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Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:25 pm
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It was.... beautiful.
A forest that seemed almost as vast as Hueco Mundo. She'd been born in the desert, she knew what it was to see something for as far as one could glance. But it was something else entirely to see the very same sort of expanse that WASN'T just endless sand. Santa stood just a few kilometers from the forest edge, and even from this distance she couldn't help but feel as if the vast sea of green might swallow her. Even from this vantage point she felt it encroaching.

"You seem pretty captivated." Luke smirked, the male arrancar amused if nothing else at the look on her face. She paused, broken out of her trance and glanced over her shoulder to smile. "It's...... more than I expected. And you're sure it's......alright?" She ventured. He rolled his eyes. A dismissive wave to comfort her.

"Cute. But this place is too large for you to swallow even in your released form. You can relax. Something you've honestly earhed, San." He pointed out with a hand on his hip, and she snorted almost derisively at the notion, her smile widening. Earned. As if her actions hadn't been entirely selfish to begin with. ,She started to walk forward for just a few steps before she looked over her shoulder. He was gone.... She really needed to figure out HOW he did that.

All the same, turning toward the forest she let out a gentle little sigh, before her body vanished with a crackle. The world blurred around her, and she focused in that split second, landing with that burst of speed. She almost stumbled, paused.... and got her bearings. A brief process, but one made worse when she was under stress. Sonido had never quite been her specialty, and she made note of her minima progress. But there was nothing for it... Luke hadn't exactly dropped her off very close to the damn place. So she focused, and continued closing in step by step. Unaware of the depths of her compulsion to explore that jungle. So .....blessedly devoid of understanding what this place was. What it meant.

What it would Mean.
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