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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Wed Feb 17, 2021 3:45 pm
Arianda's Tulpa Upgrade QerxJ3c

» Name Of Character: Arianda Vael
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: Arianda’s new Tulpa; gained thanks to Ulv. Along with adding actual definition and some ability to Ari’s resolve flame.

» Resolve Flame; Joyful Refrain: Arianda’s resolve flame was a gift from Ulv when the demon had first moved to Minatumi. It was an aid, something she kept hidden within her heart from the powers that would’ve destroyed it. However, since the days Arianda forcefully removed her Eris Seal, the demon had let the flame mature as it should have; allowing it to become a source of pure joy. This flame is what holds Arianda’s mentality together most of the time; allowing her to feel joy over the vast amounts of pain, trauma, and various other things that could cloud Arianda’s mind. However, the flame is simply that; something that helps Arianda stay sane. Not to mention, it allows her to spread bits of joy at a very small level; allowing her to spread her happiness just because she is there. At least, as long as said person is willing. Otherwise, Arianda’s Resolve Flame is a personal thing.

» Personal Tulpa; Fallen Angel’s Stand: After a brief bit of training with Ulv, Arianda gained her very own Tulpa. With the memories she had recently uncovered, her desire to protect those she loved; Arianda had conjured a relatively simple Tulpa. It was a shield, a shield she can change the size of at will. However, she can’t increase the size of the shield past twice the width of her body, nor make it much taller than six feet in height without causing immense strain on herself. Attempting to bypass such limits would likely cause the shield to sputter and fade. However, as long as Arianda stays within those parameters, she still has quite a great deal of options.

Arianda’s Tulpa, being only a shield, has barely any offensive capabilities. Could she shield check someone with it to knock them off their guard? Perhaps. However, the shield was not made with the intention to attack; it was made with the intension to protect and defend. Due to such a reason, the shield’s durability is nigh unbreakable; as long as Arianda doesn’t attempt to tackle something too extreme or have her will waver. Otherwise, the shield will last as long as Arianda’s energy and will can sustain the basic Tulpa. Not to mention, Arianda can fashion the shield to look quite like any shield in history; as long as she has the capability and will to make the shield and it would not fall out of the parameters set for width and height. However, Arianda can only change the shield once per post for the moment. Changing it too much could cause her to lose focus and then possibly lose hold on her Tulpa in the process.

Ari's Tulpa scales off her willpower, its defensive capability dependent on such a stat; as a Tulpa is a willpower based construct to begin with. For example, Arianda could block an attack that was strength based as long as her willpower measured up to be the same level; the same goes for energy based attacks that are somewhat skill based. Lower skill levels would be easy to block, meanwhile higher skill levels would be increasingly more difficult to block; enough to the point where blocking a move that is too powerful will break the shield. I.E. If a GM Cero, Bala, or some form of energy attack like it hit Ari's shield as she was at Elite Willpower, the shield would likely shatter and cause Ari injury that she was trying to avoid by blocking it. Elite willpower compared to Master cero, or some other equivalent skill, would once more result in a broken shield; but only after the potency of the attack was reduced by half. An equal level, say Elite Will and Elite Cero, would result in a stalemate of sorts; allowing Ari to block the blow while retaining her shield. Anything below Ari's Willpower would likely cause little to no damage; allowing Ari to block the blow with relative ease. In essence, Ari's Tulpa is only as unbreakable as her will is.

» Full Tulpa; The Fallen Angel’s Last Bastion: Arianda’s full Tulpa is what Arianda believes to be the fullest form of defense; the best way to protect more than just herself and those immediately close. It is not a surefire way to protect everyone, of course; but the “shield” Arianda’s full tulpa creates is something that is meant to protect all under it’s influence.

Arianda’s full tulpa, when activated, creates a large construct; one that can be increased in size to cover an entire city, perhaps more if Arianda has the energy reserves to deal with the strain. The tulpa itself looks quite a great deal like castle walls; bricks hewn from red energy that erect themselves on the spot when Arianda activates her Tulpa. The walls are thirty feet thick, and four feet tall; completely enclosing whatever Arianda wishes to protect. It’s notable to mention that the walls can become thinner if it is stretched out quite far; but that would depend on the distance and if Arianda was even still able to maintain the Tulpa. Not to mention, a sphere of hardened energy surrounds the castle wall to help reduce the chance of attacks getting through from on high. The spherical barrier that surrounds the castle walls is about half the thickness of the castle walls; around fifteen feet of hardened energy meant to act as a shield for whomever Arianda decides to use it for. Due to such a high amount of hardened energy that is meant to protect and defend to the utmost; that means it is quite difficult for Arianda to use over extended periods of time. Especially when she uses it over very large areas.

Normally, Arianda will only be able to manifest her Full Tulpa, at most distances, for around two posts at most; perhaps three depending on the situation. If Arianda had more energy to pour into it, she could even last longer; up to five if she was a zero tier. However, most of the time managing two posts of constant upkeep is all she can do before she has to release the full Tulpa to avoid the risks of overusing her energy. However, it is worth noting that if Arianda attempting to use her Tulpa at very large distances, say an entire country as an example, she would be lucky to manage a post of upkeep without assistance from others. At zero tier, Arianda could likely easily manage up to two posts of upkeep with such a large amount energy at her disposal. However, without such energies Arianda would be lucky to manage that single post without assistance; and especially without passing out. However, due to such limitations, Arianda at least knows when, and when not to, cast her Full Tulpa across such a large area.

Arianda's Tulpa in its full form is able to take far more than Ari's personal tulpa truly could; as its purpose is to defend from almost everything. Once again, the shield's defenses scale off willpower versus other skills; along with possible tier involvement. Scaling off Willpower, Arianda's Full Tulpa, her bastion, can take far more than her normal shield ever could.

After jumping past untrained willpower, because Arianda needs willpower to conjure her Tulpa, and going straight to beginner Will; Arianda should be able to hold the shield to constant assault, and likely very high power attacks, for around one to two posts. Depending on the amount of force used, it could even last less time; even possibly lasting less than a turn. Adept would allow the bastion to last three to four posts to such concentrated assault. Advanced jumps up to five to six posts; depending on how vicious the assault can be. Elite allows seven to eight posts of defense; being quite capable by this point. By the time Arianda could get a Master in Willpower, she would be able to hold her defense for 9 posts. If Arianda was ever to reach a GM in Willpower, her bastion would be able to hold for a total of ten posts; not counting unknown variables that could drastically reduce the shield's capabilities.

However, it should be noted that Arianda's Full Tulpa is extremely energy costly. It is very likely that, after defending for a solid five posts, the demon will become quite fatigued due to the requirements of such an immense Tulpa. In fact, without enough energy stores, it can be quite likely that Arianda's Tulpa, and willpower, wouldn't be able to stand up to the punishments of a high level 0 tier for terribly long. For example, if Ari's willpower was Advanced, and she was a low 1 tier facing a high 0 tier assaulting a certain area; her Tulpa would likely last have the time. Frankly speaking, if the assault was extremely vicious, her Tulpa may only last two posts instead of a possible five to six if not less. Not to mention, if Arianda is ever able to have her Tulpa last as long as her willpower can maintain, Arianda would not be able to conjure her Full Tulpa for the rest of the thread. The energy expenditure is far too great to do it again. Frankly speaking, Arianda could even be rendered unconscious depending on how everything went. Regardless, Arianda's Tulpa relies on her Willpower for its defense; and if that fails, so too does her Tulpa.

However, it should be mentioned that, as Arianda continues to grow, her Full Tulpa could grow with her. It may not change, but its defensive capabilities will not fall with growth; they will only increase. Such defenses will increase and increase until Arianda could have a true bastion; a fortress with which she could protect everything she cares for, and lose not a thing. The Fallen Angel's Last Bastion.

» Why: Tulpa thread with Ulv:

» Extra: Nothing to add~

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Arianda's Tulpa Upgrade Empty Re: Arianda's Tulpa Upgrade

Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:40 am
[mod]Personal Tulpa; Fallen Angel’s Stand: I'd like to see more indepth description on what it takes to break this. The only real explanation you give is it's nigh unbreakable, which isn't enough to feasibly approve it as is.

Full Tulpa; The Fallen Angel’s Last Bastion: Same issue as the personal tulpa, there isn't really anything written to accurately gauge the durability. I'd need to see that added before i feel comfortable approving this.

edit: the above issues have been addressed to an adequate enough point that I feel comfortable with the abilities as they are. Therefor I’m going to put my stamp of approval on this power upgrade. [/mod]

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