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Wed Oct 27, 2021 3:07 pm
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Basic Information

○ Name: Freyja Solheim
○ Alias': War Maiden. Valkyria.
○ Age: 25
○ Birthday: March 1st
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Quincy.

○ Affiliation: Vandenreich

○ Alignment: Lawful Neutral
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: German
○ Religious Standing: Agnostic
○ Sexual Orientation: Straight

○ Height: 5"3
○ Weight: ...
○ Hair Colour: Blonde
○ Eye Colour: Blue

[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard D] Freyja Solheim Appearance-quincy

Psychological Analysis

To those who observe Freyja, the most distinguishable aspect of her personality one will discern about her apart from others is that she is a woman who emanates a pointed air of professionalism and poise that demands attention from the very moment she walks into the room.

Viewed as a rigid woman with an arid personality who is emotionally guarded around her peers, Freyja is a woman who operates with a decidedly formal and pragmatic approach to every obstacle that life has to offer. Her focus is always on carrying out the tasks that the Vandenreich sets before her, no matter how vigorous or benign the task may be. The level of difficulty matters little.

She will complete it without a single complaint, with optimal effort, and little casualty. Apart from questioning whether or not the objective is truly foolish or counterintuitive to the Vandenreich’s cause, Freyja will rarely go against an established order. It is simply a function her mind does not possess.

To her, the role of the pragmatist with a heart of stoicism allows her to carry out her missions without any miscues.

If that means she must suffer the notion of being considered boring, then so be it. In her eyes, one should always constantly aim towards cultivating their skill and training to keep themselves from losing sight of their purpose. As a woman who has effectively known conflict her entire life, the notion of peace - though not entirely lost on her - is somewhat alien to the Valkyrie.

Allowing her peers to be distracted or complain about the hand life has dealt them goes against her principles. She will assist them when necessary but she would never allow anyone to take advantage of her assistance or use it as a crutch. Freyja strongly believes in the idea of overcoming one’s obstacles on their own. If one wishes to become a fine warrior worth their weight in gold, struggle and overcoming that struggle is the ideal path.

Concerning her objectives, when she is assigned a task, no matter how vigorous or benign the difficulty, she will complete her duties without complaint.

This precise manner of conduct further strengthens the image of Freyja as a so-called “robot”. She has been jokingly referred to as an android on numerous occasions because of it.

Everything from her speech pattern, to the way she dresses, to her morning preparations, are all carried out with studious precision. In other words, comparing her to an efficient machine is not something she would view as an insult, although she might mock you for it in humorous retaliation.

To be certain, Freyja does possess a sense of “self” once you look beyond the initial layers of her personality. She welcomes the idea of forging bonds and socializing with others. When you speak with her, she is demure, dignified, and well-mannered beyond her years.

Possessing all the skills and attributes of a noblewoman, one would find themselves beguiled by her graceful etiquette and the way she can carry herself in public, as if she were born from the cloth of royalty itself.

Furthermore, she is very capable of showing genuine admiration and respect to those who have earned her favor. It is here wherein one might find that she isn’t so boring, after all. In fact, whenever she is allowed a moment of respite, Freyja will commonly allow herself to be enraptured within an ever growing compendium of literature she owns as well as collection of films, quoting sections from her favorite works out of simple habit.


From birth, Freyja’s destiny and her path in life seemed as if it had already been laid out before her. Born as the successor who would eventually take her rightful place as head of the Solheim family, Freyja had already inherited a grand fortune before she could even form words. She was the only child born between a gentle mother and charismatic father.

The Solheim were a collection of pureblood quincy who had existed for several years, no strangers to bearing witness to the folly of war and seeing each successor or inheritor die a miserable death on the battlefield all in the name of conflict that never bore fruit.

With Freyja’s birth, there was hope that a new generation would use their errors as lessons to make their own paths and carry on the bloodline with pride. As soon as she could walk and develop proper thought, Freyja received the finest education and training a family of Solheim's prestige could offer.

It was in learning from the varied fields of education where she developed an adoration for literature. Whenever she returned from training, she would find herself enthralled by the compendium of books her parent’s owned in their house. Freyja never housed thoughts of rebellion nor a yearning to play with her peers.

She was the epitome of an obedient daughter who had always excelled at her training and maintained a worldly knowledge of the world from her studies. An impressive learner and warrior blossoming with potential, the Solheim viewed her as a wonderful successor to their lineage.

For a time, it seemed as if Freyja’s life was destined for greatness and yet, like all tales of perseverance, her way of life had been shattered, like so many shards of glass. One day she had returned home from her training with her teacher to find that her parents had been killed as well as the servants and maids who served them.

Faced with such a grisly sight, Freyja had naturally lost consciousness, hoping that what stood before her was little more than a nightmare. And yet, try as she might, reality was not so generous. However, an unexpected blessing in the face of tragedy would manifest itself in the form of an elder man sitting beside her at her bedside, elated to see she was still alive and breathing.

Analyzing the man, the many wrinkles in his face seemed to indicate old age, even though his strong build told a noticeably different tale. He sported a pair of silver spectacles that matched the gray beard covering his entire face. His hair was tied within a bow and his clothing was nothing short of professional. One feature that seemed to draw Freyja’s attention the most was his gentle gaze. His eyes were breathtaking for a man of his stature.

An emerald pair of orbs that held nothing but the affection of a fatherly spirit within them - under that gaze, Freyja felt an unspeakable warmth that left her at a loss of words. She was initially weary of the man but a heartfelt conversation between the two would reveal that he had shared a connection with her parents - a friend of the family and someone who promised to take care of Freyja if they had met with any unfortunate circumstances.

With that revelation, the old man had taken her under his wing, as both a father figure and teacher. From that day onward, they had forged a familial bond that went beyond words.

Though the death of her parents still weighed heavily on her mind, training and living under the man who had revealed himself as Norman Lowenthal, had only served to benefit Freyja as she received teachings and tempered her skills under the regal man who had taken her in.

She took to his teachings as any prideful student would and excelled in every single lesson he taught her.

As time moved on, and Freyja blossomed into a reputable adult as well as an accomplished warrior receiving years of training, there was no doubt in Norman's mind that she was destined to achieve great things and become a legendary warrior worthy of the highest accolades among her kind.

She exceeded his expectations and truly resided in the realm of a true prodigy, a talent he was grateful for taking under his wing. Though he had not sired Freyja, her every achievement made his heart burn with the pride of a father.

Her prodigal talent would form new revelations within his mind; Norman felt Freyja was ready to inherit Sigurd - a quincy heirloom that he had held onto for years, passed down through generations, a weapon that belonged to the Armstrong family. He had claimed that an old friend - a member of the Armstrong family - had given it to him for safekeeping, to keep the weapon as a memento and symbol of their bond.

To make the event an unforgettable one within the depths of her memories, Norman planned on giving her the weapon on her birthday. Indeed, it would be a day filled with wonderful meals and festivities. He would bend down on one knee and hand the weapon to her as if she were a warrior whose kind knew no equal - like royalty being bequeathed with weapons of divine make, spoken of in the timeless lore and mythology of mankind...

His intentions to make this reality come true, however, were tragically compromised in the worst way he could have imagined. Unknown to Freyja, Norman was, in reality, a remaining Armstrong who had considered himself a coward who ran away from the battlefield, an act that went against the very honor of his people.

HIs name was Alphonse Armstrong. Whether it was his intent or not or perhaps an error on his part, his rouse had been revealed and it seemed as though he was a remnant meant to be murdered like all of the others he left behind. Very well. He had no intention of running away anymore. He would finally live up to the surname he was born with.

Alphonse had always found himself running away from the battlefield, bringing nothing but shame onto his soul. After all, it was the pride of most Armstrong men to meet a glorious end in a final bout of bravery. That ignominious stain on his soul had remained as an adamant noose around his pride. Whether by the hands of Shinigami or Hollow, Quincy were always being murdered off like their existence meant nothing to this world.

One day, those seeking to take his life, had finally launched their attack, as his house was besieged with a multitude of enemies. Even though Alphonse had did his best to hide everything from Freyja, she had already came to know and learn that the man she felt she knew who was not who he had always said he was and yet - she still came to admire and love him as family all the same.

Even in the face of this battle that stood before him, Alphonse felt a wave of emotions as pride filled his chest. She could’ve cursed him for lying to her all these years and yet, in a moment where even her own life was threatened, she remained composed and simply asked what he required of her in this moment. He had one remaining wish and that was for Freyja to inherit Sigurd.

Freyja smiled softly and bowed with grace as Alphonse placed the mystic blade before her, directing her to escape from here. Freyja felt a small tinge of sorrow in her heart as she realized that, once again, she would lose someone close to her. Even so, she would remain strong and she would not let this cycle continue. She would set her eyes on the Vandenreich.

Returning to what remained of the Solheim family, she would inherit their fortune and resources and spend years tempering and perfecting her skill with Sigurd, going so far as to merge her own spirit weapon with the heirloom, achieving a new avenue of power that made her a warrior to be feared. The Solheim put in a wonderful word with the Vandenreich, and Freyja would travel to the City of Lights.

She had heard about the leadership and the commitment they were making in the modern day to achieve what those before them could not. What caught her interest the most… is that during the briefing she had been given, she learned of a woman by the name of Helle Armstrong. Words were no longer required, she would journey her and sate her curiosity.


» Strategist: First and foremost, Freyja never enters a battle without analyzing her enemy and the threat they possess. She hardly enters a battle with a sense of pride or some lofty goal of earning someone’s admiration and respect. For her, the intent of battle is to end the conflict before it grows, to strike at the source of the issue and subdue any threat that is made manifest. She will not rush into battle without determining whether or not the battle itself is even a winnable one.

Her analytical mind allows her to discern the nature of the battlefield and whether it is a favorable one. The battle is not something she takes lightly nor is it something she finds any pride in(so far). To her, strategy on the battlefield is the most efficient way of eliminating a threat on the battlefield. She is always observant of her enemy.

She is always reading the opponent, their movements, what technique they may favor, and how she can counter those techniques and achieve victory. Her impeccable awareness of her own fighting ability as well as her vollstandig makes Freyja a threat that can hardly be underestimated on the battlefield.

» Exemplary Reishi Manipulation: Training under both her parents as well as later studying under the tutelage of her deceased master, Freyja has achieved a level of mastery over manipulating and absorbing Reishi that is graceful to behold; no strike or slash of her weapon is ever created in haste and like a fine conductor manipulating the flow of his orchestra, Freyja utilizes Reishi as a flawless mean between offensive and defensive strategies that allow her to maintain a significant advantage against the enemy.

When it comes to absorbing and unleashing reishi, Freyja utilizes the entire battlefield to her advantage. Be it weaving small strings of reishi to impede the opponent’s movement or firing projectiles against the enemy from every conceivable direction, Freyja seeks out turning the momentum of the battle in her favor. She never needlessly collects Reishi without a unique strategy in mind.

If she must forge a defensive stand with the knowledge that she cannot overpower an enemy through an offensive assault, she can surround her body within a layer of shields(composed of reishi) in order to keep the enemy at a distance and counter quickly, without a single misstep to be found in her movement or execution.

» Hirenkyaku Prowess: As a result of her exceptional manipulation with reishi, it should come as no surprise that Freyja is equally masterful in utilizing Hirenkyaku. No use of reishi is one made in haste and the blessing of a light frame allows her to truly reap the benefits of the technique.

In every battle, Freyja always prefers layering her feet within reishi, continuously keeping herself within striking distance, to close the space between her and the enemy in a matter of seconds.

Each step utilized to hover and fly in the air allows her to swing her weapon and strike the opponent at unawares or overwhelming the with her repertoire of techniques.

In reality, Freyja utilizes her own natural speed and light steps along with her command over Hirenkyaku to fight at a pace that most opponents, familiar with quincy, would hardly expect. Combined with her reishi manipulation and the ability to form weapons and other constructs on the fly, Freyja can overwhelm her enemy through the sheer ingenuity of her techniques.

»Consummate Swordsmanship: Swordsmanship is second nature to the war maiden - it is a skill that, by now, is as natural as breathing to Freyja. Countless years have been dedicated to mastering her particular form and style of swordsmanship. Even though most would find it odd that a quincy prefers swordsmanship to their own natural form of ranged combat, Freyja has mastered her own unique style of swordsmanship to such an extent, that she can forego the bow and arrow approach, even if she is familiar with it's application.

Her slight frame would give off the impression that she could hardly overwhelm anyone, and those foolish enough to underestimate her based on size would find themselves cleaved in two long before they could register what happened.

Concerning her style of swordsmanship, there is no strict set of techniques, only principles and poise. No strike is one made in haste. Each swing of her blade and every arc created in its wake are all executed with a purpose.

To her, neutralizing the threat before it gets out of hand is the main tenet of her technique. Freyja does not aim for grace, only efficiency. Her ability to seamlessly attack, counter, parry, and defend makes Freyja a swordswoman who is overwhelmingly difficult to overcome; a relentless force in the form of an elegant maiden.

» Blut: As one who favors defense and offense in their repertoire as well approaching her enemy directly, Freyja’s blut technique is nothing short of impeccable. Similar to her battle principles with other quincy techniques and her emphasis on the economy versus wastefulness, any offensive or defensive measure that is taken with Blut is always done with meticulous forethought.

» Blut Vene: The defensive form of blut - bestowing the gift of inhuman durability. In Freyja’s hands, it is a technique that can turn the tide of an entire battle in her favor. When combined with her endurance and ingenuity, Freyja can withstand a significant amount of damage without flinching an eye.

» Blut Arterie: The offensive form of blunt that bestows the gift of offensive power - To one whose intent is to end the battle with a single strike, eliminating a threat entirely, Arterie is Freyja’s preferred form of Blut. Favoring her offense and gaining an advantage through executing the first strike successfully, Freyja enhances her offensive power with the thought of ending conflict before it can transition into chaos. Along with her swordsmanship, she can land swift, devastating blows that overwhelm the enemy with an infusion of might and precision. If the enemy loses sight of Freyja, the battle may well be over before it ever truly begins.

»Ewigkeit: Encompassing Freyja’s harmonious command over reishi, Ewigkeit is a consummate form of spellcraft that allows her to formulate and perform a vast array of offensive and defensive spells with her reishi in rapid succession without missing a beat on the battlefield.

By collecting reishi - an act that serves as the catalyst for her spells - Freyja is able to apply a unique trait inherited from her family’s bloodline — that is, the crystallization of reishi. This idiosyncratic attribute comprises almost every facet of her skill as a warrior, imparting the war maiden with a proficient assembly of battlefield techniques that she can rely on at a moment’s notice.

Collecting the reishi around her atmosphere, Freyja can naturally fire and form hardened constructs of reishi with the movements of her body, as if her body itself has become a conduit through which she can freely exert her spiritual power.

A more committed utilization allows her to weaponize her reishi, forming anything from crescent-shaped arrows or swords launched towards the enemy with precise accuracy to structuring shields and barriers around her person to prevent her from being caught off guard, eliminating the concept of a blindspot entirely.

Mixing this attribute with her spirit weapon allows Freyja to achieve an even greater potency with her offense and defense, effectively making her a warrior who must be approached with discretion. To match her ideal method of combat technique - referred to as Balmung Bollwerk - Freyja will commonly form swords and shields on the fly to attack and defend at any given moment, materializing these constructs in varied formations, allowing her to devise several strategies and overwhelm her enemy with strategy and diligence.

»Balmung Bollwerk: Representing years of accumulated experience on the battlefield, Freyja learned to adapt to a secondary method in which her spellcraft could be used, a combat technique embodying offense and defense that can be executed on the fly. It is a simplified but effective use of forming her reishi during times of urgency on the battlefield, forming swords and shields composed of reishi that she can use without having to suffer through a prolonged period of time to utilize anything else.

There may not always necessarily be time to form unique or extraordinary barriers or attacks if an enemy is constantly striking at you without giving you a moment to materialize your defense or mount a proper counterattack.

As such, Freyja learned to always act around the philosophy of Ballmung Bollwerk. Offense and defense at any given moment, within the blink of an eye. It is not wrought with immense detail and the bare necessities are, by her own admission, not something one would find particularly unique but few can rarely question the effectiveness.


» Literature Materials: Freyja is an avid reader who always has an assortment of books on her person at any given time. Literature is something that has always occupied a place of fascination in her heart and she always keeps a copy of some notable piece of literature at any given time.


» Spirit Weapon Name : Sigurd

» Spirit Weapon Appearance:

» Spririt Weapon Abilities:

»Hybrid Discipline: By sacrificing the normal quincy bow, Freyja has merged Sigurd’s blade with her own soul creating a hybrid weapon capable of firing projectiles similar to a bow while also displaying several other techniques. From accumulating reishi to be used for the rare battles wherein a location may be impoverished with reishi, to creating arcs, crests, and crescents with every swing of her blade, Sigurd is a spirit weapon that stands at a precipice of versatility. This hybrid discipline additionally allows Freyja to control her sword effortlessly, as if it were an extension of her own body, summoning the weapon at any time to avoid carrying a large blade unless the situation deems it necessary.

»Reservoir of Reishi: As a hybrid Spirit Weapon, Sigurd possesses an augmentative ability that naturally consumes reishi at a rate one would consider remarkable, acting as a catalyst that allows Ewigkeit to reach heights yet unimagined.

Efficient and economically sound, Sigurd acts as a passive storage unit that allows Freyja to operate in battle utilizing her own reishi source, oftentimes without having to resort to collecting it on the fly. This discipline is achieved, of course, only through Sigurd’s nature as a hybrid between an ancient spirit weapon and her own spirit weapon.

It should be noted that while there is a natural source to work from, it is indeed finite, and should Freyja be forced into a situation wherein an area is void of reishi—once her sword has expelled its own stock of reishi, she would have to repeat the process and accumulate those reishi again, leaving her at a significant disadvantage. In battle, this would be treated as a set limit of posts(five) wherein she can utilize Sigurd's natural reishi source before naturally collecting reishi from the atmosphere as any other quincy would.

Schildform(“Shield Form”):Schildform is the defense function of Sigurd, commonly applied to battles where Freyja must defend herself or her allies. Of course, although it may be regarded as a defensive function of her spirit weapon, it isn’t limited to just defense and by virtue of the hybrid nature of the weapon, schildform’s versatility in battle allows Freyja to apply her own unique form of defense.

Building and amplifying her spellcraft through the intrinsic bond granted by her spirit weapon, Freyja can fashion and manipulate the reishi gathered by Sigurd, forming cloaks of reishi around her body to defend herself from a fatal strike should her blut prove insufficient - to defending her allies by forming shield formations around them and projecting reishi barriers around her own body to deflect and counter an enemy’s strike when the moment of opportunity presents itself. What is seen below are a list of techniques corresponding to the defensive function of Sigurd.

»Schildform - Brunhild: A defensive technique that finds its supremacy in deception. It solidifies the reishi around Freyja’s body in the form of a cloak of reishi that are not immediately visible to the common eye.

This cloak acts as a defensive mechanism to any opponent that favors speed, or to those who are so eager to strike first. Resembling blut to a degree, the deception lies in how Freyja fashions the reishi around her body. She can utilize blut alongside Brunhild, forcing her enemy in a contemplative state of guessing games as they discern the nature of her defense and figure out how they should approach her.

If the enemy chooses to make a poor decision or attack mindlessly without a hint of forethought, Freyja can release the cloak around her body, forming the lines of reishi around her into a set of solidified chains to ensnare her enemy, executing a powerful counter strike during the moment they find themselves trapped her chains.

»Schildform - Eir : Utilized as a means of deflecting sudden oncoming attacks that can happen within the space of seconds, Eir is a reishi barrier that acts as an instantaneous defense in battles wherein Freyja is forced into a defensive position during battle. By raising her blade before her, as if it were a shield, she can form a solidified shield barrier composed of reishi, allowing her to properly defend herself from attacks executed in succession or a wave of projectiles.

»Schildform - Thrud: Thrud is yet another display of Sigurd’s defensive prowess when it is operating at the pinnacle of efficiency in battle. It is a multipurpose technique that allows Freyja to maintain her mobility on the battlefield without compromising her overall ease of movement.

By performing a graceful spin in a circular motion, Freyja forms a set of shields that diverge into a series of rings around her that acts as a sphere composed of reishi that can deflect the enemy’s incoming projectiles or physical attacks employed to catch her at unawares.

From this vantage point, Freyja can take her time deducing her enemy’s whereabouts without having to be forced into a stationary position.

»Schildform- Sigrun: Sigrun is where Sigurd begins to truly display it’s defensive prowess. Assuming a forward movement stance with her spirit weapon, placing the weapon before her in a defensive stance, Freyja forms several shields before her, fashioning the collective reishi into a stout wall.

This wall formation is usually employed as a method of defense where Freyja cannot readily attack her enemy and must operate with a sense of patience. This solidified wall allows her to defend herself from projectiles and attacks that adhere to a nature similar to projectiles.

Although Sigrun is typically used as a method of defense against projectiles and attacks aimed in her general direction, she is certainly capable of protecting her allies by dividing the wall into a smaller set of shields, guiding them in her ally's immediate direction as a means of defense for them to utilize or escape from battle if they suffer a debilitating injury.

»Schildform - Sigrdrífa: Although most of the schildform techniques displayed in Sigurd’s defensive function are regarded as advantageous in their own right, reserved for their own situational use, whether stationary or mobile, none of them truly demand a sacrifice in her overall movement quite as much as Sigrdrifa. It is, for all intents and purposes, a robust technique that forces Freyja into a stationary position but grants her a formidable defense in return.

By stabbing her spirit weapon into the ground, settling into a position of her choice, she focuses the reishi collected from the atmosphere into a singular point. In doing so, a large, spherical barrier expands around Freyja using Sigurd as it’s focal point.

The barrier is sizable enough to house an entire group of people, allowing Freyja to secure her ally's safety if she is fighting in a battle alongside others.

Acting as their shield, Freyja and her allies can map out a strategy conducive to achieving victory while they remain protected. In a team setting, Freyja can allow those capable of handling themselves to leave the barrier and keep those who are incapacitated or incapable of handling a high-level threat out of harm’s way.

The barrier does come with it's limits however and if those with a strong level of spiritual power impose damage upon it, it is not going to hold up well. The barrier is maintained for three posts and after those three have passed, it can only be used again after a five post cooldown.

Schwertform(“Sword Form”): The hallmark of Freyja’s formidable nature as a warrior - the lifeblood of her skill as an offensive ace, Schwertform is the culmination of years of self-taught swordsmanship, battlefield knowledge, and countless battles waged to maintain her own survival. It is, by all accounts, her primary form of combat when she enters battle and very often the main objective is to end the battle with one strike if she is able to do so. Of course, Freyja is well aware that any confrontation, idealistically speaking, is never one that can be ended as quickly as she desires. Thus, the entirety of Schwertform’s repertoire centers around the concept of a successive array of overwhelming techniques, each infused and imparted with reishi, allowing her to extend the collective range of her sword strikes - which when coupled with Ewigkeit - make her a formidable combatant in close-quarter combat.

»Schwertform- Höðr: Hoor is a technique that displays a firsthand glimpse of just how overwhelming Freyja’s offensive assault can become in schwertform, if left untamed. It is not a technique beset with any intricate detail. By executing an overhead strike, Freyja creates an arc of reishi. The singular arc of reishi created in the blade’s descent is formed into a crescent that can be launched towards the enemy, doubling the sword's attack range.

»Schwertform - Odr: A spinning slash that creates a circular arc of reishi around Freyja’s body. Executed from a stationary position, it is a deceptive technique that is employed to keep the opponent honest whenever they intend on charging her or rushing her down in combat.

The circular arc of reishi can be solidified through her spellcraft and maintained even after Freyja has swung her spirit weapon. Moreover, from this position, Freyja can change towards the enemy and cut through the circular arc around her, manipulating the remnants of reishi cut by her spirit weapon into a series of reishi blades that can trap and surround the enemy within an overwhelming attack.

»Schwertform - Vili: Vili is a technique with a twofold purpose and can be used as a followup technique executed after Höðr - or it can be executed as an aerial strike launched towards an enemy who desires an aerial vantage point.

If the enemy chooses to evade her by jumping into the air after the overhead strike performed in her first technique, Freyja will use the singular arc of reishi as a platform, dashing into the air to pursue them.

Generating a wave of reishi around her blade, she executes a series of slashes infused with reishi that form several crescent arcs within the air, aiming each of them towards the enemy.

»Schwertform- Odin: An effective technique capable of being performed with her spirit weapon or a fierce swipe of the arm, Freyja forms a wing-shaped crescent of reishi and fires it as it were an arrow loosed from it’s bowstring, hurtling it towards the opponent at breakneck speed.

Through a simple and directed thrust of her hand, she can choose where the wing-shaped arc is launched and by performing a series of strikes with her blade, she can form a series of wing-shaped arcs, swinging each of them in her enemy’s direction as a means of trapping them within an overwhelming wave of attacks.

»Schwertform -Thor: Thor is one of Freyja’s mightier techniques in schwertform. Unlike the other schwertform techniques, it is not executed - initially - through a swing of her blade. Generating reishi through her spirit weapon (One post for preparation) - a pair of large azure wings surround her.

Collecting the reishi from the atmosphere as well as channeling the latent particles within her spirit weapon, Freyja can choose where she wishes to aim the pair of azure wings before she executes the technique.

When she has decided to strike, she swings her sword against the wings, launching them towards her enemy, aiming to envelope them within a large and powerful wave of reishi. When the two azure wings fuse together, they resemble a large azure bird hurtling towards it’s enemy. Along with it being one of the stronger techniques in her arsenal, it also comes with a drawback of a two time usage before a six post cooldown.


» Vollständig Name: Die Walküre

» Vollständig Appearance: Currently, Die Walküre is a Vollstandig that is still in it's infancy and Freyja has only achieved the form a select number of times but it nevertheless changes her appearance in a unique fashion, one befitting of her title "Valkyria." . A pair azure wings form a valkyrie’s crown around her head while her legs are outfitted with a pair of similarly colored greaves.

» Vollständig Abilities:

As it stands now, Die Walküre grants a series of benefits that match almost any other Vollständig -- including improved Reishi manipulation, greater spiritual awareness, increased strength and durability, as well as flight. It also enhances her Ewigkeit Spellcraft as, allowing her to solidify her reishi at a slightly faster rate than in base.

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Quincy Skills
  • Blut: Adept
  • Steigen: Advanced
  • Gebet: Elite
  • Kruezen: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

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  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]

Tentative Hazard Rankings
    Overall: D
  • Power: C
  • Influence: D
  • Resources: D

Tier: 3-1[/mod]

[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard D] Freyja Solheim 8Bvy1N8


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