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A Trip Down South, Just For A Little [Public/Saisei] (Uruguay) Empty A Trip Down South, Just For A Little [Public/Saisei] (Uruguay)

Mon Mar 29, 2021 10:58 pm
A Trip Down South, Just For A Little [Public/Saisei] (Uruguay) V0fKT7Y

Saisei Satō | Lookin' For His Place In Life

The mundane grey skies above Montevideo left Saisei with a rather somber feeling as he looked from one street to the next. Underneath the arches of the Palacio Salvo, the boy found himself in Uruguay quite some time before the start of his next mission, a venture to Jefferson City. Once he had been given his orders, Saisei figured it'd be best to take a little trip well before he was required permanent stay in America. If he didn't come now, he wouldn't be able to visit for weeks after the mission.

Montevideo was doused in rain, the average state of the city in mid-march. It wasn't surprising for the citizens, a myriad of people continued to go about their business as if it was just another day in Uruguay. While Saisei wasn't exactly a stranger to the wet weather, he wasn't entirely fond of it. Back home, the summer months were filled with endless rainfall in the Sugiuran lands.

Looking to his watch, he reminisced on the light work it was to actually arrive in Uruguay. Despite his concern, travel between the Americas was actually rather lax. As you'd expect, it ran the same course most countries took when it came to border control. Background checks, screenings and luggage checks. It wasn't entirely special, not to Saisei at least. Travel from the Sugiura Realm and Earth Realm was a headache, especially after the closing of the Sugiuran borders.

He stayed at a nearby hotel, the money he had from family back home (a large sum, given his status) and his time with the Vandenreich paid for his expenses without much an issue. Now, he just wanted to enjoy himself in what he thought may be his next home. The City of Light was great and all but he wasn't entirely sure of his long term goals with the Vandenreich and, well, anything else in his life. He was forever moving so his visit to Uruguay was actually one of great importance.

Stepping from under the protection of the Palacio Salvo, Saisei moved with the crowd of people towards his next destination. When considering one's future home, the food was always a super important fact. If he decided to make Montevideo is home for the foreseeable future, the first priority was cuisine.

Taking a seat at the closest cafe he could spot along the flow of the crowd, the boy tucked himself away in a corner and let out a gentle sigh.

"Busy day for such a wet one, gotta wonder why people are so busy. I ain't the most fond of the weather but man, if I could'a picked any other day, this would not have been my first choice."

Lowering his hood, the pink-haired boy shook his locks dry before looking over the menu and contemplating what would be his first course for what may be his forever home. What to eat, what to eat.

"Guess I'm lucky that they've got English names to, huh?"

He chuckled to himself, his lack of expertise in Spanish was apparent and, well, obvious. Saisei sat and contemplated for what felt like an hour, his addled mind leaving him without much choice so far. He'd figure it out eventually, though. He always did.

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