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Wed 22 Sep 2021, 22:05
Do My Eyes Deceive Me? (Arkin/Lerna) Lerna_HEADERimage-buebuy3bu

A Ghost Town. She'd come to find a lot of these nowadays. Staring into the distance, she saw what looked to have once been a fairly large town. But, like many places that had been ruined and blown away, the place seemed to be in shambles. No less, she could taste them. She looked around, eyeing the area.

It was a place where hollows seemed drawn to. She crouched from her distant spot and eyed the remnants. Not even a soul, probably all devoured by the hollows themselves. She opened her mouth, and sighed, not out of frustration, but to run air over her tongue. Smelling it. It was THICK with Reishi. The air was heavy and she couldn't help but wonder if that was what was drawing the hollows here. She could also taste that ......stuff.

It was hard to describe, but there was always a certain....smell when hollows were lurking just beyond the veil. In that space that was just beyind the normal living world, a sortof pocket where hollows hunted unseen. If she wanted to kill them all and get to the ruins, she'd have to draw a bit of attention. "Hunting season all the way." She hummed softly, gently gripping the remains of a lamppost. Slowly, she hardened her skin, using her Mod Shell to break away the metal, and suck in some of that heavy Reishi from the air. Making her skin hard along her arms and hands. With her free hand held like a blade, she chopped clean through the length of metal with two firm THWACKS. With a twist she peeled the metal from the ground, using her fingers to shave off metal until a pointed tip was left, even as it cracked her own hands. If she were human this would probably hurt a lot.

But, she was satisfied with her work. Hefting the length of post like a spear, she began to stride towards the ruins, clicking her tongue as she noticed a few out-and-about hollows in the area. She broke into a jog, picking up momentum before she suddenly SPED up, beelining straight for one of them. The creature half-turned, noticing the sudden increase in proximity only too late as that pointed tip pierced clean through it's chest, skewering the off-guard beast as she then THREW with all of her might! Slamming the fist that held the weapon into it's chest, crunching it before she promptly let go, that momentum then sending that hollow far and then SHRENK! Pinned the beast to the nearest building, the beast promptly shrieking out loudly as it attempted to claw the sharpened post out of it's chest as it started to die.

The noise had the desired effect, and Lerna let out a slow, steady breath as she watched those forms slither out of thin air. Alrighty. Hunting time.
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