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Mon Apr 26, 2021 11:28 am

Our Fishy Family [Adam/Jenny/Celeste]  6EdIfMt

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Date: 4/20/2421
Location: Canela, Chile

Nature was something that brought everyone close together. Without the sounds of the city, one could think, ground themselves and reach a true sense of connection with themselves and others. For this reason, Adam sought to bring his loving family to an open meadow in the mists of Chile's lovely open lands. There was grass for as far as the eye could see, a dazzling shimmering blue sky, and the sun brought a gentle warmth to the grounds as cool breezes overflew the range.

Sitting on a white blanket big enough for a whole group of people, the blood-eyed male smiled and gazed at the sky as the winds brushed against his milky skin. Today was going to be a day where he really needed to figure out where he and his loved ones decided what they wanted from this world. A lot of the grimy wars were coming to a close, and with a relative lull in the world, now was the time to start plotting for the future as a family.

Therefore, he reached into a basket filled with all sorts of fruits, meats, veggies and other foods to devour an apple, munch on it, and savor the taste as he waited for his daughter and girlfriend to arrive. Whatever was going to happen today was going to change the flow of their life, but it would also at leat have them spend some much-needed bonding time after all the craziness of the world and the prior events which almost caused Jenny to get killed by some overgrown sea-mutt.

"If I wait any longer on them I'll turn into an old man with a cane. It really was too much of me to ask a fish to walk on water it seems~"

Our Fishy Family [Adam/Jenny/Celeste]  WVMWLOu
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