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Once Upon a Time in Las Vegas Empty Once Upon a Time in Las Vegas

Sat Feb 15, 2020 1:14 pm



Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 1901

It had been an age since he last moved. Ghislain hadn't involved himself with this world in some time. As Hayden became the King of Vastime he stepped further away. Embracing his exile and imposing it as something greater. His eyes stared around looking over the situation. Had he come here would it have made a difference. Gently a pocket watch was removed from his white cloak. Wearing a wood he softly sighed as he glanced downward. His wife's photo gleaming up at him as he sighed. The matter likely had been addressed. But this couldn't be allowed to repeat itself. Ghislain let his gaze look left and right now as he considered the landscape. Could it be rebuilt if given time? That was the question, he did not claim resources like others. But Ghislain did have and wield Dark Matter. The scars of war still etched this landscape.

He'd need to go meet one man about resources likely and another for something more. Perhaps a third just for her help stabilizing this place in general. Ghislain inhaled a breath. Shutting his pocket watch he began to walk through the location. Gaining scope and understanding slowly over it. Rebuilding this place would take time and energy. The lives couldn't be brought back not by him or anyone. They were lost, but the city could be rebuilt. So could it's future be rebuilt and maintained. A place for hollows who desired peace and understanding. Perhaps his days of combat and fighting were concluded.

That was alright with him, he'd stepped on too many battlefields in his time. Would Hayden be open to the idea was the question? This place represented an ideal and those were bulletproof. But he doubted such resources would be parted with for nothing. His digits ran across the smooth pocketwatch surface. Would he be fighting again putting an end to his nomadic life? That seemed likely as any place in truth. He waited eight months since this event because of two reasons. He was frowned upon by his race and thus help from them was impossible. And he was unsure how Vastime would welcome him.

Given the last time, he and their king fought in an Arena with Hayden the clear victor. That was troubling of itself as he scooped a bit of ash into his digits. Letting it fall upon the ground softly he looked over it. Restoring this place was possible using Dark Matter. He could fix the hole in the earth and restore the land. But that would be likely a signal as well. It would require calling upon massive reserves of power. But also using energy from this place as well. His desire was to restore a place for them. To make up for his many sins during the war and more towards it. While Ghislain didn't often involve himself these days. This cause not only seemed worthy of a detour. But made him consider his choices up until this moment. It made him lean back and think about many things. The Quincy fought hollows and fought men alike. They wielded weapons against many people. Could a Nomadic man like himself do anything?

But another question still raged in his mind as he considered it. Should this place be restored? Did the dream die with the people here? No, it didn't this place could still be done. So long as one person holds the dream in their heart. It's not dead, that was the belief he had to believe in. He turned away and decided it was time to go ask a wiser man. Conjecture and such things would get him nowhere. Ghislain merely need to go to the source and ask it. This planet wasn't something that he would turn his back on anymore. The world had more than one way to make an impact. While he didn't readily jump into battle he did know an old friend who may be interested. Though he didn't know for sure as he doubted Hayden would agree without price.

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]
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