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Wed Sep 08, 2021 6:34 am

The Big Woman

Hanako Yamada

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"Seriously? Is this a joke?"

Hanako's voice definitely betrayed her annoyance. She was standing in the middle of her office, a towel around her shoulders, still in her skimpy training outfit. On her exposed skin here and there rests of sweat could be seen. She'd been running and in a good mood. Until a few minutes ago.

"Who in all worlds would order a dozen cases of self sealing stem bolts for a combat division? What even are those things?"

The young aide who was merely the messenger of bad news who was being shot at, opened and closed his mouth several times without making a sound. He definitely was intimidated by his Lieutenant, who towered a good head length above him.

"You know what?" Hanako said, a bit calmer.
"Take that to R&D. Probably theirs anyway and the delivery just a mix-up."

The aide hesitated a moment, unsure of what to do.

"I meant now." Habako said and her eyes flashed with a new wave of annoyance.
"Get out!"

Hastily the aide ran out of her door. Finally alone, Hanako grabbed a bottle of water from a table nearby that had been calling out to her since she came back from her run.

Randomly she grabbed a book out of the large bookshelf that covered one of her office's walls. Most of the books had been left here by her predecessor and she was still in the process of looking through them all.
This one was one book of many about earth legends. It was quite old, as far as Hanako could tell from long before the mortal realm in general became aware of the supernatural. It was funny considering that Shinigami themselves once belonged to the myths and legends of the mortal realm.

Hanako began to idly leaf through the book.

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