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Sat May 01, 2021 7:56 am
Bareshnum [Mazda, Arcadia] - Page 3 3SJ4LLH


"How magnificent it is, to hear you speak such words."

Mazda allowed himself a smile as he held her, before releasing her only enough that he might look down into her eyes. They were quite pleasant features, when not marred with hatred and evil. He was quite pleased with this outcome.

"Through this rebirth, you have been made anew, and in this you are a maiden once more. I will consecrate you in the holy waters which surround this place, those which will one day bring forth the end of all evils. We have precious little time, but with my authority as the sun I will declare a new day when appropriate, that you may still receive nine days and nine nights of purifications."

As he spoke, Mazda lifted Arcadia up into his arms, into something at least mostly resembling a bridal carry. It lacked much of what one would call the romantic atmosphere of such a thing, but, if nothing else, he did still hold her quite close, allowing the love of the sun to wash over her. He could simply have spoken them both to the waters, of course, but to cut even a moment from this precious ritual would be a sin all its own, and of course Mazda was free of sin. So, he began to walk down the mountain with her, the ancient stone stairs and buildings seeming insignificant compared to the splendor of the sun itself, his stride calm but purposeful. He would allow her to enjoy this moment. It was, after all, surely a grand honor for her.


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