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Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:54 am
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She had made it to Europe. Leaving with nothing except her zanpakuto, Yugiri had insisted on leaving the braces behind as well, her spirit insisted she didn't need them and frankly Yugiri knew they'd be a pain to carry around as a cat. She had no clothes after all, so to avoid wandering around naked she adopted her cat form for a few days.

After getting to Europe she spent a day laid down in a tree, the weight of the situation and change hitting her again while she contemplated just laying there and waiting for the end. If she just laid there and died she'd never have to see the shame again.

It wasn't an option though, as much as she hated herself for what she had done even dying by self-imposed dehydration or starvation was too low for her still. So she dragged herself back into action. Yugiri was able to steal some clothes, that was pretty simple and then she resumed wandering.

She was able to find some work and after a few weeks she had settled into it.

"You know you should take a break."


Yugiri paused in her work for a moment. Her bare foot still on the shovel with the hole she was digging. it didn't take him much effort to understand she was punishing herself through exerting herself.

"I'm fine."

"Yeah, I figur'd. You sure got some strength behind you to be shovelling with bare feet. I thought you were pretty crazy to be trying to attempt the work barefoot."

She pushed into the dirt again, bringing up another pile of dirt.

"Someone with strength like y'self I'd have thought would be a bigshot somewhere. You're a lot stronger than most them demons or other shinigami that stay here every now and again."

"I suppose I was kind of important."

"So wha' happened?"

"I made a mistake and I let everyone in my family down."

He nodded to himself while looking at her ragged appearance. She was dirty and unkempt, but she didn't sweat at all. It wasn't that much effort to her.

"But if they're family why wouldn't they forgive ya? You don't seem like a bad person to me."

"I was banished... I can't go ba- I don't want to go back. Even if they forgave me, there's no point."

She turned to a few other workers. She knew some of them were shinigami, obviously seventh division members that were on patrol. Chidori was in that division if she remembered right.

He seemed to want to say more but not much else came to mind. She was solemnly still working while he watched.

"Hey. You should come get some food. You haven't eaten all day... and you can stop for the day. You look like you'd do good with a bath."

She stopped and seemed to think about it before pulling herself out of her hole and handed him the shovel. Following the old man to his house for the promise of food. After that she'd go sleep outside and wait for the next day, until the work was done it would continue and then she'd move on.


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