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...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN] - Page 2 Left_bar_bleue42100/16000...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN] - Page 2 Empty_bar_bleue  (42100/16000)

...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN] - Page 2 Empty Re: ...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN]

Mon Oct 18, 2021 4:44 pm
...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN] - Page 2 M4Pe3rP


"Uhh, okay sir."

She looked a bit quizzical at Alastair as, while his advice wasn't wrong, she was a little confused as to why he stated them with a sense of... Warning. Of course she wasn't going to just rush ahead blindly and get all messed up - what kind of Sternritter would she be if she did something stupid, like up and jumping into some hollow's mouth or something? Sounded pretty lame, and she wasn't terribly eager towards the idea of embarrassing herself in any professional capacity. She only had wiggle room to look a bit silly now because she was practically nobody, but oh god, imagine if she screwed up in action? She'd never live that crap down!

"I mean, yeah... I can't just sit still and do nothing just cause I got cozy in being 'the best' in the moment. Was practically a war ground of outdoing in my house with my older siblings; if any of them got too comfortable, another one figured out a new technique or style or whatever that put them on top. Totally competitive."

She'd roll her eyes and laugh softly, gently touching her hand and nodding, "..But, yeah. I'll look into that stuff. Maybe something to cover my hands... But, i'll get going to a medic."

She'd walk over to her bag, carefully picking it up and throwing it over her shoulder as she'd walk to the door, looking back at her superior and smiling softly,

"...Just, uhm.. Wanted you to know, it was nice meeting a cool guy like you, uh.. Sir!"

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...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN] - Page 2 Left_bar_bleue0/0...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN] - Page 2 Empty_bar_bleue  (0/0)

...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN] - Page 2 Empty Re: ...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN]

Tue Oct 19, 2021 8:18 pm
...But Her Aim Is Gettin' Better! [OPEN] - Page 2 1FgkL6e


"Inspired by a case of sibling rivalry? You might just fit right in here."

Perhaps he was too harsh, but if she survived because of something he had said then it was a price worth paying. Still, the recruit was nothing but earnest. He had been one once, a little boy scout on a mission to prove himself and find his place, and he had tried to channel the energy of those instructors he had back then. Encouraging, but never to the point where he had allowed himself to grow comfortable. Quick to chastise, but quick to correct him too.

"Of course, a proper medic will be able to treat you far better than I can."

A light laugh of his own followed, nothing too much or too long, and then he was watching her leave. At her closing remark, he gave a firm nod of acknowledgement and offered no more words. That might have taken away from his apparent coolness. He doubted it was the last time he would see Vivyan here, or in one of the many training facilities, and he did look forward to seeing what her efforts would produce.

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