, and those who's tales are the stuff of epic's and poems. This is the library of arcane knowledge which pertains to the knowledge of these mythical beings who's existances have long hit their experation date. Or even those who are.. actually still living in a new state of being. This is similar to the armory that gilgamesh has, however its all inside her head, collecting the arcane knowledge which reaches her accumulatively from time to time, new knowledge is unlocked and earned, her arsenal or library will grow and develope very much the same rate as she grows and developes, meaning that the golden Library is slightly different, it may collect the worlds legends, but legends must be earned, not instantly known, which is why this is the potential to possess the wordly legends.. their legacies, key word however. .POTENTIAL. because of the fact that unless earned? She does not actually have ACESS to all of these wordly legacies just yet.

Golden Rule: The rule that governs the "Golden Principles" , which is brought under the term "The legends of the past are not tools to be weilded, they are blessings of the divine, which should be cherished and respected. When called upon its like calling upon their honor, so once used, during a fight/thread, for the respect for their status, the golden rule decree's that they will be exempt and unable to be called upon again for that thread/fight." This term literally means that these "Principles" are things that are not merely tools, and as such they are not treated under the infinite uses category that is normally doable for tools in general. As such this means, as explained in the principles these are undoubtedly strong, but the catch is they cannot be thrown away at first, meaning thought has to be put into their use. Two, this means that once in use they can be used for the remainder of the thread unless they are a type that has a set limit of use turn wise on them. But this also means that once they are dismissed they cannot be called back again for the rest of the thread. Meaning sure, she has X Y Z and A. but once she's used say X Y And Z, she cannot suddenly call X or Y back after dismissing them, hence why this is a real draw back of sorts in regards to the usage of this "Technique" its self.

U n i q u e A b i l i t i e s:

Companionship Of Divine Mist: Something gained, from gilgamesh but strengthened and inferred in a mist-based state from her mothers own nature. It is known as "The Divine Mist" the "Realm of Binding and Closure" or even "The immaterial wall" due to how this divine aura which is constantly visible around her in the form of not pressure, but overwhelming superiority. The mist radiates what some would consider the solemn will of the citizens of gilgamesh's empire long gone, come back to protect their kings rightful heir. For this reason, the mist acts passive agressive when she's in a principle state, meaning the true power of the mist itself is muted, supressed and bound to defend but not fully fight back "So to speak". It is the successor of what is known as enkidu in some ways. Given the mist is actually a mobile form given to what is considered an endless sea of chains, divine supressive energies, seals and even cryptic barriers that date back in legends which state that "Enkidu bound the divine guardian of the woods, hamaraba with chains so tightly he couldn't move. ". An accurate description of how this divine barrier works. It is to defend, functioning as a barrier both similar to gilgamesh's armor passively, and behaving as a vast sea of chains set to bind to pin into submission when she's defensless or not in a principle state.

It doesn't however instantly block, negate and or reflect attacks, it behaves kind of like enkidu through a function of "Divine" Protection sorta. Being able to reflect all but what is considered an "All out attack" when its in its full power however this means if she was a 0 tier like 0-2 or something, even a 0-5 would have the potential to breach this defense because it would still be a 0 tier. So if it did an all out attack it could get through and cause damage to her. However this is when she's actively defending not focusing on attacking. Given it shows its greatest power when the user doesn't focus or even intend to attack at all. Instead it responds to a need or desire to protect, and is used just basically as her line of defense. Or as one may put it an "defense for one who is defenseless" given it focuses and brings her defenses when she has no other means of defending to very very formidable heights. Which is why it is something that is used more so for her defense then just a "fail safe or saftey mechanism" As she manifests this naturally at all times. This "veil" of golden mist is just naturally there, serving as a protective force to keep the legacy of hero's alive.

Divine Function Of The Mist: This "mist" functions to trace, eradicate, supress, and negate or other wise defend the host from harm, working passively to make it harder to damage her when she's using her "Principles" and on the other hand making it so that when she's really defenseless otherwise, the "Mist" will condense and form into a either a:skin tight space, or b: something akin to chains and tendrils which will glow and expand outwards from her back arms, or points of damaging contact from an opponent. They are not neccisarily "All mighty" because of the fact that nothing can be actually "Absolute" which is why a full powered all out attack is enough to breach this "defensive miracle". Which works more by binding, and other wise supressing attacks so that the damage dealt is less, and then once the attack hits the part of the mist closest to her body, it will then double to act as an actuall barrier which will "break" or stop the attack so that it could or couldn't cause severe to major damage.

Another thing worthy of note? Is that the Divine function of this mist isn't absolute, its based on max tier, or her "Potential tier" so to speak meaning on par with her strength at her peak state. As in this way 0 tiers could get through if she was a 1 tier, and it would take all out attacks from anything under 1 tier [till 2 tier] to get through her defenses when she's actually defenseless. However if she was a 0tier of 0-4/0-5? then it would take an all out attack for lower 0tiers to get through her defenses, but higher 0 tiers could get through with minor difficulty. And if she was a high 0 tier (0-2++/0-3/0-4++?) then it would take an all out attack from any 0 tier to get through the mist when it was fully up and she was legitimately unable to defend herself in any other way. However a 0-1 tier would be able to get through the defenses with a few strong attacks or one strong attack without much of a problem. Meaning that her defense is based on the tier range she's in, meaning she isn't able to negate any and every tier. She is able to use this defense to make it so that it takes an all out attack from her tier range, aka low 0 tier and below, or high 0 tier and below. So if she was a two tier, this defense logically couldn't have the same affectiveness on a 0 tier as it would if she also was a 0 tier herself to behind with.

Trigger of Mist: Her Companionship of Divine mist also lacks its "true" power unless she's absolutely defenseless, however if one was to somehow get through the mist and attack her in close proximity when she's in a state of being unable to defend herself? Then what would happen is before contact tendrils and chains made of a golden divine aura would mass spawn from the mist itself, each one wrapping, binding and restraining the individual who tripped the trap, be it freind, foe , or angry family member. Because of the fact that it may act as defense, but its main purpose is still fairly basic, its core is to bind, to supress to render immobile and inferior at the feet of Ninsun. Which is how the functions are strong in defense, since its made to supress to restrain, to hog-tie and mute, to bring opponents of great strength in her tier range to their knee's. Now they can still be over-powered but the likely hood would be considerably slim, just because these make things difficult for normal beings, and are specifically made with the binding of the divine in mind.

K n o w l e d g e B a s e s

Divine Knowledge-The Knowledge Of Kings:

[Hero's Knowledge Wellspring] Not so much a "Power" as it is something she's gained due to her golden principles. Knowledge concerning her "gifts" such as how to use her powers and knowledge of things pre-dating present, and concerning the legends that she herself manifests in battle. because of this she does possess a kind of "Divine Knowledge" which makes her unusually "Smart" or compitent for a girl who was just born, I.E due to how her powers and how she functions to manifest, it is logical to assume that the manifestation process does take a wellspring of knowledged based on the aspects of the individual or the life they have led. Concerning her manifestation atleast or the "golden principles". Meaning that during combat this wellspring of knowledge which comes from legends past, and even then for example, she understand how to utilize her own "Companions of the divine mist, because of the fact its functions stem from a legend. As such she can pull a rough knowledge base, concerning the ability because the legend so to speak is in her Golden Library. So in this "way" in terms of how she utilizes the energy and how she utilizes her skills, atleast concerning the realm of her specialty which is "Legends long past" , she has fundamental understanding because she can draw on her golden library for knowledge concerning the hero or the object in question, allowing her to use/understand things properly.

[Fragmented Demon Knowledge] From her mother, Inami, ninsun has gained fragmented knowledge almost exclusively concerning zao-ka and demon Magic. This is because of the fact that when inami created and made her child, she used a vast array of energy, and from this unintentionally imbedded a shard of her demonic knowledge into her daughter. So this shard, means she doesn't have comprehension on a full level of skills in terms of shadow movement, and akuma kyodo, since honestly speaking in cornern to these things, there wasn't real implemention of one or the other in direct use at the time of Ninsuns actual creation, as such there was no "anomaly" or real way that this kind of knowledge could actually have been transferred in the first place. Hence this means while she probably cannot use the wellspring or fragmented grain of knowledge that persists from her unusual "birth" in application, it means that she has high understanding for the arcane and demonic arts. Even then she doesn't know everything there is to know about the subject, which is why it is "Fragmented Demon Knowledge" given the fact that while she retained knowledged based on these two skillsets, she doesn't have an "all knowing" or perfect understanding of either, so it can be summed up by saying because of this she is knowledgable of the subject, but there are others out there who certainly know more then she.

[Knowledge of Necropolis] This is more of an upgraded "modification" present on Ninsun due to inami following up after her conception by then implanting much like she did with r1 neoveta a a connection with the necropolis system network, making her essentially a "shadow admin" given despite loving her daughter, Inami wanted to use the new body essentially to further strengthen the necropolis system by putting in a "fail safe". So in this way, Ninsun does possess finite [limited] but comprehensive knowledge on demon world affairs, via the methods of demon magic control ext, which are used to govern the necropolis system itself. So in this way she has a wide knowledge base to build upon which is due to more so the constant fluxuating stream which is rising and falling [kind of like how data streaming increases and decreases on mainframes]. So regarding the demon world, or chaya nation atleast, she's fairly knowledgable and is able to accurately pick up facts on current events..[if it time-line wise makes sense] on whats going on in the nation itself, however regarding the outside world she knows very little.

[Saturn System] Ninsun is more then just "Inami and gilgamesh's daughter" due to how her energy works and behaves, inami also used her to brantch off into a sub-system which is known as the "eyes in the sky" for the chaya nation grid. The saturn system connects multiple way points of demon magic and energy to the chaos point or the capital of chaya nation, these can be veiwed by multiple individuals however? Because of how it accents and functions, the individual who directly infers and picks up on the imagry, knowledge and whats going on is Ninsun herself, as such she has some knowledge that is internally present because of the constant stream of visual information coming in from this "system"


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Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Advanced
  • Demon Magic: Advanced
  • Shadow Movement:Adept
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed:Master
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill:Adept[/b]


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