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Sat Feb 20, 2021 7:18 pm

The Seeker

"...Because, after all, if I don't go myself... E-mails... For hundreds of years, they've been a great way to allow for people to ignore their responsibilities..."

Grumbling, the man stepped quickly down the hallway. The flowing cloak he wore shifted this way and that as he walked, the sound of his own heart beating in his ears. Maybe he should eat healthier. Maybe he should get more exercise. Maybe he just needed a vacation. I tried taking a break two months ago, and that just didn't seem to do it for me. The anxious thoughts clawed away at the inside of his mind. All the while, his heart continued to thump. Thump. Thump.

At last, he reached the office he needed to be in. He already knew the woman's schedule, or what it was supposed to be, for the day. The unbidden words of one of his professors from university was haunting him, while he stood outside of that office door. E-mail and phones are useless! The only way you'll get anything done is face to face!

His heart was still ringing in his ears, even when he had reached his destination.

...Great. Now what am I going to do. I got here early. There was no point to that. I could've been working on my own for longer... A low noise of frustration managed to escape the edge of his lips, accompanied by a slow sigh. What did this one style herself as? Some kind of queen...? Where do they find these people?

The Seeker, Christopher Kur, was a powerless human. And yet, in order for him to do his job... He had to interact with people who could crush him with little effort. It was not that he did not have respect for their power. It was more the opposite. He just did not see much value in himself being crushed. Therefore, no matter how much power they held... It was fairly pointless, when he interacted with them.

He stood outside of the office door, looking at the handle. ... I wonder how she'll show up here. Maybe she'll crawl out of the shadows, or use one of those dimensional gates. Maybe she's not planning on using this office at all, and I'm just wasting my time. I could find someone who works here, try to grab their attention before I get asked what I'm doing here.

His expression had returned to one of calm once more, even as his mind began nervously ticking off different possible scenarios, trying to come up with ways of dealing with them before they could occur.

In the man's left hand, he held a tablet, which contained an explanation for exactly what he was doing here. There was space for this user's current password, simple and easy as you please. There were even a variety of different language options at the bottom of the page, if the user had a preference.

It was a well designed, smooth application. And there was little more he could to distract himself from his own thoughts other than looking over it, trying to work over in his mind it could be improved any further... A minor distraction, but it would suffice, until the one he had come for found him...

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