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Wed Oct 06, 2021 9:13 pm
Stray Dogs in the Streets [Izumi/Lilynette] EdtHWWhUcAIxYIg

The Rukongai. It was a little strange to go sifting through the recently deceased for strays. Then again, as she watched her wolves trot their way through the streets in pairs, it was a little surprising to see how many of the denizens approached them to pet the creatures. She had always assumed that this place would be dirty and full of paranoid spirits, but the place was.... nice. She didn't even stand out that much as it were. With a burlap cloak bound around her, her hair tied back in a long lime ponytail, and a strip of the stuff used to cover the eyepatch that was the remnants of her mask fragment after so long of being stuck with that helmet. It felt almost wrong how easy it was for her to walk down the streets, a pair of the wolves at her side as she watched her canine scouts come back, occasionally with a denizen or two of the rukongai asking her if they were hers.

It was .....serene. And were it not for her Aspect, she might have considered trying to settle here for a bit. But she knew that the moment she dropped her guard, these peaceful, weak little spirits would start dropping like flies. So she kept her focus, and kept walking. Feeling little sparks of glee from the parts of herself that were enjoying this ....strangely positive interaction. Even earth turned out to be pretty gamey and paranoid at times.

She knew it would take a while for her wolves to find an area with individuals of a significant calibur of soul. So in the meantime, she decided to relax a little. Take a look around. SURELY she'd find something to entertain herself with right? Without even a second thought, she reached down and tousled the ears of one of the spirit wolves, it's flame-like fur coursing through her fingers harmlessly as she scanned the street.
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