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Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:14 pm

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She might as well buy an apartment or something at this point.

Visiting the City of Lights so often wasn't particularly a bad thing but it definitely raised some question. Did she like it here? It did have some pretty decent shops and hidden coffee spots, but gosh the brightness made her really work her umbrella. The aforementioned object twirled behind her, dutifully blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun from blistering her pale skin. How bright it got in certain places was always a make or break for cities, but anything beat going back to Romania. But that wasn't the point.

The point was, why in the name of all things great and amazing, was this ice cream so good? Mimi swore on her future grave that they had to have put cocaine or something, because this had to be illegal. She'd already had two at this point, and was currently working down her third. You'd think classic vanilla cone ice cream would have gone out of style by now, but the term "Oldie but Goldie" really does hold in this case. It made her feel younger again, walking down the street, eating ice cream and not giving a single damn about who she ran into. Actually, that wasn't true, she'd love to Helle right now. Maybe she finally introduce her to that boytoy of hers? That'd be cool, if and only if he passed the hot boy check.

The thought made her snicker, Maria doubted the woman would approve of such a thing, but it was funny to think about. If they had kids, she wanted to be an aunt, she refused to be denied, damnit.

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Cocaine or Sass? (Ira/Maria) Empty Re: Cocaine or Sass? (Ira/Maria)

Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:22 pm
Cocaine or Sass? (Ira/Maria) Yo8iebf


Most people would have been fairly out of sorts having to move to yet another new place on such short notice, but Ira had seen more than his fair share of unexpected moves in his day. Having to hop on a boat to the City of Lights a while back had just been par for the course at this point, really.

Of course, being in the body of a 13 year old girl only made things that much more difficult. Couldn't get a hotel room, couldn't get a job, and that meant you couldn't go buy a meal. All of this was getting real tiresome! And now he was just sitting here, legs dangling off the park bench, watching the clouds.

"Ugh... This ain't great at all."

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