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Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:58 pm
Hey there, fellow Bleach fans. Bleach happens to be one of my top five favorite anime and manga series ever. And, it has been for years. I've been RPing on and off for years. Now that I'm re-reading Bleach, I felt the urge to look for new a RP. Thus, I found this forum. I love how it's set up and the depth of the information here.

I've read most of the guides and I knew what kind of character I wanted. But, I just want to make sure that its okay given my character's nature. I would like to start out with a Vasto Lorde... Hollow not Arrancar - yet. Yeah, Vasto's are the strongest hollows by far. But, I thought of a fun idea, character building-wise. Personally, I want to have a Vasto Lorde because for the most part they have a normal-ish humanoid appearance (size and shape). However, I want my hollow to not be at his full power/potential at the start. My plan is to have something happen in his past that resulted in having most of his power lost. This, in turn, makes it so I have to work to get him back to full strength and then improve him further. I also want to use that time to develop him character-wise.

I want to check if this is okay first, before making my character. Thanks for any feedback and advice.
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