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Tue Feb 04, 2020 4:18 pm



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Steiner's time in the City of Light had been rather short and what little time he had spent in the city so far had been dedicated to paperwork and adjusting to his new life as a member of the Sternritter. To say the least Steiner was adjusting to his new job rather slowly. He didn't match up very well during combat drills with the Quincy soldiers, who were mostly comprised of veterans, and many of them made it a challenge to see who could throw him around more. After getting up over and over again after getting banged up, bashed, and shoved around like a doll for a bit they seemed to have lost their taste for it. If they couldn't break him, they would just give up on the prospect, surely believing that he would give up on his own soon enough.

Steiner, however, wasn't going to quit, and instead used the first few days of his stay among the Quincy to exemplify Cyrus' vision and his own to a lesser extent. Every training session was no longer just Steiner taking hits, but him asking serious questions on his own improvement to counteract his lack of training in their arts. It surprised a few of the veterans that someone was so willing to learn after getting their ass handed to them day in and day out, but they relented, well a few did, but the majority continued on with their bereavement and harsh training of the young man. Regardless, however, of all of that Steiner always ended the harsh training with a thanks to his colleagues, and a handing out of herbal tea that would help lessen fatigue. Cyrus wanted them to get along, he wanted to break barriers, and Steiner was trying, but most of the time this too would end in disappointment. Still, over time he was winning them over as more and more of them began to ingest the chilled herbal teas he brought from his home that he had been given.

It was all a process, much like learning how to find one's way around a city that he had recently moved to. Most of the time, Steiner could usually be found wandering random parts of the city, sometimes because of curiosity, but most of the time because he had no idea where the hell he was going. One particular jaunt through the city had led him to what could be considered a market square. Filled with aromas of fish, fried and raw, and other delicacies that the Quincy happened to sell as either fast food or fine dining. Deciding that he was rather famished after a long day of training with his compatriots, Steiner took a few wobbly steps toward what looked like a seafood stall that was brimming with activity. Steiner eyed the menu as he waited in line, looking around at the other people who were around him, and occasionally making small talk to pass the time.

As he grew nearer to the front, he began to look over the menu, and going over just what he wanted as he slowly made calculations on just how much money he had. He had already received his first pay check from his new job and it had been much more than he had thought it would of been. For a man who had lived off the land for a few years, he could say he was finally making it big, not that he really had any concept of what wealth meant, or even cared for that matter. Wealth was fleeting and he would rather enjoy the fundamentals of life without thinking of such things, the money would help him in that, but it wasn't what he truly cared about. He placed his order, salmon in butter over white rice, and waited off to the side like the rest of the people around him.

Blending in seamlessly with the general populace of the city at long last.

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Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:48 pm

Speaking of finding your way around the city, Ania was completely lost. She parked the ship at an appropriate port, but where that port was is knowledge only the most wise and eldest of wizards and kings could know. The girl got lost in her own village sometimes, let alone a big city that she was completely unfamiliar with. She even lost sight of Hobbs, but the girl had faith that they would reunite. Chances are, Hobbs already found the ship and was waiting for her. He was a smart cat.

For the time being, Ania just followed her nose. Nothing was more reliable from her in spatial awareness than the scents of the scenery, and more importantly, all those delicious aromas coming from the marketplace. Ania found herself here in no time, and the most appealing of scents was the buttered salmon in white rice. The person at the stall called out the order two times, and nobody showed up. Surely, they were already gone, and wasted food was a no-go. Ania would be the humble, brave soul which would take on the task for the greater good of the world--for virtue and righteousness to persevere.

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