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Thu Oct 14, 2021 12:07 pm

Izalith has always been one to believe in legends because even to her, there's a bit of truth behind every story. Along her travels to fulfill her life's goal of completing the collection of the Seven Wonders, a wandering traveler had told her a story. This story would slowly evolve in mythology, one that would end up piquing Izalith's interest higher than its ever been. A tale about a great king who rules with a devastating weapon by his side, the tale of King Arthur and the fairy sword Excalibur. No, with her mentality maturity it's a natural conclusion that Izalith just blindly assumed this happened and thus felt compelled to visit this mythic land where people just leave crazy powerful weapons sitting in stones. In fact, when she learned about how the sword was placed in a stone her first reaction was: "That's a horrible place to put a sword. It would nick the blade if you don't put it in on one clean stab. Such lack of care."

Anyways, that is what leads us to now. Izalith, being incredibly unskilled with the more complicated applications of Aether, had been restricted to traveling to the great United Kingdom on foot. Sort of. In reality, she just took a plane from California to London and had met some companions along the way. However, this was nothing new. Izalith tends to meet a lot of people since often questions are raised about the sword she keeps strapped to her back. Most people just kind of assume she’s a shinigami so when she mentions that she’s an Iramasha even more questions arise. It was nothing short of annoying, but Izalith would entertain them to distract herself from the boring monotony of waiting for something to happen.

Though, like a lot of things, Izalith didn’t think this one through. She knew that she was looking for a lake somewhere in London, but the actual amount of lakes in an urban area were slim to none. So following hours of countless wandering she ended up in a cathedral courtyard asking random people for directions.

“Hey! I’m looking for a Nimue, have you seen her?”

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Fri Oct 15, 2021 12:33 pm

The North God

"A what? A nimoo? Uhh, there are some farms I think 50 kilometres west of here, I guess?"

Micaiah brought her arm out towards the east to direct the woman with the swords. Wait, swords? In this day and age, it's not like they were uncommon, but it definitely was a statement to have multiple on you. Micaiah would know, as she'd sometimes be in the same boat. Though, normally, it would just be Beni-asi-hashi in its scabbard, in all its ornamental glory, hanging on her hip.

"Hey, you got a nice coupla' weapons on ya'. Hey, Yug, check this girl out."

Micaiah turned to her dark skinned, midget companion, pointing over to Izalith with her thumb, a "get a load-a this gal" sorta motion.

"I got more than a few swords myself, but it's waaaay too much of a hassle to just carry them all on me at once. In fact, I'm out here looking for a new sword myself!"

It was not the same sword that Izalith sought. Well, it was the same legend, just not the same sword. Similarly, Micaiah came all the way from America, following a trail that lead her to British soil. Some king from a long time ago had a crazy sword, and old paper trails mentioned the Zefc guy being here.

Whether this was reliable information was irrelevant, because the story of the King with the Sword was definitely true. She asked Maujuda about it, and was assured that even if the "story" was a fabrication, anything shared that much for that long a period of time would assuredly manifest as some sort of entity at some point, whether it be a Danava or otherwise. So even if the Zefc lead was a bust, this was still some guaranteed fun. Lord Deveta knows Micaiah would never be able to leave alone a live treasure hunt of some old fable.


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