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February 1st, 2420

A day that many knew was going to happen but nobody was looking forward to. It was the middle of the night in the Gotei, and the Shihoin estate was silent. Yushiro was having troubling sleeping that night because of pain, so he decided to write and reflect. That’s all he was able to do by this point, not a lot to do when you’re bedridden. So, he sat up, grabbed a pen and paper, and began writing.

Dear Family,

If you are reading this, I am going to assume I have passed. It was going to happen sooner rather than later, though I must say the thought of this happening doesn’t make me feel any better. I understand that my death will affect all of you, but I ask that you all don’t cry for me. It was my choice to refuse treatment, merely because I feel like you all don’t need me anymore. I’ve led you all as not only your clan head, but as your “Papa” as many of you seem to call me, and that’s a nickname I have worn with pride. I wanted to make our family different that the rest, where it’s not just nobility, but a true family. The fact that enough of you feel close enough to me to call me Papa means I’ve done something right, and I couldn’t ask for anything else in life. In death though, I hope you won’t forget what I’ve tried to teach you all. I understand some of you have your worries about Chidori, but I hope that you will give her a chance. She takes a lot after her mother and her aunt, but like those two she will come around in the end. But she can’t do it by herself. She knows this, I know this, and I hope that you all know this as well. So going into her age of leadership, I ask that you guide her instead of being critical.

To Chidori, I hope you are doing well. From the times I’ve seen you since you’ve been back, you’ve looked happy. Looking back at what I’ve done, I wonder if you will hate me. I apologize for how I’ve treated you, being a father was new to me and honestly still is. I know I made a lot of mistakes in my life and know that you will too, but know that you were never one of those mistakes. No matter how difficult you think you may have been, I cherished every moment we had together. The cursing, the screaming, the fighting, I loved all of it. Because that was who you are, and I love you. Your lack of spunk and carefree attitude towards your duties that you were born with, honestly I envy you. You were able to have the childhood I never had, no matter how many times I forced you to have the same upbringing I did. You made it your own and I’m proud of you. I’m proud of the woman you were, the woman you are, and the woman you will be. I imagine your mother would think the same thing. Goodbye my Hina.

To Rio, you’ve also blossomed into a fine woman, but a greater warrior. Your selflessness overshadows anything else about you, and watching you live your day to day has made me feel confident in my parenting skills. I’ve heard that things are easier the second time you do them, and I hope you can agree. You have become what all Shihoin, no what all nobility, should strive to become. I hope both you and your sister find a way to work together, though that’s never been a problem before. Oh, but do take care of her for me. We both know she’s prone to doing dumb things, but she learns from these things as well. Try to steer her in the right direction though.

To Kintori, while I don’t say it often, you were the light of my life when I was in a dark spot. While you’ve never known your mother, she was a great person, just that things didn’t work out between us. Despite that, I loved you as much as everyone else. The rest of the family admires your strength, and I hope that you are able to go down the path you want with the skills I’ve given you. I know that recent events have stopped you from doing much of anything, but please, find a way to redeem yourself. I want you to be happy and live a long life, and I believe many of your relatives do as well.

To Kokoro, I hope you are able to come to terms with your family. No offense to Chisiki, but growing up to be an old and grumpy woman wouldn’t suit you like it does her. You’re so unique, and while it isn’t what people expect of the Shihoin, you made them. We’re not a group of people who can be defined by one trait, and you’re one of the best examples of that. I can tell you that it doesn’t matter to me who your father was, who your mother was, I’m glad I got to know you as you. I hope that when I reincarnate, we will be friends, because you would be the person I know I can rely on. Never stop being you.

To my niece, Yugiri. I’m sorry, for everything that you’ve been through. Life is cruel but it has been especially to you. I apologize for Yoruichi’s carelessness and the things that she does on a daily basis. She’s out there doing god knows what instead of being your mother, but I hope you can forgive her. Out of her mistake came something truly great: you. My fourth daughter so to speak, you used to be great. Headstrong, competitive, a lot like Chidori, but I knew underneath that shell was a soft and caring girl. While I can’t support every life decision you made, I wish you the best in life. Even a fallen angel makes it back to heaven.

To the granddaughter that I’ve only gotten to know briefly, Keiko. While I can only speak for myself, I think our meeting went well. You take somewhat after your father, but in a way you are also your own person. I know how much you hate being compared to him, but we can’t choose our family. With that being said, I hope you and Kintori can reconcile at some point. It might not be tomorrow, or the next day, week, month, year, or even decade, but at some point I want you too to make up. I believe you both would make great friends and better family if you’ve actually gotten to know each other. All wounds heal eventually. Also, everyone here would love to get to know you as well, Chidori especially. WIth her new addition to the family, she would for certain enjoy meeting more.

To the rest of you, know that my love for you knew no bounds.



And with that, he set down the pen and paper and closed his eyes for the last time. The soul known as Yushiro Shihoin died that night and entered the soul cycle.

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